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UVa v. Duke – Watch Parties in DC – Saturday January 31

UVa v. Duke (credit

As a UVa alum, Barred in DC has been quite excited about the success about the basketball team last year (ACC champions and #1 seed) and this (undefeated, #2 in country). Today, Saturday, January 31st, UVa hosts one of its biggest home games in recent memory, against the universally-hated Duke and Coach 1K. The game starts at 7p while ESPN’s Gameday visits for the first time ever. The Wahoos in the DC area are taking note-I count 4 UVa watch parties (two official) at bars in DC and Arlington-unbelievable. If you’re a UVa fan and haven’t made plans, I’ve listed these gamewatches below.

  • Parlay (official gamewatch)
    • Dupont
    • New Midtown bar has been notable for being DC’s only Cowboys bar; Cowboys and UVa fans usually don’t belong in the same sentence so this is interesting.
    • Food specials include an $8 Gusburger and other bar food
    • Drink Specials
      • $10 28 oz frosted mug (any draft)
      • $5 Evan Williams drink (quite popular at UVa when I was there) / sangria
      • $6 pineapple or peach-infused vodka
      • $20 Bud Light / $25 Starr Hill (Love) buckets of 6 beers
      • $20 pitcher of sangria
  • Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill (official gamewatch)
    • Courthouse
    • been UVa bar for several years now
    • Food specials include $5 Gusburger
    • Drink specials include specials on Starr Hill
  • Mason Inn
    • Glover Park
    • best spot that will approximate the UVa experience
    • $10 Miller Lite pitchers + $5 Fireball + $7 Red Bull Vodka’s
  • Gypsy Sally’s
    • Georgetown
    • In VinylLounge

Favorite Happy Hours of PoPville Readers

Last April, Barred in DC compiled the favorite bars of PoPville readers. We’re back again for this meta-post listing the PoPville commentariat’s favorite happy hours. We’ve included details of all the happy hours that received multiple votes. Shockingly, this list definitely skews Petworth and Dupont. Biggest surprises to me – Thai Chef in Dupont and Mothership in Park View).

DC Reynolds (photo by Barred in DC)

DC Reynolds (photo by Barred in DC)

#1 – DC Reynolds – Petworth / Park View

  • Monday – Saturday – 5-9p
  • BOGO (buy one, get one free) all drinks

Bravo Bar (photo by Barred in DC)

#2 – Bravo Bar – Columbia Heights / Pleasant Plains

  • Everyday – 5-8p
  • BOGO (buy one, get one free) beer & rails
  • $6 PBR + shot of Beam + hot dog combo
  • 1/2 price wings
Black Jack (photo by Barred in DC)

Black Jack (photo by Barred in DC)

#T-3 – Black Jack – 14th Street / Logan Circle

  • Sunday – 3-10p; Tuesday – Thursday – 6-8p; Fri – 5-7p
  • 1/2 off drafts
  • 1/2 off mussels & pizza + 2-for-1 oysters + $7 Dive Burger (Sunday only)
Bar Charley (photo by Barred in DC)

Bar Charley (photo by Barred in DC)

#T-3 – Bar Charley – Dupont (Barred in DC review)

  • Monday – all night; Tuesday – Friday – 4-6:30p
  • $5 Tiki taps (Suffering Bastard & Mai Tai cocktails on tap) + $6 classic cocktails (Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Jack Rose) + $2 off wine & draft beer
  • food specials
Red Derby (photo by Barred in DC)

Red Derby (photo by Barred in DC)

#T-3 – Red Derby – Columbia Heights

  • Everyday – 5-8p
  • $1 off everything behind bar (means $1 Natty Boh, Stroh’s, Bud)
  • $5 selected old school cocktails Sunday – Wednesday all night

Thai Chef (photo from

#T-3 – Thai Chef – Dupont

  • Everyday (except holidays) – 4-7p
  • $4 specialty cocktails + beer + wine + sake
  • discounted sushi nigiri & rolls

Mothership (photo from UrbanTurf)

#T-3 – Mothership – Petworth / Park View

  • Tuesday – Friday – 5:30-7:30p
  • 1/2 off all drinks (drafts + cocktails + infusions + wine + punch)
Trio's Fox & Hounds (photo by Barred in DC)

Trio’s Fox & Hounds (photo by Barred in DC)

#T-8 – Trio’s Fox & Hounds – Dupont

  • Monday – Friday – 4-7p & 10p-close
  • $4 rail drinks (essentially double shot of rail in a cup + mini bottle of soda/tonic) + $3 Bud/Bud Light + $3.50 Miller Lite / Fox Amber + $5 house wine

Number Nine (photo by http://www.dctriclub.og)

#T-8 – Number Nine – Logan Circle / 14th Street

  • Monday – Friday – 5-9p; Saturday – Sunday – 3-9p
  • 2-4-1 (buy one, get second free) drinks

GBD (photo by Barred in DC)

#T-8 – GBD – Dupont (Barred in DC review)

  • Tuesday – Friday – 4-7p ; Sunday – 9p-close
  • $3/$4/$5 craft draft beer choices + $3 punch + $3 wine
  • food specials
Ghibellina (photo by Barred in DC)

Ghibellina (photo by Barred in DC)

#T-8 – Ghibellina – Logan Circle / 14th Street

  • Everyday – 4-6:30p
  • 1/2 off beer + wine + cocktails (normally $12) + pizza

Petworth Citizen (photo from

#T-8 – Petworth Citizen – Petworth

  • Monday – all night; Sunday, Tuesday- Friday – 5-7p; Saturday – 3-7p
  • $4 classic cocktails (e.g. Old Fashioned) + wine + beer + punch
  • food specials

Barred in DC and Wiz Happy Hour Bar-sketball Crawl – Sat. Jan 17th



unnamed (1)

Join Barred in DC and the popular Wiz Happy Hour on the evening of Saturday, January 17th for the Chinatown Bar-sketball Crawl. This bar crawl will span 4 different bars, one during each quarter of that night’s Washington Wizards @ Brooklyn Nets NBA game. At each stop along the way we will be playing a bar basketball game, while giving away prizes for different contests & games at each establishment. Wiz Happy Hour recently was featured by the Washington Post in two separate blog posts (Going Out Guide & DC Sports Bog) and an awesome article from Fritz Hahn that made the print edition for his well-attended creative event to woo Kevin Durant to DC

The bar excursion will run alongside of the Verizon Center in the Penn Quarter/Chinatown neighborhood in DC. The crawl will stop by 4 sister bars:

  • Penn Social (801 E St. NW)-check in at 7p, arcade shooting contest starts soon after [pre-game & 1st quarter] – $3 Bud Light
  • Iron Horse Taproom (507 7th St. NW, at E St.) [2nd quarter] – $5 Atlas
  • Rocket Bar (714 7th St. NW, at G/H St.) [3rd quarter] – TBD
  • Jackpot (726 7th St. NW, at G/H St.) [4th quarter] – $5 Coors

This is not just an event for Wizards, or even basketball, fans. Each of these stops has some great craft beer selections on tap and plenty of games to enjoy, while Barred in DC will be on hand to give you some ideas about what to drink and other places to visit in the future. Have a blast with your friends, both old and new and enjoy the first Saturday since August without football.

A prize will be awarded at each bar for different things including creating a “Bar Golf” style bar basketball game with a scorecard, an arcade basketball shooting contest, a Nerf basketball 3 point shootout, and the best hipstery jersey!

Don’t forget to grab that old NBA jersey from middle school and rock it one more time! Additional details will be added as we get closer to the Bar-sketball crawl.