Barred in DC Five Year Anniversary Party – Union Trust – Tuesday March 6th

Terrible Graphic by Author

To mark, if not celebrate, a half decade of ignominy since Barred in DC was officially launched on March 6, 2013, a happy hour (and longer) celebration will be held at Union Trust Bar (740 15th Street, NW, south of H, next to Joe’s Stone Crab) next Tuesday, March 6th, with festivities kicking off at 5:30p and lasting till late, in case you don’t get out of work early. If you haven’t heard or been, Union Trust is the new spot that opened downtown in late November from Tony and Solly, the guys (“bar impresarios” is too strong) behind beloved/terrible bars The Pug and Solly’s, respectively, as well as Brookland’s Finest.

After 240+ blog posts, 260,000 hits (literally half of of that on 4 boxing posts, rest bots and family members probably, though my parents still don’t know about this thing), a whopping $220 in net ad revenue, 14,400 tweets, and (improbably) nearly 4,200 Twitter followers, it makes some sense to commemorate Barred in DC’s “contribution” to DC bar news and life as well as thank the many of you followers who have interacted with the blog and Twitter account, which makes it so worthwhile.

Reasons to come (bulleted of course):

  • Happy hour specials ($5 draft beers, prosecco, wines and Jameson) till 7p
  • Pizza (come early, limited supplies til it runs out; see above low ad revenue)
  • A prize drawing or two
  • Pitch your story idea
  • A bunch of more important reasons
  • Meet Barred in DC (updated photo below)
Not Barred in DC, but he’s an Indian dude, so probably close enough

Pepperoni Chic Brings a Taste of West Virginia to Petworth

Pepperoni Chic, Facebook, Twitter, 5111 Georgia Ave. NW (off Hamilton between 9th and 13th Streets) [open at 11:30a, close at 9p wkdys, 11p Fri and Sat, closed Sun], a “pop-up” eatery , opened over the weekend in Petworth. Located in the old Straw, Stick, and Brick space, Pepperoni Chic showcases pepperoni rolls, the unofficial state food of West Virginia, as well as salads and pastas inspired by the region of Calabria in southern Italy.

As a native West Virginian, I can tell you that these pepperoni rolls are legit. Fellow Mountaineers, just be forewarned, those served at Pepperoni Chic aren’t the ubiquitous rolls found in gas stations and at bake sales that are usually served at room temperature. Instead, these are like the much more substantial kind that are served hot with sauce at Colasessano’s in Fairmont, West Virginia in north central WV (called pepperoni buns on their menu, probably to avoid confusion). The opening menu had 11 different types of pepperoni rolls: 4 “traditional,”  4 “chic” (fillings include: eggplant, gorgonzola, mushrooms, ‘Nduja), and 3 other meatless versions of the chic ones, all priced between $7-11. A couple salads, several pastas, and a couple house-made desserts round up the menu.

Pepperoni Chic is the brainchild of Karen Audia Shannon, a Fairmont, WV native (and second-generation Italian-American), who has long been involved in the restaurant business in DC. She previously owned Petitto’s (and Dolce Finale in the wine cellar) until she sold in 2000. Since then, she’s managed spots like Galilleo III, Butterfield 9, Spezie, Al Dente, and most recently Bistro Cacao on Capitol Hill, and has also served as Chairman of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington. This “pop-up” will only last the remainder of 2018; but in the meantime, the owner will scout out locations for a more permanent brick and mortar location in DC. Delivery and online ordering will come in a few weeks (until then, closing time might be a bit earlier).

More pics:


Long-time Banana Cafe Piano Bar Entertainer Moves to Finn McCool’s

Banana Cafe’s legendary piano bar entertainer, Gordon Kent, has moved across Barracks Row to Finn McCool’s (formerly Molly Malone’s, formerly Finn MacCool’s). Banana Bar, which shuttered after 25 years in December, was popular for its upstairs piano bar, where Kent played piano, sax, and other instruments since the mid 2000s. Finn McCool’s (located at 713 8th St. SE near G St SE). He plays Fridays and Saturday nights at 8p in the bar’s new piano bar upstairs. That means DC continues to have 5 spots within its limits to enjoy piano bar entertainment: Mr. Smiths and Georgetown Piano Bar (both in Georgetown), Shaw’s Tavern (weekly on Wednesdays and one Friday a month), Quill at The Jefferson (more classy low-key piano lounge rather than raucous time), and now Finn McCool’s

Barred in DC’s Rules for Biking in DC

As someone who bikes to work most days for past few years and still have my Capital Bikeshare membership, I’ve witnessed a lot bad biking (sure, pedestrians and driving too). I’m discouraged that pedestrians and drivers are often irritated at me for actually yielding to pedestrians or stopping at stop signs (they basically expect bikers not to follow the law for their own safety/liability).

As a result, I’ve come up with a bunch of non-WABA sanctioned rules of biking (note: this is definitely not legal advice) that I try to follow and hope you do too:

  • Follow the law if you can.

This is easy if you don’t want to think about it that too much

  • Otherwise, bike how you want so long you’re not jeopardizing the safety of others, or not inconveniencing or even making those who are walking, biking, or driving legally to think they’re in danger.

Sure, go ahead and run that stop sign or light if you know there’s no cars or pedestrians around. Bike way around or behind the pedestrians when they’re in the crosswalk. Ride on the sidewalk until  you see some pedestrians, and then ride slowly way around them or dismount your bike (definitely, don’t be an ass and ring your bell while you’re on the sidewalk). Salamander down the wrong way on a one way street but let those biking the right way take the bike lane while you wait between cars or go on the street.

  • Stop being so defensive about cyclists not following the law.

Every PoPville, GGW, or DCist (RIP) comment section about bike lanes or scofflaw cyclists has the inevitable surfeit of  whataboutism “cars don’t follow laws”  “cars are so more dangerous than bikes” and other excuses. Stop being so damn defensive, own up to the fact that a huge percentage of folks riding bikes don’t actually follow the law hand realize that pedestrians often hates bikes just as much as cars (sure bikes are a lot smaller than cars, but they do and have seriously hurt and killed pedestrians, even here in DC).

  • Apologize for/acknowledge bad cycling behavior.

As much as like to feel that I’m a good biker, I often slip up and bike too close to a pedestrian or where I shouldn’t. Saying “sorry, my bad” goes a long way. If you see someone biking (and they don’t look like they’re gonna beat your ass) badly, tell them “WTF dude?”

  • Call bad drivers “Maryland Driver”

Instead of cussing them out or pounding on their  car, just yelling “MARYLAND DRIVER” (no matter what their license plate, but chances are it’s MD) at them will make you feel better. Trust me, I’ve done this several times to much confusion.