Listing of All Sports Bars in DC Now Posted to Barred in DC

In light of Buffalo Billiards’ impending closure, I’ve attempted to list every self-proclaimed sports bar in DC, plus others that basically feel like them. The latter will certainly have some missing spots, so let me know.

Short-Lived Ella Grace Born Again on 1400 Block of H St NE

The Ella Grace re-opening on H Street (pic from short-lived SOTW location)

The Ella Grace, the cocktail bar which popped up on the second-floor of the non-defunct Sign of the Whale for less than a month back in March, is taking over the recently-relocated The Pursuit Wine Bar at 1421 H St. NE. The spot plans to open in September. Folks with experience at Harold Black, 600t, Gravitas, and Del Mar will be running things.

[At the request of the folks running the bar, I took down the description the provided that was hilarious and misguided.]