Crowdsourcing the Best Wings in DC

The venerable Old Ebbitt Grill was cited as having some of DC’s best wings

As frequently occurs (my Twitter DMs are open), I recently received a request for info or a poll-this time a poll on best wings in DC. I declined to do a poll since I wouldn’t know the options, but I threw this out to my Twitter followers and got a ton of responses. Compare this list of frequent mentions with Eater’s list (last updated in 2017).

The Most Mentions

  • Duffy’s Irish Pub (H Street)
    • Multiple hot sauce flavors, also other flavors
    • 12 wings/$15, 24 wings/$28
    • Half price dine-in w/ purchase of beverage on Wednesdays / 8 wings for $6 during HH 4-7p M-F
    • Delivery available
    • Mostly a bar
  • Clyde’s (Georgetown, PQ/Chinatown)
    • “Double-dipped” buffalo chicken wings
    • 6 wings/ $7, 12 wings/$12
    • $3 off at bar only during HH 3-6p
    • bar/restaurant scene
  • Old Ebbitt Grill (Downtown)
    • “Double-dipped” buffalo chicken wings
    • note may be the same as Clyde’s, and possibly same as served as The Tombs (same restaurant group)
    • 12 wings/$13
    • bar/restaurant scene
  • Wingo’s (Georgetown, Glover Park)
    • 24 sauces
    • 10 wings/$12, 20 wings/$23, 50 wings/$55, 100 wings/$100
    • Delivery available
    • Glover Park has a good bar scene, Georgetown is more carry out
  • KoChix (Bloomingdale)
    • Korean style with 3 flavors
    • 5 wings/$7, 10 wings/$13, 15 wings/$18, 20 wings/$24, 40 wings/$46
    • Delivery available
    • Carryout

Multiple Mentions

  • Choongman (H Street)
  • Bonchon (Navy Yard)
  • Nanny O’Brien’s (Cleveland Park)
  • Boundary Stone (Bloomingdale)
  • Due South (Navy Yard)
  • Comet Ping Pong Pizza (Tenleytownish)
  • The Queen Vic (H Street)
  • Cane (H Street)

Not in DC, but Tons of Mentions: First Down (Ballston)

Others Mentioned: BOM, Ivy City Smokehouse, Fuel Pizza, Joe’s, Vinoteca, Federalist Pig, The Green Zone, Stadium Club, Duccinni’s ChiKo, Buck’s Fishing & Camping, Barrel, The Dubliner, Solly’s, America’s Best Wings, Mandu, Fado, Union Pub

Where to Watch Your NFL Team in DC

Although Barred in DC is a hardcore college football fan (often spending 10 hours of the greatest season of the year inside and skipping beer festivals), I cannot deny that NFL is the most popular televised entertainment in this country and in this city. Owing to that and to the fact that crazily enough that not every game is nationally televised even in 2019, lots of bars in DC have watch parties for different teams. Some of my earliest DC memories include watching Stillers games at the Pour House on the Hill with like 1000 people crammed in all 3 floors.

With the heavy assistance from Twitter follower/redditer here  as well as some Twitter outsourcing and this Washingtonian post here, I’ve come up with a list of all teams that have folks gathering to watch their games at bars in DC below (you can find suburban links in the links above). Email or comment below if something is missing. I’ve tried to approximately list which bar appears to have the most fans in order (if multiple teams), but this can be subjective. A couple observations: The Patriots with SIX friggin watch parties really show their excellence (i.e., in attracting bandwagon fans) over the past couple decades. Surprising to me that the Texans get a DC proper bar while the Falcons have ZERO in the entire DC metro.

Note you can always catch more games at once at spots like Walter’s Sports Bar and other spots

  • BUFFALO BILLS: Grand Central, Exiles, Bar Deco

  • CAROLINA PANTHERS: Mission Navy Yard

  • CHICAGO BEARS: Union Pub, Ivy and Coney


  • DALLAS COWBOYS: Parlay DC, Homeslyce Pizza

  • DENVER BRONCOS: Penn Quarter Sports Tavern, Stoney’s

  • DETROIT LIONS: Capitol Lounge (basement), Ivy and Coney, Biergarten Haus

  • GREEN BAY PACKERS: Hamilton’s, Duffy’s Irish Pub, Lost and Found

  • HOUSTON TEXANS: St. Arnold’s on Jefferson

  • JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: Penn Quarter Sports Tavern


  • MIAMI DOLPHINS: Solly’s, 1831 Bar & Lounge, Blackfinn DC

  • NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Capitol Lounge, Dirty Water , Across the Pond, Irish Times, Proper 21, Jake’s Tavern

  • NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: Little Miss Whiskey’s, The Brig, Lou’s City Bar,

  • NEW YORK GIANTS: Across the Pond Restaurant & Pub, Nanny O’Briens, Rebellion

  • NEW YORK JETS: Irish Channel

  • OAKLAND RAIDERS: Lou’s City Bar

  • PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: District Anchor, Boundary Stone

  • PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Johnny Pistolas

  • SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: Town Tavern

  • SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Red Bear Brewing Company, Lou’s City Bar

  • TENNESSEE TITANS: Lou’s City Bar

  • WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Blaguard, The Camelot (strip club), 1831 (almost every bar will show Skins games)

Nothing in DC proper: Baltimore Ravens (almost always on TV in DC anyways(, Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Bucs

Nothing in DC metro: Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons (!), LA Rams, LA Chargers