Bedrock Billiards

Bedrock Billiards, web siteFacebookTwitter1841 Columbia Road NW, 202-667-7665, opens at 4p (weekdays) 1p (weekends), HH 4-8p (weekdays), 1-7p (weekends), est. 1992  [YelpWaPo]

Opened back in 1992, this basement pool hall/game room bar feels miles from the bedlam of 18th Street a block away.  Bedrock, which was the first bar in the mini-chain that now includes Atomic Billiards, Buffalo Billiards, Rocket Bar, and Board Room, is reminiscent of someone’s 1980s somewhat dusty basement.  I’ve only been here twice, and not since probably 2009, but I remember lots of pool tables, darts, and board games and a solid divey atmosphere.  They have a popular Sunday night trivia that is supposed to be kind of hard. Happy hour goes from 4-8p M-F and 1-7p on the weekends, along with some pool and darts leagues during the week,  though I’ve never been.

Barred in DC Rating: 3/5



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