Best Fried Fish in DC – Reader Suggestions

Fried Catfish from Shark’s Fish & Chicken

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After Horace & Dickie’s closed their longtime H Street location earlier this year, there have been questions who will be the iconic fried fish joint left in DC. I asked Barred in DCs Twitter followers for best fried fish in DC and here were their responses.

Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Most Responses 

  • The Queen Vic (H Street)
    • open for dinner Tue-Sun
    • DIne-in/pickup (call)/delivery (UberEats/Grubhub)
    • Fish & Chips
    • $19 ($16.15 takeout)
  • Fish in the Neighborhood (Park View)
    • May be closed Sun-Mon
    • Pickup (may be able to call 202-722-2200)
    • whiting, ocean perch, trout, tilapia, catfish. Also “bone fish” (bass, butter fish, croaker, ling, spot, red snapper, rock (see photo menu)
    • Mostly $10-12/pound
    • may still be cash only

Mostly Take-Out Spots 

  • Horace & Dickie’s (Takoma)
    • Possibly only open 12:30p-7p Th-Sun for now
    • Some seating/pickup/delivery (UberEats possibly)
    • Fried Whiting filets (dinners with sides, combos, boxes, and sandwich
    • $9.50 (sandwich), $10 (box), $15 (dinner), $15.50 (combo)
  • DC Fishwife (Union Market)
    • Open daily for meals 10:45a-5/ 6p (for now)
    • Pickup (online)/Delivery (UberEats)
    • Beer-Battered Atlantic Dogfish (changes), in different Meals (Fish & chips, fish taco-3, po-boy, fish sandwich)
    • $14-15
  • Oooh’s & Aaah’s (U St / Brightwood)
    • Both Open daily from Noon-10p. U St open til 1a Fri/Sat
    • Pickup (Online/Toast), Delivery (Postmates)
    • Catfish, whiting available
    • $10.45 (whiting-3 pieces); $14.95 (catfish-4 pieces). +$4 for 2 sides, Late night platters/combos available
  • The Market Lunch (Eastern Market)
    • Open roughly 9a-2p Tue-Sun
    • Pickup (now call 202-547-8444 and someone will come pickup order)
    • Rockfish, Flounder, Whiting fried fish sandwiches
    • $12, $11, $9 respectively
    • May still be cash only
  • Shark’s  Fish & Chicken (Ivy City, Benning/NE)
    • Carryout. Check online or call. UberEats, DoorDash, and other delivery services.
    • whiting, ocean perch, trout, tilapia, catfish
    • $10-11 (2-3 pieces with a couple sides), $12-13 (3-4 pieces with a couple sides). Can also order by piece ($4-5/each, volume discount). Can buy 50-100 for large group
    • Part of Chicago-area loose chain
  • HipHop Fish & Chicken (Benning/NE)
    • Carryout. Call in order. UberEats, GrubHub, and other delivery services.
    • Whiting, ocean perch, trout, tilapia, catfish
    • $8.50-$10 (3 pc), $11-12 (3-4 pc). Order by piece ($3-4.50)
    • Local chain with nearly 30 spots

Sit-Down Spots Mentioned:


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