Where to Find Best Bagels in DC

BLTT on an untoasted sesame bagel from Bullfrog Bagels
List of bagel flavors compiled by Barred in DC as of 2/6/21

Someone (not from NY) posted something about a terrible DC bagel yesterday (in 2020) and it got all the likes. So I thought it would be best to make a list of all the DC proper (that is within the limits of the District of Columbia for the complainers out there) spots that you can get a great bagel. Then in February 1, 2022, I did a series of Twitter polls to categorize them as below. Hours, bagel flavors, and bagel price (cost of one untoasted bagel with no topping)

Last Updated: February 2, 2022

Gold Tier Bagels

  • Call Your Mother (Park View, Barracks Row, Georgetown, West End, Logan Circle)
    • 8a-2p daily except West End 7a-4p
    • Shyne Bagel and challah sandwiches popular
    • $2.50/ bagel
    • 7 bagel flavors
    • Out of the 89% who’ve eaten, 35% say best in DC, 88% are fans
  • Pearl’s Bagels (Mt Vernon Square/Shaw)
    • 8a-2p daily
    • $2.00/bagel
    • ~6 bagel flavors
    • Out of the 34% who’ve eaten, 32% say best in DC, 86% are fans

Silver Tier Bagels

  • Bullfrog Bagels (Eastern Market, H Street, Brookland (Tastemakers), Tenleytown Food Truck)
    • EM: 7a-2p M-F, 8a-2p Sat-Sun; H St: 7a-1p Tue-Sun; Brookland: 8a-1p Fri-Sun; Tenley Truck: 8a-1p W-F, 9a-2p Sat-Sun
    • $1.75/bagel
    • ~10 bagel flavors
    • Out of 81% who’ve eaten, 25% say best in DC. 83% are fans
  • Bagels, etc. (Dupont)
    • 6a-4p M-Sat (closes at 3p Sun)
    • Pickup only (may be able to call ahead 202-466-7171)
    • $1.79/bagel (as of 2020)
    • ~18 bagel flavors
    • Out of 39% who’ve eaten, 25% say best in DC, 82% are fans
  • Baked by Yael (CP/Woodley Park across from zoo,  Farmer’s Markets)
    • 8a-4p daily
    • Known for cakepops but bagels are reportedly great
    • $1.95/bagel
    • ~6 bagel flavors
    • Out of 18% who’ve eaten, 26% say best in DC, 80% are fans

Bronze Tier Bagels

  • Bethesda Bagels (Navy Yard in DC)
    • 7a-2p daily in DC
    • $1.75/bagel
    • ~25 bagel flavors
    • Out of 88% who’ve eaten, 18% say best in DC, 81% are fans
  • So’s Your Mom (Adams Morgan)
    •  7a-4p Mon-Sat (open at 8a Sun)
    • Deli/Cash only
    • $1.20/bagel
    • ~9 bagel flavors
    • Out of 26% who’ve eaten, 18% say best in DC. 85% are fans
  • GW Deli (Foggy Bottom)
    • 6:30a-4p M-F, 8a-3p Sat
    • Reportedly DC’s best trad’l bacon egg and cheese
    • $1.35/bagel
    • ~18 bagel flavors
    • Out of 23% who’ve eaten, 20% say best in DC, 79% are fans
  • Buffalo & Bergen (Capitol Hill, Union Market)
    • Capitol Hill: 8a-3p Tues-Sun . Union Market: 8a-3p Wed-Sun
    • $1.75/bagel
    • ~18 bagel flavors
    • Out of 49% who’ve eaten, 15% say best in DC, 76% are fans

Other spots with bagels: Breadfurst, The Big Bear, Elle, Bread Bite Bakery

Very Popular but in Arlington: Brooklyn Bagels (Out of 30% who’ve eaten, 26% say better than anything in DC, 88% are fans)


One response to “Where to Find Best Bagels in DC”

  1. Breadfurst makes great bagels. They are Montreal style rather than NY – smaller and crispy and a little sweet

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