The Best Chicken Sandwiches in DC – Based on Comments/Replies to @PoPville

$5 Fried Chicken Sandwich on brioche from Open Crumb in Anacostia (photo by Barred in DC)

Who has the best chicken sandwiches in DC? PoPville posed this question and here are details about those that aren’t Popeye’s or Chick-Fil-A which were mentioned by a bunch.

If possible, maybe make a goal to have one of each?

Last Updated: July 6, 2021

The Top Picks

  • Roaming Rooster (by far)
    • Storefront (in NE on Bladenburg, U Street, Tenleytown ) or food truck
    • Pickup (call or order on website/Toast)
    • Delivery (Postmates, UberEats)
    • $9.50-$10 (+$3 if you want fries)
    • five buttermilk fried chicken sandwich varieties including Nashville fried chicken, buffalo
  • Lucky Buns (Adams Morgan, Union Market)
    • Pickup (Chownow)
    • Delivery (Chownow, UberEats)
    • $12 (+$6 fries)
    • varieties include hot chicken, tandoori, “mumbo”, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese
    • One of the top 3 burgers in DC, but not the point of this post

Mentioned Multiple Times

  • Purple Patch (Mt Pleasant)
    • Pickup (ToastTab or Caviar/DoorDash)
    • Delivery (Caviar/DoorDash)
    • $16 with fries
    • Spicy Adobo Fried Chicken sandwich on brioche topped with fried egg LTO.
  • Boundary Stone (Bloomingdale)
    • Pickup (call or Toast Tab)
    • Delivery (Caviar)
    • $10
    • Fried Honey Hot Chicken
  • The Pub and The People (Bloomingdale)
    • Pickup (call to order)
    • Delivery (Doordash)
    • $15 w/ fries
    • The Heidi (crispy chicken breast, cheddar, bacon, guac)
  • Open Crumb (Anacostia)
    • Pickup (call)
    • Delivery (Postmates preferred, may be on Doordash)
    • $5-6 (+$2-2.50 fries)
    • fried or grilled chicken sandwich (Greek yogurt marinated chicken thigh, LTO, mayo, mustard on brioche)
  • Union Pub (Capitol Hill)
    • Pickup (call 202-546-7200)
    • Delivery (Ubereats, GrubHub, DoorDash)
    • $16 (w/ fries)
    • Nashville Hot Chicken (can substitute buffalo sauce)
  • Moreland’s Tavern (16th ST Heights)
    • Pickup (call or Toast Tab)
    • $14 w/ salad, tots, fries (+$2 for sautéed veggies instead)
    • fried chicken sandwich (pimento cheese, cabbage, pickles on brioche)
  • Chicken & Whiskey (14th St)
    • Pickup (Chownow)
    • Delivery (DoorDash)
    • $13.50- $14 (+$3-4 sides)
    • Reina De Chicharron (arepa deep fried pork crackling lour dough stuffed with pulled rotisserie chicken and avocado) orPollo Frito (cassava breaded chicken, jalapeno cheddar oll, bacon, cheese, Greek yogurt mustard sauce)
    • Service Bar (U St)
      • Pickup (order on website)
      • Delivery (DoorDash)
      • $11-13 (+$4 fries)
      • Original is chicken thigh, special sauce, pickles; spicy buffalo ranch version; rotating chef version
    • Federalist Pig (Adams Morgan)
      • Pickup (order on website/Toast Tab)
      • Delivery (Postmates, DoorDash, UberEats)
      • $10.25-12.50 (+$2.95 seasoned with house bbq rub fries)
      • The Music City (fried ckn, hot sauce, pickles, ranch), The Jimmy Muscles (fried ckn, pork belly)
    • Roy Boy’s (Shaw)
      • Pickup (Toast)
      • Delivery (Toast and most delivery apps)
      • $13-15
      • 5 varieties of fried (including hot), 1 bbq chicken (w/ waffle fries, +1 for sub coleslaw, side salad)
    • Mélange (Mt Vernon Square)
      • Pickup (Online Ordering)
      • Delivery (UberEats)
      • $14-15 (+$4 fries w/ sea salt)
      • 3 Kinds
        • The Original ($13)- Buttermilk fried chicken, shredded lettuce, pickles, smoked dukes mayo
        • Hot hot chicken ($14)
        • The National ($13) – Spicy doro wat style fried chicken, kibbeh aioli, turmeric slaw, fried egg. Sub for hardboiled egg for a more traditional style.

    Currently Not Available

    • Little Pearl  (Capitol Hill)
      • Currently open for prix fixe dinner only

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