Where (and How) to Get the Best Burgers in DC

Duke’s Grocery Proper Burger (credit Duke’s Grocery Twitter)

Last Updated July 10th, 2020.

Fresh off my chicken sandwich post, I thought it would be even better to create a post of best burgers, and even better, generated from my content rather than someone else’s. This directory tells you where to order, how to order, cost of burgers, and what’s on them. Any spots that were recommended multiple times made this list.

Note that a lot of people feel that burgers don’t travel well via delivery, so try either do pickup (eat in your car if you have one) or deliver from places within a couple miles.

  • Duke’s Grocery (Dupont/Foggy Bottom); Duke’s Counter (Woodley Park)
    • Dine-In/Patio
    • Pickup (online/ToastTab, Caviar, Doordash)
    • Delivery (Caviar, Doordash)
    • Dupont (Noon-9p M-F, 11a-3, 4-9p Sat-Sun), Foggy Bottom (11a-8p daily), Counter (Noon-9p daily)
    • $13.50 ($14 delivery) (+$4 fries, n/a in Dupont)
    • Proper Burger (two ¼ lb. Creekstone Farms angus, gouda, pickles, charred red onion, sweet chili sauce, arugula, garlic aioli on brioche)
  • Lucky Buns (Adams Morgan, Union Market)
    • Dine-in/Patio
    • Pickup (call)
    • Delivery (Ubereats)
    • 5-10p M-F, 11a-10p (Adams Morgan); 11:30a-8p (Wed-Sun)
    • $14-15 (+$6 fries)
    • 4 options (all with Creekstone Farms beef, gouda cheese and Gordy’s Pickles)
      • Lucky Bun: lucky sauce, grilled red onion, arugula
      • OG Bun: shaved lettuce, raw red onion, yellow mustard, mayo
      • Bogan Bun (favorite): bacon XO jam, lucky sauce, grilled red onion, arugula
      • El Jefe Bun: hatch green chili relish, shaved lettuce, raw red onion, yellow mustard, cotija crema
  • Le Diplomate (14th Street)
    • Dine-In
    • Pickup (Call, Caviar, or Doordash): 1-8p
    • Delivery (Caviar or Doordash)
    • 1-11p M-Th, 1p-Mid F, 9:30a-mid Sat, 9:30a -11p
    • $20 (includes fries)
    • $90 kit to make 4 burgers and dilly potato sald
    • Burger Americain (Cheeseburger w/ mayo)
  • Swizzler (Food Truck/coming soon to Navy Yard)
    • Pickup (order online or walkup)
    • Various locations
    • $7 (+$2 for meal w/ fries, +4 for truffle fries)
    • Swizz Stack (double patty, arugula, shallots, dill pickles, dijonnaise) (can get a single for $4.25)
  • DC9 (Shaw)
    • Roof Deck (reservations)
    • Pickup (Online/GoTab)
    • 4-9p daily
    • $12 or 14 (w/ garlic fries)
    • 3 varieties
      • Plain Jane: lettuce/tomato
      • The South By: pepper jack, avocado, pickled jalapeno, garlic cilantro mayo
      • The Slawter: coleslaw, Applewood smoked bacon, BBQ sauce
      • The Stuart: cheddar, pickled jalapenos, BBQ sauce, jalapeno poppers
      • The Herbert: Fried Green Tomato, applewood smoked bacon, tabasco aioli
  • The Big Board (H Street)
    • Dine-in
    • Pickup (Call)
    • 5-9:15p M-Th, Noon-9:15 F-Sun
    • for LTO only; $9.75 (6 oz), $11.75 (8 oz) (+$5.25 fries, $6.25 onion fries, $7.25 sweet potato fries)
    • 8 options
      • Build Your Own: $7.25 (6 oz), $9.25 (8 oz) comes with LTO and pickles plus charges for toppings
      • Port D’Amsterdam: sautéed mushrooms, port reduction, aged swiss
      • Ciao Bella: sliced prosciutto, aged mozz, roasted red pepper, sweet red pepper aioli
      • Le Burg-Aire au Poivre: seared w/ cracked black pepper, topped with Wisconsin blue cheese, cognac cream sauce
      • The Big Apple: Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, tomato, pickles
      • Memphis Blues 2.0: Monterrey jack cheese, house bbq sauce, crispy steak cut onion rings
      • The Great Chicago Fire: chipotle-dusted burger, fire-roasted chili/mango salsa, pepper jack cheese, chipotle aioli. Side of spicy mango-habanero sauce
      • Quebec City: crispy hand-cut French fries, brown gravy, melted cheese curds
  • Chef Geoff’s (AU Park)
    • Dine In
    • Pickup (Online/ToastTab, Call)
    • Delivery (Doordash)
    • 4-9p M-Th, Noon-9p Fri-Sun
    • $17 (choice of fries, sweet potato fries, or greens)
    • CG Burger (bacon, cheddar, LTO, chipotle aioli)
  • Primrose  (Brookland)
    • Currently menus change and may not be available
    • Dine-In
    • Pickup (Call 202-248-4558 Noon-4p)
    • 5-8p M-F, 4-8p Sat-Sun
    • $15 ($10 for Little, $21 for double) w/ steak fries
    • Larry Burger (American cheese, onion jam, mayo)
  • Red Apron Butchery (Penn Quarter; Union Market location currently closed)
    • Pickup (Call or Doordash)
    • Delivery (Call or Doordash)
    • 11a-8:30p
    • $11 ($6 w/ aged beef fat fries)
    • Red Apron burger (beef, cheddar, tomato, iceberg, island sauce, onion, pickles)
  • Slash Run (Petworth)
    • Pickup (Call 202-838-9926 or 9929 or DC To Go-Go)
    • Bike delivery (call) to Petworth ($30 Min), or elsewhere ($50 min)
    • 2-10p M, 4-10p Tue-Wed, 2p-mid F, 11a-mid Sat, 11a-9:30p Sun
    • $15-16 (+$3 fries, +$4 waffle fries) (1/2 priced Mondays?)
    • 9 options (7 oz local beef patty on lyons bakery brioche bun unless stated, upcharges for vegan or gluten free)
      • Classic ($11): LTO
      • Slash Supreme: cheddar, bacon, LTO on pretzel bun
      • Morning Glory: applewood smoked bacon, sunny side-up egg, jalapeno cream cheese, maple syrup aioli
      • South of the Burger: avo, pico de gallo, jalapenos, pepperjack, tortilla chips
      • Rockaway Beef: American cheese, cherry peppers, slash sauce, bacon
      • Barstool Rodeo: bbq sauce, fried onion rings, cheddar, fine ground coffee
      • Otto’s Shrunken Head: Korean bbq, pork rinds, avo, pineapple relish
      • I’ll Have What She’s Having: sunny side up egg, shaved-fried Brussel sprouts, siracha aioli on pretzen bun
      • Le Petit Mort: arugula, red wine sautéed mushrooms, blue cheese crumbles, aioli
  • Reverie (Georgetown)
    • Pickup (Tock). Order by 5p
    • Delivery (Skip The Line)
    • 5-8p Tue-Sat, delivery 5-6p
    • $22 w/ bag of Zapp’s Voodoo Chips (no fries)
    • Ground dry aged ribeye, smoked cheddar, smoked special sauce, onions stewed in butter, and miso pickles
  • Rebellion (Dupont)
    • Dine-In
    • Pickup (walk-in, call, ToastTab)
    • Delivery (Grubhub, maybe Ubereats)
    • 3:30-11p M-Th, 3:30p-mid F, Noon-mid Sat, Noon-11p Sun
    • $15-16 ($10  on Monday)
      • 1836 (2 beef patties, American cheese, 1000 isle, b&b pickles, L/O on sesame bun)
      • Ramsay Bolton (2 beef patties, bacon jam, aged cheddar, b&b pickles, mayo, LTO, sesame bun
  • Brookland’s Finest (Brookland)
    • Dine-In
    • Pickup (online only)
    • Delivery (UberEats)
    • W-Sat 4-10:15p, Sat Noon-9p, Sun Noon-7:15p (Closed M-Tue)
    • $15.50 Colonel Burger (w/ fries, chips, or house salad)
      • Angus beef, pickled onions, cheddar, applewood smoked bacon on brioche
  • The Salt Line (Navy Yard)
    • Dine-In
    • Pickup (Caviar/possibly walk-up)
    • Delivery (Caviar)
    • Kitchen: 4-9p M-h, 4-10p F, Noon-10p Sat, Noon-9p Sat-Sun
    • $17 New England Smash burger (w/ side- fries, mac/cheese, broccoli rabe, slaw, salad options)
      • 2 ground chuck patties, American cheese, LT, pickle, mayo on potato bun
  • Bourbon Steak (Georgetown):
    • Dine-In only in bar/lounge
    • $21 (+$10 duckfat fries)



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