Where to Get the Best French Fries, Tater Tots, and Poutine in DC

Rooming Rooster’s french fries received many votes (also only pictures of fries I’ve taken I can find online)

[Up-to-date as of July 5, 2021)
Next in the series of Barred in DC food guides is a 3-for-1 combining fried potato-specifically French fries as well as tater tots and poutine in DC. Again, most of these guides are generated  from an open Twitter threads-they are based on what my Twitter followers believe is the best in the District of Columbia rather than my personal experience, as I’ve not had all them (my expertise would be useless as I’m not a food critic). See original French Fries Tater Tots and Poutine Twitter threads.

(ketchup general available or provided when nothing is mentioned, and often in other situations)


The Best of the Best

  • Le Diplomate (14th St)
    • $8 pommes frites
    • Included with mussels/lobster/steak frites, burger (also on Best Burgers List)
  • Granville Moore’s (H Street)
    • $8 frites (hand-cut, twice fried)
    • Choice of 1 sauce (truffle mayo, chipotle mayo, old bay aioli, samurai sauce, curry mayo, dijonnaise).
    • Included with some entrees
  • Medium Rare (Cleveland Park, Bethesda, Arlington)
    • Not available a la carte
    • Secret Sauce
    • Part of $25 steak frites prix fixe. $28 bottomless brunch

The Next Best

  • Five Guys (several all over city)
    • $4.39 (little), $5.59 (regular) $7.29 (large) fries. Cajun fries available. (cooked in 100% peanut oil)
  • Red Apron Butcher (Penn Quarter, Cap Hill, Union Market )
    • $4.25 beef fat fries (garlic confit, rosemary) at Union Market / $7.50 at the Roost with Red Apron ranch.
    • Included with burgers and fries at the Roost
  • The Queen Vic (H Street)
    • $8 hand-cut “chips” (British-style, a bit thicker
    • House aioli
    • Included with fish & chips (considered best in DC), fried chicken BLT, kids chicken fingers/cheese burger

Lots of Support

  • Roaming Rooster (Bladensburg/NE, U Street, Tenleytown)
    • $4 hand cut twice-fried
    • Honey mustard, sriracha mayo
  • Amsterdam Falafel (Adams Morgan, L’Enfant)
    • $4 (small), $5 (regular) Dutch-style, twice fried
    • Unlimited sauces apparently (garlic cream (both vegan and not), curried ketchup, ketchup, Dutch mayo, tahini, peanut sauce
  • Lucky Buns (Adams Morgan, Union Market)
    • $6 thick “chips”, $7 curry chips (chips with Irish pub curry sauce over it)
    • Malt vinegar mayo w/ thick chips. $1 extra for spicy sambal ketchup, lucky sauce, or mumbo sauce
    • one of best burgers
  • Belga Café (Barracks Row)
    • $8.50 Belgian frites
    • 3 types of mayo served
    • Included with roasted chicken, burger, steak, stew, steak tartare
  • Beuchert’s (Eastern Market)
    • $5 French fries
    • Sauce ravigote (classic French herby sauce)
    • Currently Fight Club
  • Bourbon Steak (Georgetown)
    • $10 Duck fat french fry trio (truffle, garlic & herbs, old bay).
    • 3 small baskets of fries with different seasonings and 3 different sauces
    • Comes with entrée (like bread). Sometimes part of a weekday burger lunch deal (one of best burgers)

Mentioned At Least Twice

  • Swizzler (food truck)
  • Federalist Pig/Fedwich (Adams Morgan/Dupont)
  • MGM Roast Beef (Brentwood)
  • The Greek Spot (U Street)
  • DC9 (Shaw) – garlic fries
  • Looking Glass Lounge (Park View) – fries, garlic/old bay/seasoned curly fries, cheesy fries
  • Brookland’s Finest – hand cut fries.
  • The Berliner (Georgetown) – fries (w/ mayo)
  • Cork (14th) -garlic/parsley, lemon, fries w/ house-made ketchup
  • The Salt Line (Navy Yard) – fries
  • Bonchon (Navy Yard) – seasoned French fries (herb seasoning, Parmesan cheese, parsley flakes)
  • Primrose (Brookland)- pommes frites w/ ketchup & Mayo
  • Blue Duck Tavern (West End) – Hand-cut Blue Duck Tavern triple fries (duck fat fries). Pretty thick.
  • Ivy and Coney: (Shaw) curly fries

Others Mentioned: Roy Boys, The DIner, Bom, Walter’s, Burger IM, Muncheez, Andy’s Pizza, Eat Pow Wow, Joselito, Shake Shack, McDonald’s, Falafel Inc., Capital Burger, Duccini’s Alladin’s, FIrefly, DCity Smokehouse, East Potomac GC, Residents, Good Stuff Eatery, Soussi, Wingo’s, Zorba’s, Kramer’s, Tune Inn, Hank’s Oyster, Little Miner Tacos (carne asada fries), Slash Run (Curly fries), The Alex, Popeyes, Half Smoke (Crab fries), Bistro du Coin, Old Ebbitt, Cafe Riggs, The Sovereign, St. Arnold’s, The Green Zone, Brasserie Liberte


Gold Tier Tots

  • Present Company (Mt. Vernon Square)
    • $5 (or $3 sub sides on sandwiches)
    • House-Made Pimento Tater tots w/ siracha ketchup
    • 43% who’ve had said best in DC. 86% fans
  • Sticky Rice  (H Street)
    • $6.82 (mini), $11.66 (large bucket)
    • Secret tater tot sauce
    • 32% who’ve had said best in DC. 85% fans
  • Tonic (Foggy Bottom)
    • $8.50 famous tater tots
    • Chipotle honey mustard, jalapeno aioli, curry ketchup
    • Included with sandwiches and burgers. $5 extra on entrees (or during HH)
    • $14 totchos or buffalo chicken tots
    • 29% who’ve had said best in DC. 91% fans. 58% have eaten these tots
  • ChiKo (Dupont/Barracks Row)
    • $14 Bulgogi tots only available now
    • 28% who’ve had said best in DC. 93% fans
  • Bluejacket (Navy Yard)
    • $9.50 tots (housemade). May be able to sub fries in sandwiches
    • Ketchup, dijoinnaise
    • 27% who’ve had said best in DC. 89% fans

Silver Tier Tots

  • Cracked Eggery (Cleveland Park, Shaw)
    • $5
    • tons of different seasoning (plain, salted, old bay, honey bbq, jalapeno cheddar, sour cream & onion, ranch, honey butter, cinnamon sugar, garlic parm-truffle
    • Loaded tots with bacon, cheese, egg, for $10
  • Churchkey (14th St)
    •  housemade tater tots
    • Add $3 to get it with sandwich/plate
    • Currently closed
    • 24% who’ve had said best in DC. 94% fans
  • Red Derby (Columbia Heights)
    • $7 lemon pepper or old bay tots
    • 22% who’ve had said best in DC. 93% fans
  • The Bottom Line (Downtown)
    • option with all burgers and sandwiches
    • 22% who’ve had said best in DC. 93% fans

Bronze Tier Tots

  • Calico (Shaw)
    • $6 regular tots
    • $11 poutine tots
    • 18% who’ve had said best in DC. 89% fans
  • Union Pub (Capitol Hill)
    • $10 plain ole tots (Chipotle ranch)
    • Add $2 to sandwiches, plates, burgers to sub side of tots
    • $16 chicken totchos / or buffalo chicken totchos
    • 18% who’ve had said best in DC. 88%  fans
  • Duffy’s Irish Pub (H Street)
    • $9.50 full basket of tots
    • sweet potato tots available as well
    • toppings can be added, lots of different seasonings
    • option with burgers/sandwiches as well
    • 14% who’ve had said best in DC. 83% fans
  • Stoney’s (Logan Circle)
    • 12% who’ve had said best in DC. 91% fans

Others Mentioned: Nellie’s, Yellow, Kelly’s Irish Times, The Haymaker, Pearl Street Warehouse, Ted’s Bulletin

Suburbs Mentioned a lot: Galaxy Hut (Clarendon), Quarry House Tavern (Silver Spring)


  • The Queen Vic (H Street)
    • $19 (roughly $16 takeout) Pork Belly Poutine
    • Most mentioned
  • Pow Pow (H Street)
    • $6 Pow-Tine
    • fries w/ warm curry gravy, house made soy feta & scallions (Plant-based
  • The Big Board (H Street)
    • $10-12 Quebec City burger is topped with poutine
  • Elephant & Castle (Downtown/Penn Quarter)
    • currently unavailble
  • Churchkey (Logan Circle)
    • temporarily closed
    • tot poutine
  • Haikan (Shaw)
    • Currently unavailable

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