Crowdsourcing the Best Wings in DC

The venerable Old Ebbitt Grill was cited as having some of DC’s best wings

As frequently occurs (my Twitter DMs are open), I recently received a request for info or a poll-this time a poll on best wings in DC. I declined to do a poll since I wouldn’t know the options, but I threw this out to my Twitter followers and got a ton of responses. Compare this list of frequent mentions with Eater’s list (last updated in 2017).

The Most Mentions

  • Duffy’s Irish Pub (H Street)
    • Multiple hot sauce flavors, also other flavors
    • 12 wings/$15, 24 wings/$28
    • Half price dine-in w/ purchase of beverage on Wednesdays / 8 wings for $6 during HH 4-7p M-F
    • Delivery available
    • Mostly a bar
    • Temporarily: Order online or call 202-462-WING for pickup or in-house delivery (delivery also avail from all the providers), 4-10p M-Tue, 11:30a-10p Wed-Sun.
  • Clyde’s (Georgetown, PQ/Chinatown)
    • “Double-dipped” buffalo chicken wings
    • 6 wings/ $7, 12 wings/$12
    • $3 off at bar only during HH 3-6p
    • bar/restaurant scene
    • Temporarily: Pickup (Caviar/call) /Delivery on Caviar. 11:30-9p Sun-Th, 11:30-9:30p F-Sat
  • Old Ebbitt Grill (Downtown)
    • “Double-dipped” buffalo chicken wings
    • note may be the same as Clyde’s, and possibly same as served as The Tombs (same restaurant group)
    • 12 wings/$13
    • bar/restaurant scene
    • Temporarily: Pickup (Caviar/call) /Delivery on Caviar. 11:30-9p Sun-Th, 11:30-9:30p F-Sat
  • Wingo’s (Georgetown, Glover Park)
    • 24 sauces
    • 10 wings/$12, 20 wings/$23, 50 wings/$55, 100 wings/$100
    • Delivery available
    • Glover Park has a good bar scene, Georgetown is more carry out
    • Temporarily: Only Glover Park open, Order online for pickup and delivery
  • KoChix (Bloomingdale)
    • Korean style with 3 flavors
    • 5 wings/$7, 10 wings/$13, 15 wings/$18, 20 wings/$24, 40 wings/$46
    • Delivery (Caviar, UberEats, DoorDash)
    • Carryout
    • Hours 11a-8p M-Th, 11a-8:30p Fri, Noon-8:15p Sat, closed Sun.

Multiple Mentions

  • Choongman (H Street)
  • Bonchon (Navy Yard)
  • Nanny O’Brien’s (Cleveland Park) [CURRENTLY CLOSED]
  • Boundary Stone (Bloomingdale)
  • Due South (Navy Yard)
  • Comet Ping Pong Pizza (Tenleytownish)
  • The Queen Vic (H Street)
  • Cane (H Street)

Not in DC, but Tons of Mentions: First Down (Ballston)

Others Mentioned: BOM, Ivy City Smokehouse, Fuel Pizza, Joe’s, Vinoteca, Federalist Pig, The Green Zone, Stadium Club, Duccinni’s ChiKo, Buck’s Fishing & Camping, Barrel, The Dubliner, Solly’s, America’s Best Wings, Mandu, Fado, Union Pub

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