Crowdsourcing the Best Wings in DC

The venerable Old Ebbitt Grill was cited as having some of DC’s best wings

Updated Sept 27, 2020

As frequently occurs (my Twitter DMs are open), I recently received a request for info or a poll-this time a poll on best wings in DC. I declined to do a poll since I wouldn’t know the options, but I threw this out to my Twitter followers and got a ton of responses. Compare this list of frequent mentions with Eater’s list (last updated in 2017).

The Most Mentions

  • Duffy’s Irish Pub (H Street)
    • Multiple hot sauce flavors, also other flavors
    • 12 wings/$16, 24 wings/$31
    • Delivery (most of the main services)
    • In normal times-Half price dine-in w/ purchase of beverage on Wednesdays / 8 wings for $6 during HH 4-7p M-F
  • Clyde’s (Georgetown, PQ/Chinatown)
    • “Double-dipped” buffalo chicken wings
    • 6 wings/ $8, 12 wings/$13
    • Delivery (UberEats, Clyde’s)
    • Normal times: $3 off at bar only during HH 3-6p
  • Old Ebbitt Grill (Downtown)
    • “Double-dipped” buffalo chicken wings
    • note may be the same as Clyde’s, and possibly same as served as The Tombs (same restaurant group)
    • 12 wings/$14
    • Delivery (UberEats, Clyde’s)
  • Wingo’s (Georgetown, Glover Park)
    • 24 sauces
    • 10 wings/$12, 20 wings/$24, 50 wings/$57, 100 wings/$105
    • Delivery available (order direct, Grubhub, Caviar)
    • Glover Park has a good bar scene, Georgetown is more carry out (currently closed)
  • KoChix (Bloomingdale)
    • Korean style with 3 flavors
    • 5 wings/$7, 10 wings/$14, 15 wings/20, 20 wings/$27, 40 wings/$50
    • Delivery (Caviar, UberEats, DoorDash)
    • Carryout type spot (closed Sunday)

Multiple Mentions

  • Boundary Stone (Bloomingdale)
    • Hot honey (housemade ranch with dill)
    • 9 wings/$12
    • Delivery (Order Direct/Toast, Also Caviar). No indoor dining currently.
  • Bonchon (Navy Yard)
    • Korean style
    • 8 wings/$12.35, 16 wings/$23.65, 24 wings/$34
    • Delivery (DoorDash)
  • Due South (Navy Yard)
    • Smoked chicken wings (Alabama white sauce, BBQ dry rub)
    • 6 wings/$9, 12 wings/$15
    • Delivery (DoorDash)
  • Nanny O’Brien’s (Cleveland Park)
    • 8 wings/$11, 24 wings/$33
    • Currently closed Tues-Wed
  • Comet Ping Pong Pizza (Tenleytownish)
    • Comet Hot Wings (w/ creamy comet dipping sauce)
    • $8
    • Delivery available
  • The Queen Vic (H Street)
    • Asian or Buffalo Wings
    • 10 wings/$12 (15% discount by calling 202-396-2001)
    • Delivery (Grubhub)
    • Closed Tues
  • Cane (H Street)
    • Jerk wings (organic 12 hours marinated and pimento smoked)
    • 8(?) wings/$12
    • Delivery (Caviar, DoorDash ). No onsite dining currently.
    • Closed Sun/Mon
  • Choong Man (H Street)
    • Both regular fried and Korean style)
    • 12 wings/$12 ($14 for Korean)
    • closed sun

Not in DC, but Tons of Mentions: First Down (Ballston)

Others Mentioned: BOM, Ivy City Smokehouse, Fuel Pizza, Joe’s,  Federalist Pig, The Green Zone, Stadium Club, Duccinni’s, ChiKo, Buck’s Fishing & Camping, Barrel, The Dubliner, Solly’s, America’s Best Wings, Mandu, Union Pub

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