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Where to Get Best Onion Rings in DC

Brookland’s Finest onion rings (credit: Twitter user AnjaliVBhatt)

Crowdsourced via Twitter- best onion rings in DC. Onion straws and other variations not mentioned.

Most Mentioned

  • Brookland’s Finest
    • $7 (or +$3 upcharge to sandwiches)
    • Tempura onion rings
  • Buck’s Fishing and Camping (Forest Hills)
    • $12
    • Vickie’s Famous Onion Rings & Smokey Dip
  • Garden District (14th/Logan Circle)
    • $6
    • “light and crispy breading without the heavy greasiness of diner-style onion rings.”
  • Zburger (Tenleytown, Dupont, PQ)
    • $6 (or $7 for 1/2 fries and 1/2 onion rings)
    • Good when fresh

Multiple Mentions

  • Slash Run (Petworth)
    • $4 ($7 for large)
    • Brew battered onion rings served with slashsauce
  • Tune Inn (Cap Hill)
    • $7(?)
    • Thinly sliced, dipped, battered
  • Hank’s Oyster Bar (Dupont, The Wharf)
    • $8
    • Fried onion rings

Also mentioned: Bonchon, Stoney’s, Annie’s, burgerIM, Mr. Henry’s

Suburbs but lots of love: Franklin’s (buttermilk soaked w/ touch of Old Bay, Hyattsville), Hard Times (various)

New Single-Party “Outdoor” Seating Structures at Le Diplomate and St. Anselm

St. Anselm’s Streetside Shacks (photo – Barred in DC)

St. Anselm’s Streetside Shack (photo – Barred in DC). Spot vent right under table on far wall.

Le Diplomate Streetside Chateaus on 14th St NW (Posted with permission from- U Street Buzz)

Le Diplomate Streetside Chateaus on 14th St NW (Posted with permission from- U Street Buzz)

This post has been updated on 1/3 to add more details based on architectural drawings and plans sent to DCRA.

Popular DC restaurants Le Diplomate (14th Street) and St. Anselm (Union Market area) caused a stir on social media this week after opening up nearly identical dining structures in the parking spots in front of the eateries (i.e., “streateries”). The spots are both part of the 20-restaurant STARR Restaurants group (founded by chef Stephen Starr).

The semi-enclosed structures contain multiple partioned stalls, each of which contains one table with chairs serving one party at a time (either 2 or 4 people at a time). Even more striking-each stall has its own electric-powered overhead pendant light as well as a vent providing heat from a central source (each structure has a building (or 2) at the end which contains the heating unit-apparently a condensing gas furnace (possibly this one made by  Payne which costs approxmately $2300) and a 100 gallon propane tank). The 3 walls for each stall are made up of wood going up to waist high with plexiglass above it separating the stalls from one another and the street; the ceiling is metal. The side of each stall that faces the restaurant consists of a several secured semi-rigid plastic strips with a 3 foot or so wide permanent opening for the entrance to the stall (I’ve spotted servers speaking to diners standing outside the entrance).

For more details: I’ve obtained copies of the architectural drawings/blueprints from DCRA for Le Diplomate (1, 2). Multiple permits, including a construction permit and a certificate of occupancy were required from DCRA. I couldn’t locate the ones for St. Anselm but they should be similar. These were designed by Stokes Architecture and Design in Philadelphia.

Although these have more than 2 walls, these structures appear compliant with DC’s indoor dining pause which permits[e]nclosed outdoor seating structures such as plastic domes or igloos that are intended for individual parties of six (6) guests or fewer.” Because of the partition, parties can be within 6 feet of the party next door and still be compliant with the rules.

These structures did not come cheap; an industry source pegs the cost of the larger structures in front of Le Diplomate on 14th Street at close to $80,000. Another restaurant owner estimated a $75,000-$100,000 cost. However, a construction contract submitted to DCRA shows that it cost $45k and the restaurant owner served as the general contractor, so unclear the discrepancy. Each business received the $6,000 Winter Ready Streatery Grant from DC. But they seem popular and will likely be quite helpful for revenue and employment for staff the the colder months.

Le Diplomate calls their stalls “Streetside Chateus” (owing to its French cuisine) while steakhouse St. Anselm terms them “Streetside Shacks” (not sure this one, it’s a steakhouse though they call themselves a “tavern” hilariously). The 24 Streetside Chateus line both 14th Street (16 stalls seating 48 in 780 square feet) and Q Street NW (8 stalls each seating 4; 32 in all in 480 square feet) in front of the restauarant and are extensive, St. Anselm by comparison has a more modest operation with 12 stalls in 2 structures (stalls alternate seating 2 and 4) with another 6 in a structure still under construction, all on the 5th St NE side, which will seat approximately.

I first learned of the Le Diplomate structures from U Street Buzz and St Anselm from Tommy McFly.

Some wonder why DC didn’t allow similar actual brick and mortar indoor dining in stalls or one party at a time when they’re allowing things like this? Who knows (there was no explanation provided by the city). I speculate that the city may have thought it unfair for it to provide winter-ready streatery grants that helped spots build these structures and ban them; it is easier for investigators to spot and administer since the structures are more easily visible than inside (bright line rule: no eating allowed in the main structure). I know some have been concerned for customers due to lack of ventilation – I have not been – my polling has shown roughly 80% of people who go out are dining with people they already spend time unmasked socially non-distant and I would be extremely surprised if people going to these stalls are already not part of the same household or COVID crew. I do have some concern for staff-Laura Hayes of the CIty Paper documented in detail some of the issues for serving more enclosed spaces-but the forced air heat and the relatively wide permanent opening seemingly mitigates this.

An email and Instagram message sent to Le Diplomate was not responded to by publication.

More pics of St. Anselm’s Streetside Shacks are below

The Best DC Takeout and Delivery Meals of 2020 – Crowdsourced Edition

Baan Siam was mentioned by many people as their favorite takeout/delivery of 2020

Given the restrictions (including 10 weeks were there was no dine-in at all in DC) imposed to stem the tide of the pandemic have threatened the existence of most restaurants, many people have tried to do their small part and frequently order takeout and/or delivery from local spots, and will continue to do so until it’s over. To get an idea of what people enjoyed the most this inglorious year, on Saturday night (12/26/20), I posed a question on Twitter, Where was your best takeout/delivery meal from in 2020?”; over 200 people responded, including some from outside the DC area. 

I encourage you to take a look at the quote tweets and replies for more details/kudos and all the mentions, but with the help of a follower who compiled the mentions for me, below are the spots that were mentioned multiple times. Almost all of these spots do both takeout and delivery (multiple platforms; most spots that are on DoorDash are also on Caviar and vice versa since share ownership); the platform linked to on their website is listed. Remember to pick-up if possible (calling is almost always an option) and use the preferred delivery platform when not to maximize amount of money that goes to restaurant. For more Barred in DC food guides go here. For food writer picks from Eater go here.

Mentioned Several Times (roughly in order of mentions)

  • ChiKo (Dupont, Barracks Row)
    • Chinese/Korean
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup), DoorDash (Delivery)
  • ABC Pony (Navy Yard)
    • Asian / Italian
    • Currently temporarily closed
    • GoTab (Pickup), Caviar (Delivery)
    • Weekly $50 dinner for 2
  • The Red Hen (Bloomingdale)
    • Italian
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup and Delivery fulfilled by 3rd party co.), Caviar/DoorDash (Delivery)
  • Baan Siam (Mt Vernon Square)
    • Thai
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup and In-House Delivery)
    • Current $60 2 apps, 2 entrees, 1 dessert, 2 drinks special
  • Unconventional Diner (Shaw)
    • American
    • Tock (PIckup) Caviar (Delivery)
  • DC Harvest (H Street)
    • American
    • Website (Pickup, and Delivery fulfilled by 3rd party co.), Tock for special events
    • Frequent special dinners
  • Taqueria Xochi (U Street)
    • Mexican
    • Website (Pickup, and Delivery fulfilled by 3rd party co.)
    • Tacos can be ordered for later assembling
  • Anju (Dupont)
    • Korean
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup) Caviar (Delivery)
    • Frequent special dinners
  • Masseria (Union Market Area)
    • Italian
    • Tock (Pickup and in-house Delivery)
    • “Masseria a Casa” $85 dinner for 2
  • Rasika (PQ/Chinatown, West End)
    • Indian
    • Website (Pickup), DoorDash/UberEats (Delivery)
  • Cane (H Street)
    • Carribean
    • Website (Pickup and Delivery via 3rd party co), DoorDash/GrubHub/UberEats (Delivery)
  • Purple Patch (Mt Pleasant)
    • Filipino / American
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup), DoorDash/Caviar (Delivery)
  • Medium Rare (Cleveland Park, Bethesda, Arlington)
    • French/steak frites
    • GoTab (Pickup), DoorDash/Postmates/Grubhub (Delivery)
    • Known for $26 steak and frites dinner. Been supporting community with free meals
  • Maketto (H Street)
    • Cambodian/Taiwanese
    • GoTab (Pickup), Caviar/UberEats (Delivery)
  • Thip Khao (Columbia Heights)
    • Thai
    • Tock (Pickup, and Delivery fulfilled by 3rd party co.)
  • Federalist Pig (Adams Morgan)
    • BBQ
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup; check social media for discounts), UberEats/DoorDash/Postmates (Delivery)
  • Ghostburger (Shaw)
    • American (Burger/cheesesteak)
    • GoTab (Pickup), DoorDash (Delivery)
    • Located at Espita
  • RPM Italian (Mt Vernon Square)
    • Italian
    • Website/Chownow (Pickup), all delivery platforms
  • Fancy Radish (H Street)
    • Vegatable Focused
    • Website (Pickup), DoorDash/Caviar (Delivery)
  • Compass Rose (14th/U Street/Logan)
    • International Street Food
    • Tock (Pickup), DoorDash (Delivery)
  • Pupatella (Dupont, Arlington. other locations in VA)
    • Italian/Pizza
    • Website (Pickup), No Delivery in DC
  • Dolan Uyghur (Cleveland Park)
    • Uyghur/Chinese
    • Website (Pickup), All the Apps (Delivery
  • Laos in Town (NoMa)
    • Laotian
    • Website (Pickup, and In-House Delivery)
  • I’m Eddie Cano (Chevy Chase)
    • Italian
    • Website/Upserve (Pickup, and In-House Delivery; free delivery M-W w/ $30 min) DoorDash (Delivery)
  • Slash Run (Petworth)
    • American/burgers
    • Website/Chownow (PIckup) DC To Go-Go/UberEats/Caviar (Delivery)
  • Lucky Danger (Mt Vernon Square)
    • Chinese
    • Tock (Pickup and Delivery)
    • Slots go live at midnight each day. Sold out ASAP
    • Located at Prathers in the Alley
  • Old Ebbitt Grill (Downtown)
    • American
    • UberEats (Pickup and Delivery)
  • Albi (Navy Yard)
    • Middle Eastern
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup), Tock (family-style Pickup)
    • $35-55/pp family dinners  (min 2)
  • Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab (Downtown)
    • American/seafood
    • Website/Chownow (Pickup), DoorDash (Delivery)
  • St Anselm (Union Market area)
    • American/Steakhouse
    • Caviar/DoorDash (Pickup and Delivery)
  • Duke’s Grocery (Dupont, Foggy Bottom, Cleveland Park-Counter)
    • American/British/Sandwiches
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup), Caviar/DoorDash (Delivery)

Mentioned Twice

Rooster and Owl
Brookland’s Finest
Happy Gyro (at Komi)
Panda Gourmet
Little Serow
Muchas Gracias
Ted’s Bulletin
Elizabeth’s Gone Raw
Rose’s Luxury
Sushi Taro
Beau Thai
Emmy Squared
Nostra Cucina
Queen Vic
Stellina Pizzeria
Thai X-ing
Taco City
Sticky Rice
Seven Reasons
Nina May
Sushi Ogawa
Tail Up Goat
Republic Cantina
Osteria Morini
BKK Cookshop
Pie Shop
Smokin Pig


The G-Man at Capitol Hill’s Mangialardo’s, the Best Sandwich in DC.

Updated July 11, 2021

The Italian sandwich (slash sub/hoagie/grinder/hero), depending where you hail) is one of the great American food inventions.  Although DC does not have an extensive Italian-American community (though there were certainly pockets in the early 20th century on Capitol Hill or nearby), you can still get great sandwiches in DC, as detailed below (I’ve included a few suburban sandwich essential spots as well). For more Barred in DC sandwiches go here.  This taste test story from 2017 in Post by Holley Simmons (now flower shop owner) is great too. Rankings are based on a series of Twitter polls (the top 3 were essentially tied)

Name of Italian Sandwich (their most popular version) in Italics. Price with tax. In almost all situations, toppings can be subtracted

The Italian Sandwich DC Area Trinity

  • Mangialardo’s (Capitol Hill (near Potomac Ave. Metro))
    • M-F 8a-3p; closed Sat-Sun
    • Pickup (call (202) 543-6212/walk-in/website)
    • Delivery (Grubhub)
    • G-Man (or Big “G” if really hungry, with double all the meat)
    • Meat/Cheese: Ham, Salami, Mortadella, Pepperoni, Fontina Cheese, Provolone Cheese on choice of hard or soft roll.
    • Toppings: Oregano, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayonnaise, Onion,  Oil,  Vinegar, Hot/Sweet Peppers and/or Deli Mustard
    • $10.70 ($13.50 for Big G)
    • Barred in DC favorite DC sandwich
  • The Italian Store (Arlington, Virginia in Westover and Lyon Village)
    • M-Sat 10a-8p, Sun 11a-6p
    • Pickup (call 571-341-1080 Westover, 703-528-6266 Lyon Village/walk-in)
    • The Milano
    • Meat/Cheese: two Italian hams, provolone cheese, and Genoa salami on choice of choice of hard or soft Italian roll.
    • Toppings: sweet and/or hot peppers, lettuce, onions, oregano, and special dressing.
    • $9.70 (small), $10.70 (large)
    • also known for pizza
  • A. Litteri (Union Market Area/NoMa) M-9a-4p, Tue-Sat 9a-6p, Sun 11a-6p
    • Pickup (online/walk-in)
    • Italian Classic
    • Meat/cheese: Capicola, Genoa salami, Mortadella, Prosciuttini, Provolone,
    • Toppings: Lettuce, Tomato. Onion, Hot Peppers & Italian Seasoning (No substitutions though build your own allowed for more $)
    • $8 (9″ hard roll) $5.75 (6″ soft roll), $11 (12″ soft roll), $7.50 (8″ wheat roll)


  • Bub and Pop’s (Dupont)
    • Tue-Sat 11a-4p
    • Pickup (call 202-457-1111/walk-in)
    • Delivery (UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash). Can do scheduled orders in advance 1 day if you call
    • Bub’s Italian Hoagie
    • Meat/Cheese: Genoa‎ Salami, Sweet Capicola, Hot Capicola, Pepperoni, Aged Provolone on roll. Can be baked on request.
    • Toppings: Iceberg Lettuce, Roma Tomato, Raw Onion, Hoagie Relish (hot peppers, sweet peppers,  pickle & onion), Mayo, Bub’s Vinaigrette, and Pecorino Romano.
    • $11 (half), $22 (whole)
    • Lots of other popular sandwich options
    • Probably highest quality one in DC area
  • Capo Delicatessan (Shaw)
    • M-Th 11a-8p, F-Sat 11a-11p, 11a-9p Sun
    • Pickup (online/Toast/walk-in)
    • Delivery (DoorDash/Grubhub/UberEats)
    • Capo Special or Italian Combo
    • Meat/Cheese: Soprressata, Mortadella, Provolone (Capo). Genoa salami, capicola, provolone (Italian)
    • Toppings: lettuce, tomato, onion, provolone, house-made Italian Dressing.
    • $11.55 (small), $14.85 (large)
    • Cocktails also available
  • Stachowski Market (Georgetown)
    • Mon-Sat 10a-8p, Sun 11a-6p
    • Pickup (call (202) 506-3125 /walk-in)
    • 4 Meat Grinder
    • Meat/Cheese: salami, coppa, mortadella, soppressata with provolone
    • Toppings: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, and house vinaigrette.
    • $17.60
    • Lots of other popular sandwich options

Lots of Support

  • Taylor Gourmet (Dupont, Franklin Sq, Penn Ave, plus suburban locations)
    • Dupont and Franklin Square (M-F 11a-7p, closed Sat-Sun), Penn Ave (M-F 11a-3p, closed Sat-Sun)
    • Pickup (Online/Chownow or Walk-In)
    • Delivery (In-House App, Caviar, DoorDash, UberEats
    • 9th Street Italian or Federal Italian
    • Meat/Cheese: 9th St Italian (Genoa salami, hot capicola, prosciutto, sharp Provolone); Federal Italian (Genoa salami, hot capicola, cured ham, pepperoni, fresh Mozzarella). Both on “original, farmhouse wheat, soft roll, or gluten free wrap”
    • Toppings: 9th St (Lettuce, tomato, onion, ultimate vinaigrette); Federal Italian (house made tomato vinaigrette, roma tomato, red onion, fresh basil, olive oil)
    • $9.90 (regular), $15.40 (large)
    • Lots of other popular sandwich options
  • Vace (Cleveland Park, Bethesda)
    • M-F 9a-9p, Sat 9a-8p, Sun 10a-5p
    • Pickup (call 202-363-1999 CP, 301-654-6367 Bethesda; walk-in)
    • Italian Cold Cut
    • Meat/Cheese: Genoa Salami, Ham, Mortadella And Mozzarella Cheese (optional provolone instead) on Hard roll or soft focaccia bread
    • Toppings: Lettuce,Tomatoes,Onions,Hot Peppers, Italian Dressing, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Mayonnaise, Yellow Mustard
    • $7.15
    • Also known for pizza
  • Grazie Grazie (The Wharf)
    • 10:30-8p M-Th, 10:30-9:30p F-Sun
    • Pickup (online/Chownow, walk-in)
    • Delivery (Caviar, DoorDash)
    • 8+1 or Minelli
    • Meat/Cheese: 8+1 (Genoa salami, hot capicola, prosciutto, sharp Provolone), Minnelli (hot capicola, peppered ham, prosciutto, pecorino romano)
    • Toppings: 8+1 (lettuce, tomato, onion, EVOO + red wine vinegar, house seasoning), Minelli (spicy aioli, oven dried tomatoes, red onion, fresh basil, arugula, EVOO + red wine vinegar, house seasoning)
    • $12.10 (8+1), $13.20 (Minelli)
    • Lots of other popular sandwich options
  • Santucci’s Italian Delicatessan  (Silver Spring, Maryland)
    • currently M-Sat 10a-8p, closed Sun
    • Pickup (call 301-593-8338)
    • Italian Cold Cut Submarine
    • Meat/Cheese: Italian meats and provolone cheese on 10″ (12″ available, as is 10″ hard roll or whole wheat rolls)
    • Toppings:  creamy Italian herb dressing, homemade oil and vinegar and hot peppers, lettuce, tomato and onions. Mayo and mustard available
    • $11.50 (regular 10 inch) $13.60 (12 inch)
  • Filippo’s Italian Specialties (Wheaton, Maryland)
    • M-Sat 9a-5p, Sun 9a-2p
    • Pickup (Online, call)
    • Delivery (DoorDash)
    • Italian Cold Cut or Panino (get the latter)
    • Meat/Cheese: Italian Cold Cut (capicola, genoa salami, provolone); Panino (Prosciutto di parma, mortadella, genoa salami, provolone)
    • Toppings: Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Oil and Vinegar, Hot Pepper, and Italian Herbs
    • $7.70 (regular), $10.70 (large)

Others DC Notables:

All of these are great, but haven’t quite received the recognition due to their location or length of time open. Listed in italics is the name of their most Italian sub.

  • Salumeria 2703 (Brookland, NoMa)
    • Closed Tuesday. Open at 11a other days. Close at 7p M, W/Th; 8p F-Sat, 6p Sun
    • Pickup (Chownow, walk-in)
    • Delivery (UberEats)
    • Italiano Sandwich
    • $17.16
    • Lots of other popular sandwich options
  • Italian Gourmet Deli (Downtown)
    • M-F 8a-3p
    • Pickup (Chownow, walk-in)
    • Delivery (Chownow, possibly in-house)
    • True Italian Sub or Spicy Italian
    • $11.55
  • Each Peach Market (Mt. Pleasant)
    • 10:30-5:30p daily
    • Pickup (order online)
    • The Dude
    • $10.15
  • Mother Rucker’s Subs (Carver/Langston near H St NE)
    • M-Sat 10:30a-6p, closed Sun.
    • Pickup (call)
    • Delivery (DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats)
    • Mother-load (get it Mother’s Way)
    • $8.75 (regular), $11 (12″)
  • Sorrelina (Dupont)
    • 8:30a-5p daily.
    • Pickup (online/Chownow)
    • Delivery (UberEats, Grubhub)
    • #5 Lynn
    • $12.10
    • Lots of other popular sandwich options
  • Subbs by Carl (Woodridge in NE)
    • M-Sat 9a-4;55p, closed Sun
    • Pickup (call (202) 529-6225 or walk-in)
    • Genoa Salami (#1)
    • $7.70
  • Bozelli’s (Downtown, coming to Georgetown, couple in the suburbs)
    • M-W 10a-8p, Th-F 10a-9p, Sat 11a-4p, closed Sun.
    • Metro Italian
    • $9.90

Other notable in suburbs:

Twinbrook Deli (Rockville), Cornucopia (Bethesda, MD), Gemelli’s Italian Market (Gaithersburg), New York Italian Deli (Brandywine, MD), Pasta Plus (Laurel, MD), Seminary Beer Wine & Deli (Silver Spring, MD) The Italian Place (Old Town Alexandria, VA)


Best Chinese Food in DC

ChiKo on Barracks Row made this list, though it’s a different style than most on the list

Next in the series of Barred in DC food guides is where to find the best Chinese food (or Chinese American food in many instances) in DC.

Again, most of these guides are generated  from an open Twitter threads-they are based on what my Twitter followers believe is the best in the District of Columbia proper rather than my personal experience, as I’ve not had all them. “Alcohol” available doesn’t mean alcohol is necessarily available for pickup/delivery, but generally shows whether it’s more sit-down or not.

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Mentioned Most

  • Panda Gourmet (Ivy City):
    • No in-house delivery but order direct via DoorDash partnership
    • 3rd-Party: UberEats
    • No alcohol anymore.
  • Great Wall (14th/Logan):
    • No in-house Delivery.
    • 3rd Party: DoorDash (slightly pricier)
    • Alcohol available
  • Dumplings & Beyond (Glover Park)
    • In-house Delivery appears available-$25 min. Free. 2 miles
    • 3rd Party (possibly via in-house drivers): Grubhub, DoorDash
    • 10 types of dumplings and other traditional Chinese food

Mentioned 2nd Most

  • City Lights of China (Dupont)
    • Call 202-265-6688 (online ordering down)
    • In-House Delivery – $15 min to Dupont Circle area. Free.
    • 3rd Party (possibly via in-house drivers): DoorDash, Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates
    • Alcohol available.
  • 14th Street Café Asian Bistro (14th/Logan)
    • Also available for pickup via BeyondMenu
    • No In-House delivery
    • 3rd Party: Grubhub
    • Alcohol available

Mentioned 3rd Most

  • China Boy (Chinatown)
    • Ritual or call 202-371-1661
    • No Delivery. Barely any seats. Open only 9a-4:30p
    • Tight menu, known for rice noodles
  • New Big Wong (Chinatown)
    • Currently not open for lunch.
    • Call 202-628-0491
    • No in-house delivery.
    • 3rd party: Grubhub, DoorDash
    • Favorite of late night chefs Alcohol available

Mentioned 4th Most

  • China Town Carryout (Mt Pleasant)
    • Call 202-332-8955
    • No In-House Delivery. Barely any seats
    • 3rd Party: Postmates
  • ChiKo (Dupont/Barracks Row)
    • Toast for pickup
    • 3rd Party: Caviar (recommended), DoorDash
    • Korean/Chinese. Higher end. Alcohol available.
  • Wok and Roll (Chinatown)
    • Call 202-347-4656 or order online (takes you to Grubhub
    • In-House Delivery (via Grubhub). $15 min. $1. 2 miles.
    • 3rd Part (possibly via in-house drivers): Grubhub, UberEats, DoorDash
    • Also sushi, karaoke. Alcohol available. Same building as the Mary Surratt Boarding House where John Wilkes Booth and other conspirators met to assassinate Lincoln.

Mentioned 5th Most

  • Chen’s Organic Chinese (Cleveland Park)
    • In-House Delivery. Online or BeyondMenu. $15 min. Free delivery. 2 miles
    • 3rd Party (possibly via in-house drivers): DoorDash, Caviar, UberEats, Postmates,
  • Young Chow (Capitol Hill)
    • In-House Delivery. Online or BeyondMenu. $13 min. $0.50. 2 miles
    • 3rd Party (possibly via in-house drivers): Grubhub, Post
    • Sushi available. Alcohol available.
  • Da Hong Pao (14th/Logan Circle)
    • Call 202-846-7229 (no Online ordering)
    • No-In House Delivery
    • 3rd Party: Postmates (but unclear if partner)
    • Cantonese/Dim sum. Alcohol available
  • Chinatown Express (Chinatown)
    • Call 202-638-0424
    • In-House delivery at night
    • 3rd Party: DoorDash, Postmates
    • Known for noodles, dumplings, steamed pork buns

Mentioned 6th Most

  • Szechuan House (Barracks Row)
    • In-House delivery. Online or BeyondMenu. $15 min. $1.10. 2.5 miles
    • 3rd Party (possibly via in-house drivers): Grubhub
    • Alcohol available
  • Hong Kong Carryout (Hill East)
    • Basically carryout only. Call 202-546-5528
    • 3rd Party Delivery: not recommended but DoorDash, Postmates will order and pickup
  • New Dynasty (Dupont)
    • In-house Delivery. Online or BeyondMenu. $15 min. Free within 1 mile.
    • 3rd Party Delivery (possibly via in-house drivers): Grubhub, Uber Eats
  • Jackey Café (Chinatown)
    • In-house delivery. Online/BeyondMenu. $15 min. $3.95. 2 miles
    • 3rd party delivery (possibly via in-house drivers): Grubhub, DoorDash, UberEats
    • Alcohol available
  • Eddies’ Café (Woodley Park)
    • In-House Delivery. Online/BeyondMenu. $12 min. $1. 3 miles.
    • 3rd party delivery (possibly via in-house drivers): Grubhub,
    • Normally Outdoor seating only
  • Shanghai Lounge (Georgetown/Burleith)
    • No in-house delivery (at least right not now). Online/BeyondMenu for pickup
    • 3rd Party: Grubhub, DoorDash UberEats (slightly pricier)
    • More pan-Asian, soup dumplings, ramen. Alcohol availaBle
  • Twin Dragon (Brightwood Park/Petworth)
    • No in-house delivery. Call 202-545-0033 for Pickup
    • 3rd Party: Grubhub UberEats
  • Tsim Yung (Brookland)
    • In-House Delivery: Online/BeyondMenu. $12 min. $1. 2 miles.
    • 3rd party: Grubhub, UberEats
  • Reren Lamen & Bar (Chinatown)
    • Does not appear to have in-house delivery. Online ordering may be available.
    • 3rd Party: DoorDash, UberEats
    • Lamen (like ramen), soup dumplings. Alcohol available

Sorted By Neighborhood (including other spots mentioned)

  • Penn Quarter/Chinatown
    • China Boy
    • New Big Wong
    • Wok and Roll
    • Chinatown Express
    • Jackey Cafe
    • Reren Lamen & Bar
    • Joy Luck House
    • Full Kee
  • Georgetown/Glover Park/Palisades
    • Dumplings & Beyond
    • Shanghai Lounge
    • Harmony Café
    • Kitchen No. 1
    • Chen’s Gourmet
    • Little China Cafe
  • Capitol Hill
    • ChiKo
    • Young Chow
    • Szechuan House
    • Hong Kong Carryout
    • Hunan Dynasty
    • Mandarin
  • Park View/Petworth/Brightwood Park/16th St Heights
    • Twin Dragon
    • Fahrenheit
    • Fortune Express
    • Dannie’s Carry Out
    • Simon’s Wok
    • Howard China
  • H Street/Kingman Park
    • Majors Carryout
    • Toki Underground
    • Copycat
    • Wings & More Wings
  • 14th/U/Logan
    • Great Wall
    • 14th Street Cafe Asian Bistro
    • Da Hong Pao
    • Yum on 14
  • Friendship Heights/Tenleytown/Cleveland Park/Woodley Park
    • Chen’s Organic Chinese
    • Eddie’s Cafe
    • Spring Garden
    • Spices
  • Adams Morgan/Mt Pleasant/Columbia Heights
    • China Town Carryout
    • Peking Garden 
    • Shanghai Tokyo Cafe
    • Queen’s English
  • Dupont
    • City Lights of China
    • ChiKo
    • New Dynasty
    • Astoria
  • Bloomingdale/Eckington
    • Big China
    • Yeung Fong
    • Jerry’s Carryout
  • Trinidad/Ivy City
    • Panda Gourmet
    • Panda Chinese
  • Shaw
    • Tiger Fork
    • Dragon Express
  • Brookland
    • Tsim Yung
    • Sammy’s Carryout
  • Navy Yard/Southwest/Anacostia
    • Grand China
    • Good Hope Carryout

Where to Get Fancy Takeout in DC

The Fanciest Take-Out Barred in DC Has Ordered During the Pandemic

Restaurant Week Delivery from Rasika

A reader recently asked where the top fancy takeout meals in DC were. I had some ideas but as par for course, I asked everyone on Twitter and got roughly 60 suggestions. Those mentioned multiple times are listed below. Almost all (except where noted) are serving on-site as well (patio for many).

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Mentioned Most

  • Seven Reasons (Columbia Heights/U Street) 
    • Tues-Sun nights
    • Pickup & Delivery: Tock (DoorDash partner for delivery).
    • $60 3 course special. $120/$135 dinner for 2. A la carte options
    • Also Ceviche on Wheels: $120/person. Professional cook shows up. Designed for 4. 5:30p or 8p slots.
  • Roses Luxury (Barracks Row)
    • Tue-Sat 5-7p
    • Pickup & Delivery: Tock (contact Skiptheline 1st to order delivery).
    • $45 4 course Menu avail for purchase at Mon 11a. Must order by 4p
    • Rose’s at Home Option: Delivery within 31 miles w/ own vans/staff. Deliveries 1-6p Mon-Sat. Order by 11a. Can pickup 1-3p Mon-Sat. Meal for 2 (for 2 nights) – $180. Meal for 2 (for 3 nights)- $120. Reheat it.

Mentioned Next Most

  • The Dabney (Shaw)
    • Wed-Sun nights
    • Pickup & Delivery: Tock (contact Skiptheline 1st to order delivery).
    • $45 Prixe Fixe Wed-Sat.
  • Bresca (14th/U)
    • Wed-Sun night (plus sat brunch)
    • Pickup/Delivery: Tock (order via Skipthenline for delivery).
    • $39/person ‘BeeHome” prix-fixe. Or $110 steak house meal for 2.
  • Sushi Taro (Dupont)
    • Tue-Fri lunch/dinner. Sat/Sun dinner
    • Pickup & Delivery: Toast (contact Skiptheline 1st to order delivery).
    • A la carte
    • Delivery Set: Email 2 days in advance. $15 delivery fee. $230 wagyu sukiyaki set (not avail Sun/Mon). $100 kaiseki box set (2 order min) (not avail Mon). Within 25 minute drive.
    • Takeout only
  • Little Pearl (Eastern Market)
    • Wed-Sat 5-7:30p
    • Pickup & Delivery: Tock (contact Skiptheline 1st to order delivery). Menu avail for purchase at Mon 11a. Must order by 4p
    • $45 3 course (2 apps, entrée, and dessert). Can add $20 Little Pearl Burger

Next Tier of Mentions

  • Little Serow (Dupont Circle)
    • Tues-Sat after 5:30p (8 or 8:30p close)
    • Pickup & Delivery: Website (contact Skiptheline 1st to order delivery). Same-day orders
    • $110 7 dishes set dinner for 2. A la carte otherwise
    • Takeout only
  • Rasika (Penn Quarter/West End)
    • PQ: Dinner Daily West End: lunch/dinner every day (except no Sat lunch
    • Pickup & Delivery: Call for pickup, or Caviar/DoorDash for delivery
    • A la carte
  • Reverie (Georgetown)
    • Tue-Sat dinner
    • Pickup & Delivery: Website (contact Skiptheline 1st to order delivery. Order pickup by 5p
    • $110 Reverie at Home “Bar Spero” dinner for 2. Great Reverie Burgers with multiple courses.
    • $80 8 burger kit available
  • Masseria (Union Market)
    • Tue-Sat dinner
    • Pickup & Delivery (Masseria a Casa): Order by 2p for same day free delivery (by staff) or pickup. Delivery window is 4-7p. Pickup can arrange specific time. Within Beltway only
    • $85 3 course meal for 2. Optional wine paring.
  • Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab (Downtown)
    • Daily for lunch/dinner
    • Pickup: Tock or Chownow
    • A La carte. $80 fried chicken dinner for 4. $200 classic shellfish dinner for 4. $125 steak dinner for 4. Customized family platter
  • Kinship (Mt. Vernon Square)
    • Wed-Sun dinner
    • Pickup: Tock at 5 or 5:30p
    • A la carte
  • St. Anselm (Union Market)
    • Dinner daily. Lunch Sat-Sun
    • Pickup/Delivery: Call for pickup, Caviar/DoorDash for Delivery
    • A la carte
  • Albi (Navy Yard)
    • Tues-Sun dinner
    • Pickup: Tock
    • $70-110 family style dinner for two (chicken/bass/lamb/veggie options)
  • Rooster & Owl (14th/U)
    • Tues-Sat dinner
    • Pickup & Delivery: Tock (via $15 service fee DoorDash or contact Skiptheline 1st to order) delivery
    • $75 3 course menu w/ pineapple buns. A la carte available.
  • The Red Hen (Bloomingdale)
    • Dinner daily
    • Pickup & Delivery: Toast (pickup) or DoorDash/Caviar (delivery)
    • A la carte. $30 pasta dinner for 2 kit to cook at home available
    • Takeout/Delivery Only
  • Maydan (U Street) 
    • Wed-Sun dinner
    • Pickup: Tock (pre-order starting Monday for upcoming Wed-Sun). Same-day pickup available order by 3p
    • Tawle Meals: $35/person mixed grill. $35 vegetables serves at least 2. $22 spreads. $45-85 center meat plates

Mentioned Twice

  • Convivial (Shaw)
    • daily dinner (weekend brunch)
    • Pickup & Delivery: Tock for pickup or Caviar for delivery
    • $200+ orders delivered w/in 20 miles (call/email) w/ 24 hours notice
  • Compass Rose (14th)
    • Wed-Sun dinner 4-8p
    • Pickup & Delivery: Tock (delivery via DoorDash)
    • $80 Tour of the World or Vegetarian Tours (serves 2). Or a la carte
  • Fiola Mare (Georgetown)
    • Pickup/delivery Th-Sun dinner. Order via Toast. Delivery min $150 ($30 fee) within 8 miles.
    • Reheat/Serve. Mix of $130 4-course meal for 2, $192 crab/shrimp boil, $200-250 big box meals. Or a la carte
  • Bad Saint (Columbia Heights)
    • Fri-Sat. Pickup only online.
    • $60-85 dinner for 2. A la carte
    • Takeout only
  • Elizabeth’s Gone Raw (Downtown)
    • Thu-Sun dinner
    • Pickup & Delivery: Tock. Delivery in-house within 8 miles (limited)
    • 3 course ($39) or 4 course ($56) organic plant-based
  • Tail Up Goat (Adams Morgan)
    • Wed-Sat dinner
    • $50 3 course dinner (rotates ). Re-heat and warm. Wraps available
  • Nina May (Shaw)
    • Tue-Sun (brunch Sat-Sun)
    • Pickup/Delivery: Tock (delivery to Shaw/Logan Circle)
    • $70 Chef’s Choice for 2 (6 dishes) or a la carte
  • DC Harvest (H Street)
    • Wed-Sun Dinner, brunch Fri-Sun (brunch menu always available)
    • Pickup/Delivery: Online for pickup, Grubhub delivery
    • $44-61 2 course meal package for 2. A la carte


Best Mac ‘n’ Cheese in DC

The Smith Skillet Roasted Mac ‘n’ Cheese – Delivered version.

[Up-to-date as of March 6th, 2022]
Next in the series of Barred in DC food guides is where to find the best macaroni and cheese (mac ‘n’ cheese) in DC.

Again, most of these guides are generated  from an open Twitter threads-they are based on what my Twitter followers believe is the best in the District of Columbia rather than my personal experience, as I’ve not had all them.

Gold Tier

  • Duke’s Grocery/Counter (Dupont, Foggy Bottom, Woodley Park/Zoo area)
    • $14
    • Sharp white & mild cheddar /shell pasta /truffle oil
  • Barrel (Eastern Market)
    • $12
    • possible ingredients: goat, fontal, parmesan, and gruyere cheeses with a crunchy gremolata on top
  • Granville Moore’s / Queen Vic (H Street)
    • $13 at Granville Moore’s, $15 at Queen Vic
    • Gnocchi mac & cheese
    • Cheddar, Bechamel, Herb Mix, Toasted Breadcrumbs
    • Same owners, possibly same dish
  • Oooh’s and Aaah’s (U Street, Brightwood Park)
    • $5.45 (med), $6.45 (lg)
    • “Signature Mac and cheese”
  • Bammy’s (Navy Yard)
    • $8
    • Macaroni pie
    • Cheddar & Grated onion
    • 33% who’ve had said it’s best in DC. 89% who’ve had it like it. But only 9% have

Silver Tier

  • Federalist Pig (Adams Morgan)
    • $3.25 (Sm), $8.75 (lg) mac & cheese
    • Shell pasta baked with smoked cheddar, sharp cheddar, jack cheeses w/ a bit a kick
  • Brookland’s Finest
    • $12 bacon mac & cheese
    • Smoked gouda, Tillamook cheddar, applewood bacon, bacon lardons
  • Bourbon Steak (Georgetown)
    • $14 black truffle mac & cheese ($30 w/ lobster)
  • DCity Smokehouse (Bloomingdale)
    • $6 (small), $10 (large)
    • Mac n Jack Cheese
  • GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar (Downtown)
    • $5.25 (side), $12.75 (entree portion build your own)
    • For entree, can choose between different cheeeses and pasta types
    • Several fancy versions with add-ins for a bit more

Bronze Tier

  • Farmbird (H Street, Penn Quarter)
    • $3.95 (can also be included as side with plate/sandwich)
    • Cheddar, toasted bread crumbs (fast casual)
  • The Smith (PQ and U Street)
    • $17 skillet roasted Mac + cheese
  • Henry’s Soul Cafe (U Street)
    • $3.99 (small) $4.75 (large)
  • Due South (Navy Yard)
    • $7
    • Fusilli, fontina, Jack, Chedda
  • Rockland’s (Glover Park)
    • $3.69 (small), $7.99 (pint), $14.19 (quart)\
  • Service Bar (U Street)
    • $6 mac and cheese
    • Fusilli w/ gruyere, chevre, and jack cheese, mornay sauce topped w/ rosemary breadcrumbs
  • Carolina Kitchen (Edgewoodish)
    • $4.79 mac and cheese

Others Mentioned: Pub and the People, Lincoln, Half Smoke, Le Diplomate, Tico, Florida Ave. Grill, Union District Oyster Bar, Park at 14tH, DC Harvest, Hill Country, Purple Patch, Circa, Hitching Post, Jerk at Night, Jam Duong, Roy Boys, Honeymoon Kitchen, Lulu’s, Tunnicliff’s

Where to Get the Best Lasagna in DC

Lasagna from Nostra Cocina

Next in the series of Barred in DC food guides is where to get best lasagna in DC. Again, most of these guides are generated  from an open Twitter threads-they are based on what my Twitter followers believe is the best in the District of Columbia rather than my personal experience, as I’ve not had all them (my expertise would be useless as I’m not a food critic). See original lasagna thread and a bonus poll.

Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Most Mentions

  • Filomena (Georgetown)
    • $25 Lasagna Alla Bolegnese (serves 1-2)
    • House made Pasta Sheets layered with Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheeses and Bolognese Meat Sauce of Beef, Veal, Italian Pork Sausage and Chianti Wine with Ground Veggies
    • Pickup/Delivery/Inside Dining
  • Nostra Cucina (Capitol Hill)
    • $15 lasagna with meat
      • Beef, pork, ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, housemade marinara sauce
    • $15 lasagna primavera
      • Mushrooms, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, housemade meatless marinara sauce
    • Pickup/Delivery/Inside Dining
  • Floriana (Dupont)
    • $22 Beef lasagna
    • Beef, béchamel, house made mozzarella
    • Pickup/Delivery/Outdoor Dining

Mentioned Multiple Times

  • Al Volo Trattoria & Bar (Cleveland Park)
    • $20 – beef lasagna
    • Homemade pomodoro sauce with cherry tomatoes and basil,Beef Ragu, Mozzarella cheese, béchamel, and Parmesan Cheese.
    • Pickup/Delivery
  • Osteria Al Volo (Adams Morgan)
    • $19 – Beef lasagna
    • Homemade grass fed beef lasagna, tomato sauce, beschamel, and mozzarella. Served with grated Parmigiano- Reggiano cheese.
    • Pickup/Delivery
  • Al Volo (Union Market)
    • $15 – beef lasagna
    • Pickup/delivery

Pre-Made/Frozen/Bake at Home

  • Salumeria 2703 (Brookland)
    • $9 (per pound) Take-home meat lasagna
    • Ground beef, tomato sauce, house made pasta, fresh mozzarella, house made béchamel sauce, ricotta, basil, parmigiana. Sam Marzano tomato sauce. Bake at 375
    • Pickup
  • Vace (Cleveland Park)
    • Frozen lasagna
    • Beef and ricotta w/ tomato sauce and Parmesan or
    • Spinach and ricotta with tomato sauce, béchamel, and Parmesan
  • Radici (Eastern Market)
    • Pre-prepared (behind case) lasagna
    • Pikcup/Outdoor Dinign

Others Mentioned: Retrobottega (Adams Morgan; oxtail lasagna); Trattoria Alberto (Barracks Row); Lavagna (Barracks Row); Tune Inn (Capitol Hill, Saturday lasagna from Apresto Italian); Basil Thyme food truck; Sorriso Bistro (Cleveland Park – lasagna made with crepes); A Litteri’s (Union Market); Chopsmith (The Wharf);  Capo Italian Deli (Shaw); Piccolo (Georgetown),

Where to Get the Best French Fries, Tater Tots, and Poutine in DC

Rooming Rooster’s french fries received many votes (also only pictures of fries I’ve taken I can find online)

[Up-to-date as of July 5, 2021)
Next in the series of Barred in DC food guides is a 3-for-1 combining fried potato-specifically French fries as well as tater tots and poutine in DC. Again, most of these guides are generated  from an open Twitter threads-they are based on what my Twitter followers believe is the best in the District of Columbia rather than my personal experience, as I’ve not had all them (my expertise would be useless as I’m not a food critic). See original French Fries Tater Tots and Poutine Twitter threads.

(ketchup general available or provided when nothing is mentioned, and often in other situations)


The Best of the Best

  • Le Diplomate (14th St)
    • $8 pommes frites
    • Included with mussels/lobster/steak frites, burger (also on Best Burgers List)
  • Granville Moore’s (H Street)
    • $8 frites (hand-cut, twice fried)
    • Choice of 1 sauce (truffle mayo, chipotle mayo, old bay aioli, samurai sauce, curry mayo, dijonnaise).
    • Included with some entrees
  • Medium Rare (Cleveland Park, Bethesda, Arlington)
    • Not available a la carte
    • Secret Sauce
    • Part of $25 steak frites prix fixe. $28 bottomless brunch

The Next Best

  • Five Guys (several all over city)
    • $4.39 (little), $5.59 (regular) $7.29 (large) fries. Cajun fries available. (cooked in 100% peanut oil)
  • Red Apron Butcher (Penn Quarter, Cap Hill, Union Market )
    • $4.25 beef fat fries (garlic confit, rosemary) at Union Market / $7.50 at the Roost with Red Apron ranch.
    • Included with burgers and fries at the Roost
  • The Queen Vic (H Street)
    • $8 hand-cut “chips” (British-style, a bit thicker
    • House aioli
    • Included with fish & chips (considered best in DC), fried chicken BLT, kids chicken fingers/cheese burger

Lots of Support

  • Roaming Rooster (Bladensburg/NE, U Street, Tenleytown)
    • $4 hand cut twice-fried
    • Honey mustard, sriracha mayo
  • Amsterdam Falafel (Adams Morgan, L’Enfant)
    • $4 (small), $5 (regular) Dutch-style, twice fried
    • Unlimited sauces apparently (garlic cream (both vegan and not), curried ketchup, ketchup, Dutch mayo, tahini, peanut sauce
  • Lucky Buns (Adams Morgan, Union Market)
    • $6 thick “chips”, $7 curry chips (chips with Irish pub curry sauce over it)
    • Malt vinegar mayo w/ thick chips. $1 extra for spicy sambal ketchup, lucky sauce, or mumbo sauce
    • one of best burgers
  • Belga Café (Barracks Row)
    • $8.50 Belgian frites
    • 3 types of mayo served
    • Included with roasted chicken, burger, steak, stew, steak tartare
  • Beuchert’s (Eastern Market)
    • $5 French fries
    • Sauce ravigote (classic French herby sauce)
    • Currently Fight Club
  • Bourbon Steak (Georgetown)
    • $10 Duck fat french fry trio (truffle, garlic & herbs, old bay).
    • 3 small baskets of fries with different seasonings and 3 different sauces
    • Comes with entrée (like bread). Sometimes part of a weekday burger lunch deal (one of best burgers)

Mentioned At Least Twice

  • Swizzler (food truck)
  • Federalist Pig/Fedwich (Adams Morgan/Dupont)
  • MGM Roast Beef (Brentwood)
  • The Greek Spot (U Street)
  • DC9 (Shaw) – garlic fries
  • Looking Glass Lounge (Park View) – fries, garlic/old bay/seasoned curly fries, cheesy fries
  • Brookland’s Finest – hand cut fries.
  • The Berliner (Georgetown) – fries (w/ mayo)
  • Cork (14th) -garlic/parsley, lemon, fries w/ house-made ketchup
  • The Salt Line (Navy Yard) – fries
  • Bonchon (Navy Yard) – seasoned French fries (herb seasoning, Parmesan cheese, parsley flakes)
  • Primrose (Brookland)- pommes frites w/ ketchup & Mayo
  • Blue Duck Tavern (West End) – Hand-cut Blue Duck Tavern triple fries (duck fat fries). Pretty thick.
  • Ivy and Coney: (Shaw) curly fries

Others Mentioned: Roy Boys, The DIner, Bom, Walter’s, Burger IM, Muncheez, Andy’s Pizza, Eat Pow Wow, Joselito, Shake Shack, McDonald’s, Falafel Inc., Capital Burger, Duccini’s Alladin’s, FIrefly, DCity Smokehouse, East Potomac GC, Residents, Good Stuff Eatery, Soussi, Wingo’s, Zorba’s, Kramer’s, Tune Inn, Hank’s Oyster, Little Miner Tacos (carne asada fries), Slash Run (Curly fries), The Alex, Popeyes, Half Smoke (Crab fries), Bistro du Coin, Old Ebbitt, Cafe Riggs, The Sovereign, St. Arnold’s, The Green Zone, Brasserie Liberte


Gold Tier Tots

  • Present Company (Mt. Vernon Square)
    • $5 (or $3 sub sides on sandwiches)
    • House-Made Pimento Tater tots w/ siracha ketchup
    • 43% who’ve had said best in DC. 86% fans
  • Sticky Rice  (H Street)
    • $6.82 (mini), $11.66 (large bucket)
    • Secret tater tot sauce
    • 32% who’ve had said best in DC. 85% fans
  • Tonic (Foggy Bottom)
    • $8.50 famous tater tots
    • Chipotle honey mustard, jalapeno aioli, curry ketchup
    • Included with sandwiches and burgers. $5 extra on entrees (or during HH)
    • $14 totchos or buffalo chicken tots
    • 29% who’ve had said best in DC. 91% fans. 58% have eaten these tots
  • ChiKo (Dupont/Barracks Row)
    • $14 Bulgogi tots only available now
    • 28% who’ve had said best in DC. 93% fans
  • Bluejacket (Navy Yard)
    • $9.50 tots (housemade). May be able to sub fries in sandwiches
    • Ketchup, dijoinnaise
    • 27% who’ve had said best in DC. 89% fans

Silver Tier Tots

  • Cracked Eggery (Cleveland Park, Shaw)
    • $5
    • tons of different seasoning (plain, salted, old bay, honey bbq, jalapeno cheddar, sour cream & onion, ranch, honey butter, cinnamon sugar, garlic parm-truffle
    • Loaded tots with bacon, cheese, egg, for $10
  • Churchkey (14th St)
    •  housemade tater tots
    • Add $3 to get it with sandwich/plate
    • Currently closed
    • 24% who’ve had said best in DC. 94% fans
  • Red Derby (Columbia Heights)
    • $7 lemon pepper or old bay tots
    • 22% who’ve had said best in DC. 93% fans
  • The Bottom Line (Downtown)
    • option with all burgers and sandwiches
    • 22% who’ve had said best in DC. 93% fans

Bronze Tier Tots

  • Calico (Shaw)
    • $6 regular tots
    • $11 poutine tots
    • 18% who’ve had said best in DC. 89% fans
  • Union Pub (Capitol Hill)
    • $10 plain ole tots (Chipotle ranch)
    • Add $2 to sandwiches, plates, burgers to sub side of tots
    • $16 chicken totchos / or buffalo chicken totchos
    • 18% who’ve had said best in DC. 88%  fans
  • Duffy’s Irish Pub (H Street)
    • $9.50 full basket of tots
    • sweet potato tots available as well
    • toppings can be added, lots of different seasonings
    • option with burgers/sandwiches as well
    • 14% who’ve had said best in DC. 83% fans
  • Stoney’s (Logan Circle)
    • 12% who’ve had said best in DC. 91% fans

Others Mentioned: Nellie’s, Yellow, Kelly’s Irish Times, The Haymaker, Pearl Street Warehouse, Ted’s Bulletin

Suburbs Mentioned a lot: Galaxy Hut (Clarendon), Quarry House Tavern (Silver Spring)


  • The Queen Vic (H Street)
    • $19 (roughly $16 takeout) Pork Belly Poutine
    • Most mentioned
  • Pow Pow (H Street)
    • $6 Pow-Tine
    • fries w/ warm curry gravy, house made soy feta & scallions (Plant-based
  • The Big Board (H Street)
    • $10-12 Quebec City burger is topped with poutine
  • Elephant & Castle (Downtown/Penn Quarter)
    • currently unavailble
  • Churchkey (Logan Circle)
    • temporarily closed
    • tot poutine
  • Haikan (Shaw)
    • Currently unavailable

Best Fried Fish in DC – Reader Suggestions

Fried Catfish from Shark’s Fish & Chicken

[See other Barred in DC Food lists here]

After Horace & Dickie’s closed their longtime H Street location earlier this year, there have been questions who will be the iconic fried fish joint left in DC. I asked Barred in DCs Twitter followers for best fried fish in DC and here were their responses.

Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Most Responses 

  • The Queen Vic (H Street)
    • open for dinner Tue-Sun
    • DIne-in/pickup (call)/delivery (UberEats/Grubhub)
    • Fish & Chips
    • $19 ($16.15 takeout)
  • Fish in the Neighborhood (Park View)
    • May be closed Sun-Mon
    • Pickup (may be able to call 202-722-2200)
    • whiting, ocean perch, trout, tilapia, catfish. Also “bone fish” (bass, butter fish, croaker, ling, spot, red snapper, rock (see photo menu)
    • Mostly $10-12/pound
    • may still be cash only

Mostly Take-Out Spots 

  • Horace & Dickie’s (Takoma)
    • Possibly only open 12:30p-7p Th-Sun for now
    • Some seating/pickup/delivery (UberEats possibly)
    • Fried Whiting filets (dinners with sides, combos, boxes, and sandwich
    • $9.50 (sandwich), $10 (box), $15 (dinner), $15.50 (combo)
  • DC Fishwife (Union Market)
    • Open daily for meals 10:45a-5/ 6p (for now)
    • Pickup (online)/Delivery (UberEats)
    • Beer-Battered Atlantic Dogfish (changes), in different Meals (Fish & chips, fish taco-3, po-boy, fish sandwich)
    • $14-15
  • Oooh’s & Aaah’s (U St / Brightwood)
    • Both Open daily from Noon-10p. U St open til 1a Fri/Sat
    • Pickup (Online/Toast), Delivery (Postmates)
    • Catfish, whiting available
    • $10.45 (whiting-3 pieces); $14.95 (catfish-4 pieces). +$4 for 2 sides, Late night platters/combos available
  • The Market Lunch (Eastern Market)
    • Open roughly 9a-2p Tue-Sun
    • Pickup (now call 202-547-8444 and someone will come pickup order)
    • Rockfish, Flounder, Whiting fried fish sandwiches
    • $12, $11, $9 respectively
    • May still be cash only
  • Shark’s  Fish & Chicken (Ivy City, Benning/NE)
    • Carryout. Check online or call. UberEats, DoorDash, and other delivery services.
    • whiting, ocean perch, trout, tilapia, catfish
    • $10-11 (2-3 pieces with a couple sides), $12-13 (3-4 pieces with a couple sides). Can also order by piece ($4-5/each, volume discount). Can buy 50-100 for large group
    • Part of Chicago-area loose chain
  • HipHop Fish & Chicken (Benning/NE)
    • Carryout. Call in order. UberEats, GrubHub, and other delivery services.
    • Whiting, ocean perch, trout, tilapia, catfish
    • $8.50-$10 (3 pc), $11-12 (3-4 pc). Order by piece ($3-4.50)
    • Local chain with nearly 30 spots

Sit-Down Spots Mentioned: