The Best DC Takeout and Delivery Meals of 2020 – Crowdsourced Edition

Baan Siam was mentioned by many people as their favorite takeout/delivery of 2020

Given the restrictions (including 10 weeks were there was no dine-in at all in DC) imposed to stem the tide of the pandemic have threatened the existence of most restaurants, many people have tried to do their small part and frequently order takeout and/or delivery from local spots, and will continue to do so until it’s over. To get an idea of what people enjoyed the most this inglorious year, on Saturday night (12/26/20), I posed a question on Twitter, Where was your best takeout/delivery meal from in 2020?”; over 200 people responded, including some from outside the DC area. 

I encourage you to take a look at the quote tweets and replies for more details/kudos and all the mentions, but with the help of a follower who compiled the mentions for me, below are the spots that were mentioned multiple times. Almost all of these spots do both takeout and delivery (multiple platforms; most spots that are on DoorDash are also on Caviar and vice versa since share ownership); the platform linked to on their website is listed. Remember to pick-up if possible (calling is almost always an option) and use the preferred delivery platform when not to maximize amount of money that goes to restaurant. For more Barred in DC food guides go here. For food writer picks from Eater go here.

Mentioned Several Times (roughly in order of mentions)

  • ChiKo (Dupont, Barracks Row)
    • Chinese/Korean
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup), DoorDash (Delivery)
  • ABC Pony (Navy Yard)
    • Asian / Italian
    • Currently temporarily closed
    • GoTab (Pickup), Caviar (Delivery)
    • Weekly $50 dinner for 2
  • The Red Hen (Bloomingdale)
    • Italian
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup and Delivery fulfilled by 3rd party co.), Caviar/DoorDash (Delivery)
  • Baan Siam (Mt Vernon Square)
    • Thai
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup and In-House Delivery)
    • Current $60 2 apps, 2 entrees, 1 dessert, 2 drinks special
  • Unconventional Diner (Shaw)
    • American
    • Tock (PIckup) Caviar (Delivery)
  • DC Harvest (H Street)
    • American
    • Website (Pickup, and Delivery fulfilled by 3rd party co.), Tock for special events
    • Frequent special dinners
  • Taqueria Xochi (U Street)
    • Mexican
    • Website (Pickup, and Delivery fulfilled by 3rd party co.)
    • Tacos can be ordered for later assembling
  • Anju (Dupont)
    • Korean
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup) Caviar (Delivery)
    • Frequent special dinners
  • Masseria (Union Market Area)
    • Italian
    • Tock (Pickup and in-house Delivery)
    • “Masseria a Casa” $85 dinner for 2
  • Rasika (PQ/Chinatown, West End)
    • Indian
    • Website (Pickup), DoorDash/UberEats (Delivery)
  • Cane (H Street)
    • Carribean
    • Website (Pickup and Delivery via 3rd party co), DoorDash/GrubHub/UberEats (Delivery)
  • Purple Patch (Mt Pleasant)
    • Filipino / American
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup), DoorDash/Caviar (Delivery)
  • Medium Rare (Cleveland Park, Bethesda, Arlington)
    • French/steak frites
    • GoTab (Pickup), DoorDash/Postmates/Grubhub (Delivery)
    • Known for $26 steak and frites dinner. Been supporting community with free meals
  • Maketto (H Street)
    • Cambodian/Taiwanese
    • GoTab (Pickup), Caviar/UberEats (Delivery)
  • Thip Khao (Columbia Heights)
    • Thai
    • Tock (Pickup, and Delivery fulfilled by 3rd party co.)
  • Federalist Pig (Adams Morgan)
    • BBQ
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup; check social media for discounts), UberEats/DoorDash/Postmates (Delivery)
  • Ghostburger (Shaw)
    • American (Burger/cheesesteak)
    • GoTab (Pickup), DoorDash (Delivery)
    • Located at Espita
  • RPM Italian (Mt Vernon Square)
    • Italian
    • Website/Chownow (Pickup), all delivery platforms
  • Fancy Radish (H Street)
    • Vegatable Focused
    • Website (Pickup), DoorDash/Caviar (Delivery)
  • Compass Rose (14th/U Street/Logan)
    • International Street Food
    • Tock (Pickup), DoorDash (Delivery)
  • Pupatella (Dupont, Arlington. other locations in VA)
    • Italian/Pizza
    • Website (Pickup), No Delivery in DC
  • Dolan Uyghur (Cleveland Park)
    • Uyghur/Chinese
    • Website (Pickup), All the Apps (Delivery
  • Laos in Town (NoMa)
    • Laotian
    • Website (Pickup, and In-House Delivery)
  • I’m Eddie Cano (Chevy Chase)
    • Italian
    • Website/Upserve (Pickup, and In-House Delivery; free delivery M-W w/ $30 min) DoorDash (Delivery)
  • Slash Run (Petworth)
    • American/burgers
    • Website/Chownow (PIckup) DC To Go-Go/UberEats/Caviar (Delivery)
  • Lucky Danger (Mt Vernon Square)
    • Chinese
    • Tock (Pickup and Delivery)
    • Slots go live at midnight each day. Sold out ASAP
    • Located at Prathers in the Alley
  • Old Ebbitt Grill (Downtown)
    • American
    • UberEats (Pickup and Delivery)
  • Albi (Navy Yard)
    • Middle Eastern
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup), Tock (family-style Pickup)
    • $35-55/pp family dinners  (min 2)
  • Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab (Downtown)
    • American/seafood
    • Website/Chownow (Pickup), DoorDash (Delivery)
  • St Anselm (Union Market area)
    • American/Steakhouse
    • Caviar/DoorDash (Pickup and Delivery)
  • Duke’s Grocery (Dupont, Foggy Bottom, Cleveland Park-Counter)
    • American/British/Sandwiches
    • Website/ToastTab (Pickup), Caviar/DoorDash (Delivery)

Mentioned Twice

Rooster and Owl
Brookland’s Finest
Happy Gyro (at Komi)
Panda Gourmet
Little Serow
Muchas Gracias
Ted’s Bulletin
Elizabeth’s Gone Raw
Rose’s Luxury
Sushi Taro
Beau Thai
Emmy Squared
Nostra Cucina
Queen Vic
Stellina Pizzeria
Thai X-ing
Taco City
Sticky Rice
Seven Reasons
Nina May
Sushi Ogawa
Tail Up Goat
Republic Cantina
Osteria Morini
BKK Cookshop
Pie Shop
Smokin Pig


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