Lincoln Park Kitchen & Wine Bar Replacing Ninnella on Capitol Hill

Lincoln Park Kitchen & Wine Bar (106 13th St. SE), located across from the vast park, is set to open in early October. This spot will replace the somewhat dusty Ninnella Italian restaurant at the corner of 13th and East Capitol Streets SE. The new spot comes from Howsoon Cham, former chef and owner of short-lived Newtown Kitchen, a lounge that closed earlier this year on U street in the old Tabaq space. Doubtful that the party atmosphere will come but, as the location is only sit down restaurant for at least a half mile, there is plenty of potential (full disclosure: I live in the neighborhood). More information can be found at the spot’s Twitter page-crawfish hush puppies may be on the menu.


4 responses to “Lincoln Park Kitchen & Wine Bar Replacing Ninnella on Capitol Hill”

  1. Ugh, please proofread.

    1. Thanks! I literally cobbled together this post in 10 minutes on my phone at 11:30 last night when I saw the Twitter account.

    2. Grammar Police- K! Get a real job! Howsoon has many other great accomplishments other than Newtown. Seems like you just didn’t know. I can’t fault you for that. But, check his resume. You will find there’s a lot more than just Newtown. His an awesome Chef and just an all around great person. I also live in the neighborhood and I look forward to becoming a permanent fixture.

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