I’m a upper 30’s year old lawyer who lives in DC (hence the name, get it? credit to my creative wife for that one) who goes to different bars a lot (at last count, over 250 different ones in DC itself). To harness this interest, I created this blog that focuses on liquor licensing and other bar news and hosts public transportation bar crawls, along with a more-prolific Twitter account that features terrible photography of every bar visited, Twitter polls, travel deals, and lots and lots of retweeting. We now live in Capitol Hill after a decade or so in Dupont, but we still go out all over town. Sorry “suburbanites,” this blog is about nightlife within the confines of the District of Columbia, with the occasional travelogue. Feel free to send comments/hate mail/suggestions/requests to hang out through contact form (or email barredindc@gmail.com) below:


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  1. ArtistFormerlyKnownAsGinKitten Avatar

    I found your blog through New Columbia Heights – I was part of the Every Bar in DC crew – which I suppose is really the Some of the Bars in DC crew. 🙂 Thanks for the shoutout!

    My co-drinkers and I ultimately decided to pack it in after about a year of serious effort, and another eighteen months of half-assed effort. We found out that, once we had already covered our usual haunts, none of us were really motivated to trek out to Cleveland Park for happy hour on a Monday night. That, and copious amounts of alcohol costs copious amounts money.

    Good luck! I sincerely hope you have more success than we did.

    -Gin Kitten

  2. Dude – I resent your comments regarding the “suburbanites from MD/VA” as if we’re some second class citizens. Typical DC’er, who thinks the world revolves around everything they do in DC. Yeah DC is cool – but parts of MD and VA are cool too. Some of us can’t afford to live in the city – and maybe we’d rather have an easier time parking our car anyway 🙂 Peace and love

    1. Jason-
      Honestly this comment made my day-glad that someone is reading my blog. I agree that this type of thinking is quite typical of DC’ers and my fellow neighbors (our comments about the suburbs are usually much more disdainful than “suburbanites”). You’re right-there are quite some cool spots in MD and VA (Silver Spring has a couple very nice bars, Hank’s Dietle’s near Rockville is one of my favorite spots in the area; Clarendon and Falls Church have good bar areas)-though I rarely visit aside from my parents in Franconia (they actually retired there from WV, believe it or not), to golf, and bi-monthly banh mi runs to Eden Center. The majority of my friends, who actually live in NoVa, are always trying to get us out there and the few times we do you wouldn’t be surprised that we make a big deal of it. For me-despite high prices of living in DC, and the sometimes-45-minute-driving-around to find a parking space the 2 times a month I drive, being able to walk 25 minute to work, and stumble to 100 bars within a mile of my place-could’t miss it for the world. Have a good one.

  3. I’ll follow you

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