Columbia Heights / Mount Pleasant / Petworth

Just north of Adams Morgan and U Street are the gentrifying/gentrified neighborhoods of Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, Petworth, and Park View. Lots of neighborhood spots have opened up in the past few years, with lots of great affordable bars tucked away in the more residential part of DC. Well worth the visit to check out some off-the-radar watering holes.

Columbia Heights

Lou’s City Bar ¤ Sports Bar, Outside Space, Chill
Zeba Bar ¤ Dancey, Outdoor Space, Roof Deck, Hookah

The Airedale ¤ Chill, Restaurant, Roof Deck, Outdoor Space
Mezcalero ¤ Chill, Restaurant, Outdoor Space
Red Derby ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Divey, Beer, Roof Deck, Cash Only
Lyman’s Tavern ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Chill, Divey, Outdoor Space

Little Coco’s/Lucys ¤Chill, Restaurant, Roof Deck,

Wonderland Ballroom ¤ Outdoor Space, Dancey, Divey
El Chucho ¤ Restaurant, Roof Deck
Room 11 ¤ Restaurant, Outdoor Space, Wine Bar
The Coupe ¤ Restaurant, Outdoor Space

Pleasant Plains/Park View

Bravo Bar ¤ Divey, Outdoor Space

Colony Club ¤ Chill, Games, Outdoor Space
No Kisses ¤ Chill, Cocktails, Outdoor Space

Hook Hall ¤ Games, Outdoor Space

The Midlands Beer Garden ¤ Barred in DC PickChill, Outdoor Space, Beer, Live Music

Smitty’s ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Divey
DC Reynolds ¤ 
Barred in DC Pick, Outdoor Space, Divey
Mr. Braxton ¤ Chill, Outdoor Space
Looking Glass Lounge ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Outdoor Space, Divey

Reliable Tavern ¤ Barred in DC Pick,Chill


Homestead ¤ Restaurant, Chill, Roof Deck, Outdoor Space
Capitol City Cider ¤ Chill, Outdoor Space

Dos Mamis ¤ Chill, Cocktails, Outdoor Space

Slash Run ¤ Restaurant, Chill

Mount Pleasant

The Raven ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Divey
Purple Patch ¤ Restaurant, Chill, Partial in Basement
Haydee’s Restaurant ¤ Restaurant, Divey, Live Music, Dancing
Marx Cafe ¤ Restaurant


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