U Street / 14th Street / Logan Circle

14th street, which sports a new bar or restaurant on a seemingly weekly basis, is part of the larger nightlife destination I refer to as “U Street / Logan Circle” as both U and 14th Street (along with some bars on 9th St.) largely share the same vibe.  Far enough from the Orange/Blue line so that it isn’t overrun with NoVa folks, and expensive enough from Adams Morgan that it isn’t full of 20-22 year olds, bargoers will find a variety of spots that should satisfy everyone. The scene is quite chill on the south side of 14th Street with mostly great restaurants and gets increasingly rowdy until you hit the now-insanity that is 14th/U on weekends.

U Street (west to east)

Chi-Cha Lounge ¤ Loungey, Hookah
Exiles Bar & Grill ¤ Outdoor Space, Chill
Local 16 ¤ 22 Year Olds, Dancey, Loungey, Meat Markety, Roof Deck
JoJo Restaurant & Bar ¤ Restaurant, Chill, Live Music
District Distilling ¤
 Restaurant, Distillery

Tropicalia ¤ Dancey, Basement
Lost Society ¤ Restaurant, Lounge, Roof Deck
Cloak & Dagger ¤ Dancey, Cocktails
Desperados Burgers & Bar ¤ Restaurant, Divey
Sudhouse ¤ Chill, Beer
The Codmother ¤ Divey, Basement
Handsome Cock ¤ Divey, Dancey
The Fainting Goat ¤ Restaurant, Chill
Pure Lounge ¤ Loungey, Dancey
Bin 1301 ¤ Wine Bar, Chill
Alero Lounge ¤ Restaurant, Dancey

Ben’s Next Door ¤ Restaurant, Chill
The Saloon ¤ Chill, Beer
Archipelago ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Cocktails, Chill, Tiki

Solly’s ¤ Divey, Outdoor Space
 ¤ Wine Bar, Bocce, Outdoor Space
U Street Music Hall ¤ 22 year olds, Dancey, Music Venue

Lounge of Three ¤ Loungey

El Rey ¤ Chill, Outdoor Space
Dodge City ¤
 Divey, Dancey, Roof Deck, Hipster

Velvet Lounge ¤ Divey, Music Venue, Hipster
Dickson Wine Bar ¤ Restaurant, Wine Bar, Chill, Outdoor Space
The Dirty Goose ¤
 Gay, Chill, Roof Deck
The Brixton ¤ Chill, Roof Deck
Service Bar ¤ Chill, Cocktails
Nellie’s Sports Bar ¤ Gay, Sports Bar, Roof Deck

Town Danceboutique ¤ Gay, Dancey
9:30 Club ¤ Music Venue
Satellite Room ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Chill, Outdoor Space, Hipster
Darnell’s Bar ¤ Divey, Loungey, Dancey
Duffy’s Irish Pub ¤ Divey, Outdoor Space
American Ice Company ¤ Chill, Outdoor Space, Hipster

1905 ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Restaurant, Roof Deck
DC9 ¤ Music Venue, Divey, Roof Deck, Hipster

14th Street (south to north)

Slipstream ¤ Restaurant, Cocktails
¤ Barred in DC Pick, Chill, Beer

Black Whiskey ¤ Divey, Games
Kingfisher ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Beer Chill, Basement

Estadio ¤ Restaurant, Cocktails
Drafting Table ¤ Restaurant, Beer
Ghibellina ¤ Restaurant, Chill
Sotto ¤ Chill, Cocktails, Basement
Blackjack ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Loungey, Chill, Cocktails (Tilt is back bar)
Pearl Dive Oyster Palace ¤ Restaurant, Outdoor Space
Barcelona Wine Bar ¤ Restaurant, Wine Bar, Outdoor Space

Red Light ¤ Cocktails, Chill
Cork Wine Bar
 ¤ Wine Bar, Chill, Outdoor Space

Garden District ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Chill, Beer, Outdoor Space
2 Birds 1 Stone ¤ Cocktails, Chill
Black Cat ¤ Music Venue, Divey, Hipster
El Centro D.F. ¤ Restaurant, Dancey, Roof Deck
Masa 14 ¤ Restaurant, Loungey, Roof Deck
Bar Pilar ¤ Chill, Cocktails, Hipster
Cafe Saint-Ex ¤ Chill, Dancey

Policy ¤ Loungey, Dancey, Outdoor Space, Roof Deck
Taqueria Nacional ¤ Restaurant

Marvin ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Restaurant, Roof Deck
The Gibson ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Cocktails, Outdoor Space
Red Lounge ¤ Loungey, Dancey
Quarter+Glory ¤ Loungey, Cocktails
Provision No. 14 ¤ Restaurant, Cocktails, Loungey

Judy Restaurant ¤ Restaurant, Divey
Sakerum ¤ Restaurant, Loungey, Cocktails, Roof Deck

Other Logan Circle (off P Street or Rhode Island)

Mason + Rook ¤ Hotel Bar, Outdoor Space, Cocktails
Bar Rouge ¤ Hotel Bar
Stoney’s Bar and Grill ¤ Divey, Chill
Number Nine ¤ Gay, Loungey
New Vegas Lounge ¤ Divey, Live Music
The Commodore Public House ¤ Chill, Outdoor Space


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    • Thank you! I’ve been pondering sirttang a series like this for a while so I’ll see how it goes. The flour shaker is Green Gate, and I’m not sure what the tablecloth (it’s really a tea towel but sssshh) is but they are both from Avoca. They still have the flour shaker as I bought a blue one a few weeks ago for icing sugar. Not sure about the tea towel though as I have that quite a while now.

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