Black Whiskey Fined for Allowing Drinking on Sidewalk

Legally Drinking at Black Whiskey
Legally Drinking at Black Whiskey

Earlier this month, Black Whiskey, the newish Logan Circle dive, paid a $850 fine to DC’s Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) after a  discovery last July by two ABRA investigators who happened to be driving down 14th Street. These investigators spotted a large crowd of people (pages 4-7 of this Investigative Report contain some nice color photos by the investigators) milling about and drinking on the relatively narrow sidewalk out front; unfortunately for Black Whiskey, the bar did not (and still does not) have permission to have a sidewalk cafe (outdoor drinking on public space, including part of the sidewalk) and/or a summer garden (outdoor drinking on private property). The investigators also cited the bar, which had only been open for a couple months, for not having a copy of its liquor license visible to the public.


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