Barred in DC Turns One Year Old Today


Barred in DC turns one year old today! Thanks to all of the readers, Twitter followers (over 640 at last count!), Facebook fans, lurkers, commenters (even the spam commenters!), Redditors, and real-life friends and family who’ve given such valuable input and supported the site in many ways. I’ve learned a lot and interacted with tons of great people over the past 365 days.

In case you didn’t know, the bar originally was designed to feature reviews from DC bars; I had been to over 200 as of last year and folks were fans of my restaurant spreadsheet. After launching with three bar reviews, I quickly realized that I also enjoyed the bar news aspect, breaking a few stories and doing round-ups of events for holidays (the best moment was hands-down being referred to in a Washington Post story: “The story was first reported by Barred in DC”). The Bus Bar Crawls have been terrific fun too. Hopefully I’ll publish more reviews (especially for the new bars and old favorites) in the next year.

I’ve listed the most (and least) popular stories of the year below:

Most Popular

  1. Where to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2013 at DC Bars (over 2500 hits)
  2. BREAKING NEWS: Sticky Rice’s Liquor License Suspended for 15 Days for Ejecting ABRA Investigators
  3. A New Restaurant on the Hill Applies for Late Hours, Hilarity Ensues

Least Popular

  1. DC Bar News – Week in Review – May 6th-12th (a whopping 1 hit, which may have been me)
  2. Week(s) in Review – 4/14- 4/28 (double the hits of the least popular story)

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