The Cheapest Place to Drink Draft Craft Beer in DC is … a Whole Foods?

Whole Foods Foggy Bottom - GW BREW
Whole Foods Foggy Bottom – GW BREW

The headline says it all. In DC, the going rate for a craft beer on draft at a bar is usually $7 (often $8 or more). And more often than not, these beers are poured in smaller 10 or 12 oz. snifter or tulip glasses. However, at the ground floor coffee/beer bar at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom (also known as “GW BREW”), oblivious to the GW undergrads in line for their espressos and kombuchas, full pints of six different craft beers run $3 or $4 all day long. The beers are no slouches either; I recently sampled the excellent local Belgian dark Atlas Brew Works Town & Country & the Black IPA DC Brau Daughters of Poseidon beers while picking up some produce. Two Brooklyn Brewing seasonal beers, along with an Ommegang brew, currently make up the rest of the draft list.

Details on the growler happy hour
Details on the growler happy hour

Other than your couch or at some of the DC breweries, you might be able to beat that, but this is likely the cheapest place to drink draft craft beer in DC. While Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont, which admittedly has a better atmosphere and sports plenty of outdoor seating, does sell all of their local drafts for $4, not all of the pours are 16 ounces. For growlers at WF Foggy Bottom, the deals are even better-64 oz. ones go for $10-12 with an additional $2 in savings during happy hour 5-7p weekdays. The bar is open from 10a-11p everyday and free parking is available in the downstairs parking garage (making it convenient for growlers). There are a few chairs around the bar and a few high tables to put your beer near the beers for retail sale, but you can also take your beer (in a glass or plastic cup, your preference) with you while you shop. I’ll still be frequenting Glen’s, but I may mix it up every once in awhile to come here. Whole Foods Market Foggy Bottom website, TwitterFacebook,  2201 I St. NW, open 10a-11p everyday, est. 2013.

high tables to sit your beer with the plethora of PBR in background for GW bros



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  1. I’d also recommend Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont who has a rotating set of taps of local craft beers for $4 all day/every day.

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