UVa v. Duke – Watch Parties in DC – Saturday January 31

UVa v. Duke (credit http://www.newsandadvance.com

As a UVa alum, Barred in DC has been quite excited about the success about the basketball team last year (ACC champions and #1 seed) and this (undefeated, #2 in country). Today, Saturday, January 31st, UVa hosts one of its biggest home games in recent memory, against the universally-hated Duke and Coach 1K. The game starts at 7p while ESPN’s Gameday visits for the first time ever. The Wahoos in the DC area are taking note-I count 4 UVa watch parties (two official) at bars in DC and Arlington-unbelievable. If you’re a UVa fan and haven’t made plans, I’ve listed these gamewatches below.

  • Parlay (official gamewatch)
    • Dupont
    • New Midtown bar has been notable for being DC’s only Cowboys bar; Cowboys and UVa fans usually don’t belong in the same sentence so this is interesting.
    • Food specials include an $8 Gusburger and other bar food
    • Drink Specials
      • $10 28 oz frosted mug (any draft)
      • $5 Evan Williams drink (quite popular at UVa when I was there) / sangria
      • $6 pineapple or peach-infused vodka
      • $20 Bud Light / $25 Starr Hill (Love) buckets of 6 beers
      • $20 pitcher of sangria
  • Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill (official gamewatch)
    • Courthouse
    • been UVa bar for several years now
    • Food specials include $5 Gusburger
    • Drink specials include specials on Starr Hill
  • Mason Inn
    • Glover Park
    • best spot that will approximate the UVa experience
    • $10 Miller Lite pitchers + $5 Fireball + $7 Red Bull Vodka’s
  • Gypsy Sally’s
    • Georgetown
    • In VinylLounge

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