Brookland Pint Goes Full Out for the Pope

Pope Francis Not Drinking a Beer (GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images from

Brookland Pint
(716 Monroe St NE in Edgewood), just one block away from the Basilica of the National Shrine for the Immaculate Conception where Pope Francis will conduct Mass on Wednesday, September 23rd, will go full out with a stellar list of beers with religious themes starting Monday, September 21st. According to a press release, the bars will offer:

  • Franklin’s Brewpub’s No Pope, ‘til Brookland (exclusive draft)
  • Evil Twin Brewery’s  Double Barrel Jesus
  • Avery Brewing Company’s  Salvation
  • Avery Brewing Company’s  5 Monks
  • Sierra Nevada Brewery’s Ovila Dubbel which is brewed in collaboration with the monks of Vina, California’s Abbey of New Clairvaux monastery.
  • Nebraska Brewing Company’s Hop God
  • DuClaw Brewing’s Divine Retribution
  • Brewer’s Art Resurrection
  • DC Brau On The Wings of Armageddon
  • 4 Hands Resurrected IPA
  • Avery Hog Heaven
  • Avery The Reverend
  • Epic Big Bad Baptist
  • Weyerbacher Heresy
  • Weyerbacher Rapture
  • Weyerbacher Blasphemy
  • Founders Blushing Monk
  • Trappist beers (which are all brewed in monasteries by monks): Spencer, La Trappe, Chimay

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