Where to Watch the Presidential Debates in DC – 2016

Credit: TheHill.com

Because it’s DC, plenty of bars will be hosting Presidential (and VP) debate watch parties in the lead up to the 2016 general election. Whether this is terrible or “This Is Why I Love DC” is debatable (as someone who cares more about my local ANC and ABRA decisions than Congress, it’s clear where I stand). That being said, these parties are usually fun times and it’s nice to have the shared bar experiences that sports towns have. So whether you’re a Hillary Clinton fan (reluctant or not) or a rare DC breed (a closeted Trump voter), here’s a list spots that are hosting parties for at least the first debate on Monday, September 26th and will likely host parties for the others (Oct 4th-VP, Oct 9th-perfect for many gov’t workers since it’s Columbus Day eve-and Oct 19th). Expect most bars in DC that have TVs to show the debate

Best bets (for both fun and crowds) are highlighted.

  • Capitol Hill/Eastern Market/Barracks Row
    • The Ugly Mug 
      • hosted by comedian
      • bingo
      • prizes
    • Capitol Lounge
      • Clinton/Trump impersonators
      • drink specials
    • The 201 Bar
      • Cloture Club debate drinking game
    • Union Pub
      • Cloture Club debate drinking game
  • Adams Morgan
  • 14th Street/U Street
    • Bar Pilar
      • 4 Election cocktails
      • bingo
    • Sudhouse
      • $3 PBR, $5 Drafts, and $5 Rail drinks
      • $4 Corn Dogs with fries or pork sliders for $6
    • Busboys and Poets
      • Post-Debate Community Discussion with Panelists:  Bill Ayers, Jared Ball, Medea Benjamin, and Fatemeh Keshavarz.
      • Also at Brookland & Mt Vernon Square
    • Local 16
      • DC Young Democrats
  • Dupont Circle
    • Teddy and Bully Bar
      • $5 Clinton BBQ Sliders and Trump Steak Bites
      • $11 Hillary/Trump-themed cocktails
  • Downtown
    • Lincoln Restaurant
      • $5 Clinton BBQ Sliders and Trump Steak Bites
      • $11 Hillary/Trump-themed cocktails

One response to “Where to Watch the Presidential Debates in DC – 2016”

  1. Experience matters, but in the case of Hillary Clinton, it’s bad experience that matters. We don’t need that kind of experience. As in the experience of being in politics for over 30 years, and still promising the American people things she’s been promising for the past 30 years. All talk no action. Donald Trump is 100% correct on this. We need people with vision. With experience in BUSINESS and quick learners. America is in a trillion dollar DEBT. Trump knows how to make GREAT DEALS. He will make great deals for America, so we can make more money, which benefits all of us. How many people are tired of hearing, “Because of budget cuts, we have to cut programs for disabled, elderly and schools.” We’ve heard this for YEARS, despite all these wonderful “experienced” politicians. They’ve led us in CIRCLES. Down paths of deception. Con artists. Mr. Trump is the best choice for President. He will make America great again. We haven’t bee great for decades. And Hillary Clinton has been in politics for decades. Everything she touches goes sour, she’s like a person with the UNMIDAS touch.

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