Bardo River Brewery Approved – Kind Of, Sort Of

[UPDATE: Bardo is appealing order to DC courts, claiming that ABRA engaged in illegal ex parte communications with ANC and Nationals. See Bardawg’s comment below:]

Yesterday, ABRA issued an unusual preliminary decision regarding the proposed new Bardo brewery just south of Nationals Park. Basically, ABRA is allowing Bardo to operate a brewery on the Anacostia River site but says it can only serve customers on-premises if it agrees to close at 10p everyday of the week. If Bardo doesn’t accept this condition the Board basically says they’ll have a hearing and may deny the ability for Bardo to serve beer on-premises at any time. Concerns that plagued previous Bardo applications-noise, parking, and pedestrian safety-still remain.



4 responses to “Bardo River Brewery Approved – Kind Of, Sort Of”

  1. news for today.

    Bardo is going to US court of appeals

    To see how the judge feels about the illegal ex-parte communications the abra board has with the Nationals organization / ANC

    Click to access DCOfficialCodeTitle%2025DCMRTitle23_0.pdf


    1720.1 If a proceeding is a contested case within the meaning of the D.C. Administrative Procedure Act (D.C. Official Code § 2-502(8)), the following restrictions shall apply:

    (a) A person shall not make or knowingly cause to be made to a member of the Board an ex parte communication relevant to the merits of the proceeding; and

    (b) No member of the Board shall make or cause to be made to any interested persons outside the Board an ex parte communication relevant to the merits of the proceeding.

  2. Where is bardawg s comment

  3. Why didn’t you post Bardawg’s reply?

  4. Pretty hilarious that concerns about noise are being posted. That brewery space is virtually underneath the S. Capitol bridge and all its traffic, which includes loads of large trucks and a metal section that is especially loud. I run over that bridge regularly, no way a brew pub is more of a noise disturbance to that area than the bridge is. It’s also well removed from the only residential space, that new high rise that has been built ACROSS THE STREET FROM A BASEBALL STADIUM. What a joke. The Nationals just don’t want any competition for their pre-game area.

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