Barred in DC’s Hot Takes

A list of hot take opinions that Barred in DC actually holds, with varying levels of rational thinking or time spent considering the implications or impact on others. I’m guessing many will not be popular (particularly the last one). Subtweets are encouraged.

  1. Adams Morgan is the best neighborhood in DC 150 hours of the week.
  2. Brunch sucks.
  3. Visiting Georgetown feels like you’re on vacation.
  4. Dan Silverman is the man (I stole these list ideas from him).
  5. Calling someone the “man” is still cool.
  6. Comcast/Xfinity isn’t terrible.
  7. DC politics/neighborhood developments are infinitely more interesting than national politics.
  8. There are fun people and places to visit in the suburbs.
  9. Clarendon is nice.
  10. Retrocession > statehood.
  11. The DC Streetcar is/will be a success.
  12. 14th Street, Shaw, meh.
  13. It’s fun to be around DC tourists sometimes.
  14. Having a car in DC isn’t all that hard/expensive.
  15. Strict parking enforcement in DC is a good thing.
  16. NPR is terrible.
  17. Churchkey is an incredible place to drink beer and fall asleep of boredom.
  18. People who stand on the left side of the Metro escalator are fine.
  19. Barred in DC is an amazing blog/Twitter account.

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