Watch James Comey’s Testimony at a Bar

Although I’m dubious on whether a lot of DC people will peace out or get to work late and actually go drink at a bar (have you seen the anger when the Nats have day home games in the playoffs?), several area establishments are capitalizing on the intense interest in Thursday’s former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony in front of some Senate committee (you probably know it).

Here’s a running of list of spots that are opening early to show the speech with sound, as well as places that are always open early (by 8am) and should be showing the speech (unclear whether there will be sound). The action starts on every broadcast TV, cable news networks, CSPAN, and countless places on the Internet if you can’t get out of work. (Apparently bars in SF will be showing it as well).

[UPDATED 6/7: PM – You probably want to goto Union Pub.]

Open Special Early

  • Commissary (Logan Circle)
    • Open at 8a (normal time)
    • Wall Projector
    • $15 BOTTOMLESS Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and Sangria
    • $5 Conspiracy and Covfefe’ – an American beer with a shot of Russian Vodka
  • Busboys and Poets (U Street, Mt. Vernon Square, Brookland, Takoma)
    • Open at normal 8a time
    • All locations showing
  • Capitol Lounge (Capitol Hill)
    • Opens at 9a
    • Breakfast & lunch specials
  • Hawk & Dove (Capitol Hill)
    • Open at 9a
    • $8 appetizers featuring shrimp and chicken
    • 5 draft beer and $7 cocktails, including Dove’s Garden, (gin, basil, and pineapple and lime juice)
  • Shaw’s Tavern (Shaw)
    • Open at 9:30a
    • $5 Russian vodka cocktails
    • $10 “FBI” sandwich
  • Union Pub (Capitol Hill)
    • Open at 9:30a
    • free round of drinks for everyone in house anytime Trump tweets during testimony until testimony is over (or 4p, whichever is earlier)
    • modified food menu
  • The Front Page (Dupont)
    • Open at 9:30a
  • Duffy’s (U Street)
    • Open at 10a
    • Covfefe Cocktail=“like drinking the Kool Aid but only a small group of people know what’s in it.”
    • Kitchen not open
    • free wifi
  • The Partisan (Penn Quarter)
    • Open at 10a
    • $6 Last Word & Drop the Bottom cocktails
    • Red Apron breakfast sandwiches
  • J.R.’s Bar and Grill (Dupont)
    • Open at 10a
    • $5 Dark & Stormy / Moscow Mules
  • Boxcar Tavern (Eastern Market/Capitol Hill)
    • Open at 10
    • $5 drink specials
  • The Pug (H Street)
    • Open at 11a??
    • HGTV and/or Law and Order Reruns (NO HEARING)

Always Open By 8am (Unclear whether sound will be on)

  • Old Ebbitt Grill (Downtown)
  • Tune Inn (Capitol Hill)
  • The Dubliner (Capitol Hill)
  • Ted’s Bulletin (14th Street)

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