Plan Your DC Passport Program Summer

The Washington DC Passport Program returns for its third summer, bigger than ever, with 56 participating locations (including 4 distilleries and 2 breweries). The snazzy passport booklet (costs $20, including 2 day shipping) entitles a holder to a BOGO (2 for 1) drink at these spots, from now until Labor Day (that’s September 4th). You can peruse the list of bars and other establishments, along with the drink on special here. Obviously, the best deals are those with the biggest choice (some offer all drafts, wine, and cocktails)-using your deal on a cocktail gets the biggest bang for your buck (see DC Harvest)-but all participating locations make it worthwhile.  [Note: Mr. and Mrs. Barred in DC were each provided complimentary DC Passports; receipt was not contingent on coverage.]

Obviously this program benefits the consumer (you), but bars have been effusive about the program’s benefits: attracting new or returning customers in a crowded bar market, providing direct revenue (remember alcohol has huge margins so even giving someone a free drink still usually nets the bar profit) as well as indirect (lots of folks stick around or get food).

The drink specials can be shared (so you don’t have to double fist-which is technically illegal in DC anyways), which makes the DC Passport particularly awesome for setting up neighborhood bar crawls (some suggestions below). Big rule of thumb-if you take advantage of the deal, don’t forget to tip as you paid for multiple drinks and remember you can’t double up on the specials (if a drink that’s part of the 2-for-1 deal is also on happy hour special, you can’t get it at the HH price for 2-for-1) so be strategic when you hit up spots.

Chinatown/Penn Quarter/Mt. Vernon Triangle

  • Dirty Habit
  • Denson
  • Free State
  • Sixth Engine
  • Silo

Ivy City

  • One Eight (Sat only)
  • New Columbia (Sat only)
  • Atlas
  • Republic Restoratives
  • Big Chief


  • Wicked Bloom
  • Pub and the People
  • Crisp
  • El Camino


  • RiRa
  • Old Glory
  • J Paul’s
  • Mr. Smith’s

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