#FoodNotBooze Officially Loses Out at Soviet Safeway

Beer and wine is officially coming to the Soviet Safeway, the long-time Dupont store at 17th and Corcoran. On Wednesday, ABRA finally approved the settlement agreement between the grocer and the local ANC, and neighbors, many riled up by the liquor store across the street. The agreement had been finalized by the parties in late September (as Barred in DC basically predicted), but apparently ABRA wasn’t enamored with some of the provisions.

Under the agreement, the ANC/neighbors dropped its protest and allowed the liquor license to be awarded, but with many conditions, including:

  • Alcohol sales only until 9p (instead of til midnight as could be allowed)
  • Restricting the area of beer/wine being sold to 281 square feet (original agreement was 48 linear feet)
  • Max alcohol sales of 15% of gross receipts (original agreement was 4%)
  • No beer/wine advertisements on windows/doors/exterior
  • No booze delivery 8-9a and 3-4p M-F while school in session
  • Enforcement of no loitering and no panhandling with 50 feet
  • Making a “5 year plan for shared value” within neighborhood within 6 months (whatever the hell that means)

One response to “#FoodNotBooze Officially Loses Out at Soviet Safeway”

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