The Next Laotian Spot from the Thip Khao Folks is coming to Shaw.

Logo of existing Thip Khao

This morning, Jessica Sidman of the Washingtonian reported that the folks behind the awesome Columbia Heights Laotian restaurant, Thip Khao, were opening up a 3rd (1st is in Seven Corners in NoVa) restaurant somewhere in DC this fall. The owners did not reveal the neighborhood or the name of the restaurant, which will have a completely different menu than Thip Khao and will seat 40-50.

A reliable source* informs me that this spot will be coming to Shaw, around 7th and Q NW. The new place will almost assuredly be in the 1st floor space at 1604 7th St NW, directly north of Dacha. Dan Silverman posted scuttlebutt in summer of 2016 that a Lao noodle shop would be coming to this very space; it does not appear that particular concept will be coming, but should be exciting nonetheless.  A building permit (Excel link alert) for restaurant build-out was issued in fall 2017 to Bobby Pradachith, a Thip Khao co-owner/chef. This source also informed me that neighbors should expect longer hours (lunch? breakfast?) with an expanded focus on cocktails, which J Sidman also reported.

For NoMa/east siders who saw my earlier Tweet , there still may be good news. Last week, ABRA approved (see p 24) a tavern liquor license transfer application for a spot called Laos in Town in the Loree Grand building at 250 K St NE. The only retail spot in the building, TD Burger, which opened in 2013, appears to be closed (phone is disconnected and online orders are no longer available), so perhaps another Laotian spot is coming to town. The only other place to get Laotian food, the food truck Sang on Wheels, apparently stopped serving earlier this year (Sang is now on scissors at the Dupont Hair Cuttery).

* “Reliable” meaning I have never met this person nor know their name. They did tweet at me once. I think this checks out though.


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