Where to Find Miller High Life in a 750ml Champagne Bottle in DC

Credit: Miller High Life
Barred in DC bought 3 of these at Grand Liquors in Hill East. Classy neighbors

[Post Edited] 750 ml champagne bottles (!) of the DC bar alternative for brohsters to Natty Boh and PBR, Miller High Life, has been rolled out nationwide for the first time. Barred in DC has had trouble (Ed. Note: He has not actually tried) finding it in DC, but a source has told him (Ed. Note: ok the source is the social media person behind the Miller High Life Twitter account) which 13 bars and 6 liquor stores in DC have ordered Champagne of Beers in a big bottle. Note that many of these spots may have already run out or are waiting until NYE to pour them. There may be others who’ve ordered otherwise. Barred in DC picked up one at one of these liquor stores for $3.99; each bottle is 25.4 oz. FYI.


Brookland Pint

Capitol Hill/Navy Yard/The Wharf
Due South
The Dubliner (sold out) 
TikiTNT ($15 normal, $12 during HH, $10 during late night HH; 200 cases ordered)

Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights/Petworth
Elle (available NYE, and afterwards, supply permitting)
Slash Run (currently available for $12, should be available on NYE)

Shaw/U Street
Espita (in cooler but not available for sale yet)
Service Bar (sold it Thanksgiving Eve for $15)

Glens Garden Market (sold out)
McClellan’s Retreat (sold for $15 starting 12/13 for the 12 days of Christmas; 2 cases being held for NYE)

H Street/NoMa
Hill Prince
The Star & Shamrock
The Eleanor (will be available for NYE)

Liquor Stores

Grand Liquors – Hill East  (As of 12/12, they had 3 bottles left for $3.99)
Metro Liquors – Adams Morgan
Paul’s – Friendship Heights (as of 12/15, currently out of stock)
Sherry’s – Woodley Park
Sunset Liquors – Bloomingdale
Wardman Wines – Brookland


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