The Sheppard Returns with Cocktails in Mount Pleasant

The Sheppard, Instagram, Twitter the faux speakeasy-style cocktail bar last seen south of Dupont Circle before it closed in January after almost five years due to redevelopment of the property, is making a comeback-this time (almost certainly) in Mount Pleasant.

Although a lease was signed and announced in mid-November, its location has not yet been revealed. However, thanks to Barred in DC’s eagle-eye and all-around internet dominating sleuthing skills, it appears very likely that the new bar will be on the 2nd floor of a building on the 3100 block of Mt. Pleasant St. NW. The location is possibly 3165 Mt Pleasant NW (above a dentists office in space previously occupied by AboveZest, travel agency/party venue, and Boveda Tribal Art for awhile before that) or one of the buildings between it and the building housing Mola and Purple Patch (3155) a few doors down. Instagram posts held clues which were confirmed by use of Google Maps Street View.
Given the IG posts show nothing has been constructed and no liquor license apparently is approved yet for the space, don’t expect this spot to open until well into 2020. But this should be a welcome development for neighbors, as the last cocktail bar (Last Exit, same block) in the area closed in 2014. The bar (owned in part by David Strauss) also announced that Dylan Zehr, former head bartender at The Sheppard (as well as sister bar Morris in Shaw) is now also a co-owner; Zehr is currently slinging drinks at Room 11 and Columbia Room until The Sheppard opens.
The hidden spot in Dupont had really good value cocktails ($12) despite having no menu (you just told bartender what flavors/spirits you felt like and they whipped something up). Unclear if the new location will have same concept, but expect it to be a cocktail bar.

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