A Bartender’s Rules for New Year’s Eve – Guest Post

[Ed. Note: No matter whether you go out to a bar in DC (check out the comprehensive guide here) or somewhere else in the world to ring in the 3rd decade of this century, please enjoy yourself as well as respect the folks serving you. Here’s a list of rules shared by Chrissy, a bartender on H Street, that you should follow.]

1. Bought tickets for an open bar? You still need to tip your bartender when you order drinks

2. Just because it’s an open bar doesn’t mean you can’t get cut off, don’t get mad if this happens – know your limits

3. If you do throw up, toilets and trash cans only – then leave the bar

4. When the lights come up – it’s time to go home, your bartender does not want to have a drink with you

5. It doesn’t matter how old you are – when you are asked for your ID, show it to the bouncer/bartender

6. When ordering for a group, have all your orders ready at once (we can remember more than one drink order at a time)

7. Have some patience – we will get to you, you won’t die of thirst, I promise

8. It’s cute to kiss your partner at midnight, but no one wants to watch you make-out for 20 minutes

9. Leave the cheesy NYE party favors at home ie: noisemakers, beads, silly hats etc. Your countdown screaming is bad enough

10. If you can’t follow the rules. STAY HOME!


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