Barred in DC Bar Madness

Full Bracket

In the absence of NCAA March Madness for the first time eight decades, with the help of Barred in DC”s Twitter followers, including a six-member selection committee, Barred in DC Bar Madness (keeping The Hill is Home tradition alive) is here. The brackets are set for the field of 68, which will be whittled down with Twitter polls to the champion, with the First 4 complete on Monday, then the rest following the schedule the tournament would have been (Thurs-Sat next two weekends and then Fri and Sun the following weeks). Note these aren’t necessarily the 68 best bars in DC (or even Barred in DC’s favorite bars) as there are many many more worthy ones who could have easily been in the field (about 100 bars were suggested).

Prediction Contest Details

To keep the March Madness spirit alive, not only can you vote on Twitter for each match up, I’m also creating a free contest in which participants could predict which bars move on in each round and take the title. The winner will receive a quality Barred in DC t-shirt. To enter, goto Bracket Maker, create an account, goto the bracket (or search for Barred in DC Bar Madness), click on “Predict It!” in the right hand corner, and enter the information requested including your password emailed to you. The bracket will then be displayed. Matchups will be listed with buttons next to the bar names.  Highlight the button next to the team/individual you predict will win. Input your predicted score. Continue this through the first round. Click the “Enter” button at the bottom of the page. The next round will then be displayed. Continue the process until the bracket is complete. You can return to check your prediction by going to the original bracket and clicking “Predict It!” and then logging on. Please enter by 8am, Thursday March 19th if you want to be legit, but I won’t be angry if you submit a late entry.

If you participate in the predicting, I ask that you support the industry by both 1) buying a gift card or ordering pick-up/delivery from your favorite establishment, and 2) contributing to something to support staff like the Virtual Tip Jar or the RAMW Educated Eats Coronavirus Worker Relief Fund,

All bars and restaurants are closed for on premises eating/drinking in DC, jeopardizing the livelihood of many in the hospitality industry in DC and across the country. So I realize some have already and will find the timing of this in poor taste. But I think this is one way to celebrate the bars we love, learn about others we don’t, and patronize them in the future when we can.


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  1. […] Blaguard, from Adams Morgan , is the 2020 Barred in DC Bar Madness Champion, defeating Shaw bar Ivy and Coney Monday 48-44.7% in the most voted Barred in DC Twitter […]

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