DC Restaurants – Who’s Requiring Masks for Now and Where are Masks Optional

If you see this sign or similar signage, you are legally required to mask up

In DC, masks, as of Friday (although Mayor said on Monday it was effective immediately the mayor’s order doesn’t actually go into effect until Friday and the ABRA mask regulations are still in effect til then) are only required (regardless of vaccination status) at homeless shelters, the DC Jail, schools, childcare facilities, in healthcare settings, when required by a workplace or establishment/business, DC government buildings, public transportation, Ride-share, and taxicabs. Those who are not fully vaccinated (full series + 2 weeks) still should wear masks in public, including office buildings, gyms, apartment/condo building common areas, and businesses/other establishments (OK not to wear masks when biking/running/walking/etc. with members of own household; attending small outdoor gathering with fully vaccinated friends/family; and visiting indoors with fully vaccinated people from 1 household), though there is no longer any legal mandate aside from the list above.

In the meantime, many people want to patronize restaurants/bars that continue to require masks at least for now (albeit with caveat that you aren’t required to mask when eating or drinking, or just when seated), while others want to eat/drink at places where masks are optional. Note that DC legally requires people to wear a mask when the business requires it, which is a wrinkle most states have not added.

Here’s a running list that I’ll update until it gets too unwieldy. If it’s clear that there’s one list that is shorter than the other list, I’ll only update that list. DM @barredindc or email barredindc@gmail.com if you have something to add or change. Feel free to support the Barred in DC Patreon if you find this useful

Masks Still Required For Patrons (sometimes only indoors)

  • Cotton & Reed
  • McClellan’s Retreat
  • The Royal
  • Lulu’s Wine Garden
  • Anxo
  • Zaytinya (next 5 are José Andrés spots)
  • Jaleo
  • Oyamel
  • barmini
  • China Chilcano
  • Taqueria del Barrio

Masks Optional For Fully Vaccinated Patrons (honor system generally, so don’t take advantage)

  • Walters
  • Flight Wine Bar
  • Pitchers / ALOHO
  • Central
  • Exile’s
  • Trade
  • Number Nine
  • The Dirty Goose
  • Nationals Park
  • Morris
  • Bardo


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