DC Possibly Will Announce Indoor Dining Vaccine Mandate on Wednesday

Image by Mr.TinDC licensed under Creative Commons.

I’ve been told there will be “news” tomorrow from DC officials, though I don’t know what exactly the news is.

My expectation is for DC to make an announcement of a vaccine mandate for indoor dining and other activities such as gyms, theaters, indoor events, etc. following the announcement of Chicago today, Boston yesterday, and Philadelphia last week. Expect the requirement to take effect sometime in January like these other cities.

New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Honolulu, and New Orleans are the other major US cities with a similar requirement.

Currently roughly 70 of DC’s 1500+ bars and restaurants have self imposed a vax mandate since August.

A secondhand source was told that a vaccine mandate is not the news coming but a 3rd person who wrote a constituent letter back in summer requesting a vax mandate received an email from Mayor’s office out of the blue telling him to tune in to Wednesday’s situational update, which seems to confirm it.


4 responses to “DC Possibly Will Announce Indoor Dining Vaccine Mandate on Wednesday”

  1. Clown shit. The vaccines don’t even fucking work. Gimme a break. Risk your fucking life to get the kikecine what a joke

    1. Eat at home, Bro 🤡🤡🤡

      1. OK dummy. What about going out to drink and hit on bitches? Can I do that at home too?

  2. […] first reported/predicted/expected by Barred in DC Tuesday, yesterday (Wed Dec 22nd) DC finally announced the vaccine mandate many have been clamoring for […]

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