Spirits from Bo & Ivy – DC’s Newest Distillery – Now Available For Purchase

One of Bo & Ivy’s products (taken from one of co-owner’s Instagram)

Bo & Ivy Distillers, [2052 West Virginia Ave. NE, website, Facebook, Instagram] which took over the Jos A. Magnus & Co. distillery space in Ivy City (above Atlas Brew Works) in late 2020, is now selling its spirits. The distillery is launching with 3 spirits: gin, corn whiskey, and vodka. Sales will start from the distillery soon (M-F 10-4p, with advance ordering and scheduled pickup) but currently you can pick up at least the gin and corn whiskey from Ace Beverage in near American University in Upper NW. Tasting room/bar is under construction and they hope to be open to the public later this year.

The name Bo & Ivy comes from the location of the distillery – WV Ave. NE used to be the B&O Railroad Line and they’re in the Ivy City neighborhood.

The distillery appears to be owned by husband/wife team Julia Fletcher (the General Manager, native West Virginian who attended GW) and Michael Curcio (heads up operations). Vince Bridgeman also appears to be a partner, focusing on growth. All three are military veterans (Curcio is a former Navy pilot, Bridgeman is a retired Marine, and Fletcher served as a former Naval intelligence officer and may still be in the Reserves). The husband’s and wife’s Instagram accounts (linked above) are a great behind the scenes look at the distillery as it launches.

According to the website, the gin ($26-$29) is a traditional dry gin w/ notes of citrus and a bit of ginger on finish, meant for martini & Gin and Tonic drinkers. The corn whiskey/white dog/moonshine ($20-23) (mash 80% corn, 15% rye, 5% barley (grains grown in Virginia) is 100 proof, great for sipping and potentially in a whiskey sour (or vodka/tequila substitute). They claim the vodka is DC’s “only fully craft, in-house production vodka made from 100% corn”; 84 proof and will be around $21-24.


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