DC Bars For Those Age 25 and Under Late Night Weekends

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

As I noted in the recently published list of DC bars where 35+ could feel comfortable going out even at 11p on a weekend night, it would probably be easier to make a list of the spots where the majority of the patrons are 25 or under (roughly Generation Z at this poitn) late night (after 11p) on weekends. So’s here’s a partially crowd-sourced list of spots below. You can use this list if:

  • You’re 21-25 and want to goto spots that are mostly the same age as you;
  • You’re over 25 and want to feel like you’re 22 again
  • You’re any age and want to avoid places where there are a lot of 22 year olds or other people who don’t look like they’re old enough to legally drink

Note that at all almost all of these spots there are still a significant number of customers in the upper 20s/early 30s age frame, and often a few folks older, and the crowd can be very different earlier in the night or on weekdays. So if you don’t like going to places with young’ns, don’t write all of these spots off at all times.

Who else am I missing? Disagree? Tweet/DM at @barredindc or DM @therealbarredindc on Instagram or email barredindc@gmail.com or drop a comment below

Dupont (“Midtown” “Club Central”)

  • Madhatter
  • Sauf Haus
  • Decades
  • Sign of the Whale (temporarily closed)
  • Public Bar
  • Mission
  • Zebbie’s Garden

Adams Morgan

  • Shenanigan’s
  • Town Tavern
  • Johnny Pistolas
  • Grand Central
  • Madam’s Organ (band/floor dependent)
  • Dan’s Cafe
  • Club Heaven and Hell

14th/U St/Logan Circle

  • Hawthorne
  • 801
  • Takoda
  • The Brixton
  • Player’s Club
  • Nellie’s
  • El Rey (67% agree)
  • Salazar

H Street

  • Dirty Water


  • The Tombs

Downtown/Chinatown/Penn Quarter

  • Ultrabar
  • Rocket Bar

Columbia Heights

  • The Wonderland Ballroom (2nd floor) (73% agree)

Navy Yard

  • Mission Navy Yard

Suggested but not added: Franklin Hall (57% say it should be on list), Little Miss Whiskeys 2nd floor (51%), Recessions (52%), Cafe St Ex basement, Chicken + Whiskey “speakeasy” (35%), Madams Organ (40%)


One response to “DC Bars For Those Age 25 and Under Late Night Weekends”

  1. […] For those that care, here’s a crowdsourced (also based on my experience-don’t fully agree with the choices below) on the many DC bars “where you won’t feel old” at if you’re over the age of 35. Virtually every hotel bar would qualify, not generally mentioned. To be honest, it would probably be easier to create the shorter list of bars where folks 35 and up might actually feel old at, but here we are (find that here). […]

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