Barred in DC’s Parents’ Day Out – Friday Afternoon June 3rd – POSTPONED

If you have one of these, this event is aimed for you, but no need to bring them


All people who don’t suck are welcome, but if you’re a parent with your kid(s) at day care, school, or with a caregiver at home (nanny, au pair, relative, iRoomba), this event is particularly for you – the inaugural Barred in DC Parents’ Day Out is coming to the Navy Yard/Capitol Riverfront, Friday June 3rd.

Festivities begin at 1:30pm (yes, on a weekday-you can take off work for this, your job is probably not that important).

We’ll be at 3 different outdoor locations just feet apart along the Anacostia River. Feel free to stop by at one, two, or all three spots for this meet-up.

  • The Salt Line
    • 1:30p – 2:45p
    • Reserved a few hi-top tables in outdoor bar area
    • “Friday ‘Happy Afternoon’ Specials from noon-4p: 1/2 off local oysters / $5 Gansett lager draft or Shandy 16 oz. can / $7 wine glass / $30 wine bottle / $7 draft cocktail
  • Solace Outpost Navy Yard
    • 2:45p – 4p
    • Will set up outdoors in covered patio
    • HH M-F 3-6p (will start early for us): $3 off all drafts, $6 rails / $6 wine
  • All-Purpose Capitol Riverfront
    • 4p – 5:15p (or later, you don’t have to leave)
    • roof deck
    • HH until 7p M-F: $5 all drafts, $7 wine, $9 cocktails, $10 pizza

Hope to see you there!


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