Pie Shop-Dangerously Delicious Pies Seeks Support

Image posted by Pie Shop


Pie Shop Bar, the great bar/music venue/roof deck establishment located above the relative H Street stalwart, Dangerously Delicious Pies, posted an interesting plea on social media channels Wednesday:

We, an established DC small business, literally a mom and pop business run by a husband and wife team for over 9 years in the H St corridor, are being challenged by a neighbor who moved in just 1 year ago. We need your support! Please sign our petition: https://bit.ly/2HoZQOq

The petition itself asks:

From: [Your Name]

I support Dangerously Delicious Pies, 1339 H st NE WDC 20002, who has been operating, contributing to, and serving the H st. NE neighborhood and The District as a whole, for nearly a decade. They have had no adverse effect of peace, order, and quiet on the community and in fact have always supported several local nonprofit organizations and charitable causes, regularly donate to several DC public schools, and have always been a champion for local artists, art and culture. Supporting local small businesses, in general, is crucial in facilitating an environment where the arts and culture of this city can thrive. #dontmutedc

This petition was linked on neighborhood blogs, my friend’s Facebook pages, and other sources all over town, but in comment sections as well as myself were perplexed regarding the obscure context of the petition and what was really meant. In response to questions posted by others, Pie Shop later posted:

The great local blog Frozen Tropics got more added context from an ANC committee member basically explaining the neighbor across the alley has raised complaints about the noise level from the bands playing on the 2nd floor and hopes to reach some negotiated settlement and if not, ABRA would impose some noise mitigation. Per the member on my local Facebok page and the HillRag – the ANC is not protesting their whole license but only seeks to get them to agree to some noise mitigation measures like heavy curtains when music is playing (there is a whole row of closed windows opposite the stage (though a whole building length away)) or a higher fence on the relatively low fenced (compared to neighboring roofdecks) patio. Note that although Dangerously Delicious points to the fact that they’ve been there almost a decade, the concept of the Pie Shop bar is brand new, just opening in August while the 2nd floor hasn’t been used for any music or bar patrons until then. Some more added context:

  • Dangerously Delicious is up for renewal. Reportedly, the ANC may have been willing to support renewal but a fairly new person in the neighborhood (less than one year, though the dude DMd me in the guise of acting like someone else that he has owned for 3 years and went to Yorktown HS. I can confirm that he is a lawyer and in his mid 40s) has been upset for whatever reason with all the bars on the 1300 H Street (noise and related issues) and is now taking the opportunity to push the ANC to protest sort of a proxy for all the neighbor’s issues with the block. I’m personally surprised that one person would cause the ANC to protest (see below) but since DC changed the law and basically severely depressed the ability of non-adjacent property owners to protest there is a perverse interest to protest when it appears some neighbors might themselves There has always been residential a block away from that strip, but it is true there are more and more people moving nearby (including a bunch of renovated/new housing on the cool Linden Court directly between H and G St behind) so there is potentially a new dynamic in the neighborhood. But then again the 1300 block of H Street has been a very late night block for almost a decade or more at this point.
  • So DDP has been officially protested, which isn’t necessarily stigmatizing or even a death knell for the spot. A roll call hearing is on the schedule soon. DDP, like Dacha 14th Street did before, is now asking the masses for folks to speak up in support. This is savvy on their part, because after all these years following the DC liquor license scene, ANCs and ABRA usually only hear from complainers, and although this public sentiment might be less relevant at ABRA, if DDP can get any neighbors to testify on its behalf that should be helpful.
  • ANC 6A has a settlement agreement already with Dangerously Delicious Pies that was recently amended in late 2018 to allow it to open its chill rooftop patio until 2a on weekends.
  • Like almost every ANC in every bar district in town, the local east-side of H Street ANC 6A has reached “settlement agreements” with bars and restaurants in its purview. ANC 6A in particular has prohibited bar crawls through the protest + settlement agreement process.
  • Every restaurant liquor license, which lasts 3 years, is up for renewal this spring (you’ve seen the big ass placards on windows and doors). Every ANC and neighbors have an opportunity to challenge the renewal.
  • Although a lot of people on TL and bar owners might think it’s unfair (one particular restaurant owner was quite frustrated at a recent meeting), neighbors have the right (and I think they should have the right; giving an avenue to vent reduces problems in the long run) to have a mini-Festivus with their ANC usually to speak their mind and air their grievances. At least in the ANC in which I-if-I-was-a-real-journalist-this-would-be-a-conflict-of-interest serve on its ABC advisory committee, what usually happens is the folks on the ANC and the resident members/advisors determine whether making any edits to the existing settlement agreement (and if you’re a new bar owner or a fan of a bar and they don’t have a SA, well that’s unusual) would address those issues, whether those edits would even be legal to make (for all the criticism, ABRA is really hands off when the agreement is overly prescriptive or makes it responsive for non-patrons/employees), and whether the establishment would be alright if it was included. In the overwhelming majority of the time, the establishment agrees, signs an amendment OR there is no change in the SA, and the ANC agrees to support the renewal. Every once in a while, the establishment and the neighbors do not agree on a resolution, the ANC protests and then there are several status conferences and then a hearing, and then finally a decision in which almost never the ABRA Board denies renewal (this may have happened less than 3 times in recorded DC history) though occasionally they will add the same conditions on the license that many settlement agreements already have. In the meantime, many ANCs will reach an agreement with the establishment and cancel the rest of the proceedings.



Astoria Comes to 17th Street in Dupont

Astoria (1521 17th St. NW (b/t Q & P), 5p-2a Sun-Th, 5p-3a Mon, Instagram, Washingtonian), from Devin Gong and the folks that brought you the great cocktail + bao/dumplings/skewers H Street spot, Copycat Co., opened Wednesday, April 24th (as first reported by PoPville). This 17th Street spot, in the long-vacant space between JR’s and Agora, focuses on Sichuan food and cocktails. Surprisingly, there has been a dearth of media/PR-driven hype about this spot, despite the awesomeness of Copycat. Only the Washington Business Journal contributed any original reporting on this spot, and that was back in April 2018 (Note: Washingtonian posted a more legit opening article a few hours after this was published.  So Barred in DC swung by its first Friday in operation for a first look. In short, this place, really a fancier version of Copycat with more significant food options, is tremendous, and there may be nothing set up like it in DC.

The drink menu is comprised almost entirely $14 cocktails. Like Copycat, the base menu consists of classic cocktails (Bourbon Smash, Caipirinha, Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, Daiquris/Gimlets, Painkiller) with “Suggestions” for variations. When I visited there was an additional seven cocktails that were featured (presumably rotating on a regular basis). I got the Banana Painkiller (featured) plus a Boulevard Smash (bourbon smash with campari). Many of the drinks come in For those that prefer something cheaper to drink, $6 TsingTao and PBR cans, $8 3 Stars, and $14 Brooklyn or Anderson Valley Boont Amber (large format presumably), along with $12 wine by glass options were also available.

For the Sichuan cuisine (spicy, though some items are not traditional), 12 items (all $14) are available. Some are labeled as a “snack”, while many are labeled as a “dish” (which I think means it’s a bigger portion). The items included Dan Dan noodles, chili wonton, chimichurri, water boiled beef la-zi chicken, ma po tofu, sweet & sour ribs, walnut shrimp, veggie triple delight, basil eggplant, pork fried rice, and sober soup (borrowed from Copycat). The menu suggests 1 per person for a snack, 2 for a meal, and 3 if you’re really hungry. We had dan dan noodles, chili wonton (small size), and water boiled beef (good size). The place isn’t cheap (split a dish and 4 cocktails with Mrs. Barred and spent around $90) but it will definitely be popular.

The Banana Painkiller (left) and Pikachu No. 2

Space-wise, the very narrow establishment (sits maybe 50 people) greets patrons with a host at the door (who manages seating for the tables) and a bright, airy nook for waiting or posting up front for drinks. Around 5-6 deep blue, plush booths (4 or 6 seats) make up the first half of the establishment. A long, copper (or gold?) topped bar then extends back towards the rear (with shelving on top with bottles). This is where things get really interesting-aside from 2 stools at either end, there are NO seats directly at the bar. Instead, along the wall, pairs of stools face each other (with a table/rail running the length of the wall with bump outs for the table). When the place isn’t super busy, you still can talk to and order from the bartender, even though they are like 6 feet away. At other times when people are actually standing at the bar ordering, servers or other staff take orders (one snag so far is that it hard to figure out who exactly to order from which resulted in dropped orders for some in our group). Finally, in the back there are a couple more tables (including ones that fit a ton of people and/or are communal). Make sure you check out the ornate AF bathrooms when you visit. A 25-seat patio apparently awaits soon.

Also, the name: Astoria. A staffer told me that one of the owners if from New York, and the name is a homage to the famous bar at the Waldorf Astoria hotel as the bar was meant to be evocative of it.

More pics below:

Where to Watch the Final Four in DC – 2019

The 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four tips off around 6p Saturday, April 6th with UVa v. Auburn followed 40 minutes after that game (around 8:50p) with Texas Tech v. Michigan State. Championship game tips off at 9:20p on Monday (stop complaining, it’s started at that time last 30 years. Most of the spots in my NCAA game watch roundup are still good (I like Penn Social and Franklin Hall).

If you’re a fan of one of the teams, or want for the best packed atmosphere, official (or unofficial) watch parties will be at the following bars:


  • Town Hall (Glover Park)
  • Mission (Navy Yard)
  • Rebellion (Dupont)
  • Jake’s Tavern (Shaw) – Barred in DC will be in attendance


  • Mister Days in Clarendon
  • Johnny Pistola’s (Adams Morgan) -unofficial

Texas Tech

  • Finn McCool’s (Barracks Row)
  • James Hobans (Dupont) – unofficial

Michigan State

  • Capitol Lounge (Capitol Hill)
  • Duffy’s Irish Pub (H Street) – unofficial

The Sign of the Whale Now Houses A….Cocktail Bar? The Ella Grace Opens Up on M Street

The Ella Grace

The Ella Grace, 1825 M St. NW, Facebook, Instagram, opens around 3p, has opened in lower Dupont inside the legendary dance/meat market bar, The Sign of the Whale. This new cocktail/wine bar is located on the second floor alcove in the front of the establishment, and overlooks the rest of the spot. The cozy bar within a bar first soft opened around March 8th, and has been having grand opening specials (including free cheese plates this weekend) since around March 20th through April 1st. Barred in DC did a quick stop by (didn’t sample any drinks) and found a chill atmosphere, decor clearly designed for Instagram shots, and a streamlined cocktail menu averaging around $14 (including a $21 Boulevardier didn’t see any wine lists, but didn’t ask). The signature cocktail, the Ella Grace, is gin-based, with thyme syrup, and sparkling rose.



Barred in DC was first alerted to this new establishment by social media influencer, Natty Loh (her real name) who saw an Instagram ad, who observed that this bar is the name of every single baby girl born in DC in the last year.

View of SOTW from The Ella Grace

Barred in DC is intrigued about how this will turn out; the recent closure of The Sheppard (albeit slightly quieter block) does leave a void for cocktail bars in the Club Central/Midtown area.

Recent Menu

Where to Watch March Madness in DC – 2019

This isn’t the official logo

March Madness is upon us, and it does not get better than Thursday and Friday for the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. See TV schedule and bracket here. I’ve highlighted all the sports bars, which are your best bets to have an atmosphere, and specials. I’ll be taking off the afternoon once again, like I’ve done every year I’ve worked. Email/Tweet at me if you wanna meet up (or if you are inviting me). Will be updating til Wed night.

All spots listed will be open early enough to show all games and have at least 4 TVs in one room so you can see all games unless otherwise specified.

Dupont Circle

FYI-Public Bar is closed for renovations/new entrance and will likely not reopen until before championship game (April 7th)

  • Buffalo Billiards
    • $22 buckets of five 16 oz. Bud Light cans 
  • City Tap House
    • Select Sweetwater draft beers for $5 all day during tourney
    • chance to win trip to Final 4
  • Across the Pond
    • $4 ATP Pilsner / 55 cent wings (min 10) / 20 wing & 3 pitchers of ATP Pilsner $25 / 20 wings & 6 domestic bottles $25

Adams Morgan / Cleveland Park / Tenleytown

  • The Game Sports Pub
    • open at noon Thu-Fri
  • Pitchers
    • Does not open until 5p
  • Jack Rose
    • Highballin Happy Hour on terrace
    • Does not open until 5p
    • $9 Highball cocktail specials, $5 drafts and half-priced sliders.
    • 4 TVs
    • Perfect spot if your friends don’t want goto a sports bar as most people don’t pay attention to games.
  • The Blaguard
    • Specials for every game: $3 Bud Light/Natty Boh, $5 Mermaid Pilsner / $6 Crown Royal Vanilla, Apple, Salted Caramel / $6 Tullamore Dew vs Tito’s (Rotate by round)
    • $5 Flying Dog for Maryland Terps games, $5 Devils Backbone for UVa games
  • Tenley Bar & Grill
    • might not open until 3:3op
    • specials during live games
    • $12 48 oz Miller Lite pitcher / $20 beer bucket of Miller Lite/Coors Light/Bud Light / $8 Moscow mule / $8 Dark & Stormy
    • $6 bar bites
  • Cleveland Park Bar & Grill
    • open at noon
    • specials/big watch parties for Terp games

U Street / Shaw / Logan Circle / Bloomingdale

  • Nellie’s
    • open at 11:45a Thu-Fri
  • Franklin Hall
    • $4 Narragansett pints / $8 Narragansett Liter Mugs for all games
  • Stoney’s
    • Pitcher specials: $14 Bud Light, $15 Shock Top, $15 Stoney’s Amber, $5 Fireball shots
    • $9 large 2 topping pizza / $15 for 20 wings
  • Ivy & Coney

Chinatown / Penn Quarter / Downtown

  • City Tap House
    • Special $5 pint special throughout tourney
  • Union Trust
    • Sloppy Mama’s BBQ (at least Thurs)
    • might just have 2 TVs
  • Blackfinn
    • food & drink specials
  • Penn Commons
    • Beer bracket (beers advance based on what you order)
  • Penn Social
    • tons of TVs
    • $5 Guayabera Cigar City, $6 Jai Alai / $4 Miller / $4 Blue Moon
  • Taco Bamba
    • Free nacho cheese fountains Mar 21 and 22 during games
  • Bottom Line
    • food and drink specials include $4 Dos Equis Amber & Lager bottles

Columbia Heights / Petworth

  • The Midlands
    • open early for Thu-Fri games
    • free wifi,
    • nitro cold brew available
    • bring in food
  • DC Reynolds
    • always open early, but unclear if 4 TVs
  • Lou’s City Bar
    • Select $4 drafts/bottles & $16 pitchers/buckets during games
    • New solid $4 HH 4-7 M-F on rails/house wine/select drafts
  • Meridian Pint
    • showing games in the basement, which doesn’t open til 5p
    • $5/5 wings / half priced nachos,
    • 4 drafts for $5 each (e.g.) Allagash White, ST Pils, RAR Country Ride, and Victory Donnybrook.
    • via Barred in DC “Special” Correspondent DC Beer Bill

Capitol Hill / Navy Yard / The Wharf 

  • The Ugly Mug
    • open at 4p weekdays, 11a wknds
    • $4 Miller Lite pints / $30 towers
    • $5 Blue Moon / $35 towers
  • Finn McCool’s
    • 4 122 inch project screens, 12 60″ TV
    • $4 Bud Light / $5 Sam Adams / $5 Sam Seasonal / $15 Pitchers
    • $5 apps
  • Boxcar Tavern
    • $4 Miller Lite each game
    • Might only have 3 TVs
  • Union Pub
    • $15 Bud & Bud Light buckets / $14 Bud Light & Union Pub Lager pitchers / $13 Carlsberg buckets / $5 Goose Island IPA drafts / $5 rails
    • $6 rotating whiskey depending on Round (Slane Irish Whiskey, JD Rye, JD Honey, JD Original)
  • Mission Navy Yard
    • Food and drink specials
  • The Big Stick
    • 50 cent wings
    • Great HH specials 3-7p include $4 beers/rails
  • The Brig
    • will open at 2p Th-F
    • HH 2-7p Th-F

H Street / Ivy City / Brookland

  • Brookland Pint
    • open early with sound at bar
  • Duffy’s Irish Pub
    • apparently great sound system
  • Dock FC
    • $25 Evolution Lot #3 IPA buckets all day
    • 11a-1p: $3 Dock FC Pilsner, $5 Bells Two Hearted Ale & Port City Optimal Wit (goes up $1 1p-3p, and then 3-5p)
  • Dirty Water
    • kitchen open for lunch
    • HH specials

Georgetown / Foggy Bottom

  • Stoney’s on L 
    • $12 Bud Light pithcer, $4 Stoney’s drafts, $15 Bud Light Buckets, $5 Port City Optimal Wit
    • $10 large 2 topping pizza and bunch of other food specials
  • Church Hall
    • $4 Miller Lite / $5 Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA
    • Bring in food or order huge wing platters (around 75-80 cents/wing for at least 50 wings)

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in DC – 2019

Guinness Brewery

Although it’s no Ireland (go!), it’s still can be fun to go out to bars in DC on St. Paddy’s Day, though it’s unclear which day will be more wild since the holiday is a Sunday this year.  This list shows where to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in DC bars in 2019, sorted by Irish & non-Irish bars, as well as by neighborhood. 


  • Dupont
    • James Hoban’s
      • Events all week including live music Fri night and Six Nations Rugby Sat.
      • Gaelic singers on St. Paddy’s
    • Across the Pond
      • Live music all weekend
      • Six Nations and FA Cup
      • $7 Devil’s Backbone Gold Leaf Golden Lager on 3/17
  • Adams Morgan
    • The Blaguard
      • Open at 10a
      • $6 everything Irish (Jameson/Tullamore Dew/Powers whiskeys Guinness/Smithwicks/Magners/Great Lakes Conway beers all day)
      • Open Noon Fri with $6 Jameson Irish car bombs
      • Open 10a Sat for main St. Paddy’s Day party with $6 Guiness/Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey/Jameson
      • food specials / party favors
    • Shenanigan’s DC
      • TBD event
  • Georgetown
    • RiRa Georgetown
      • Events all week
      • Open 8:30a for Irish or American breakfast 
      • live music, Irish dance, pipes & drums all day
      • Live music all week
      • Open 8:30a Sat with 6 Nations rugby and brunch til 4p
  • Chinatown/Penn Quarter/Downtown
    • Fado Irish Pub
      • Open at 10a
      • $10 cover starts at 1p
      • live music 2-6p & 8p-midnight
      • Open 8a Sat for EPL & 6 Nations rugby ($20 cover), live music 3p & 9p
      • events all week including Guiness engravings Thu Mar 14 at 5p
    • Irish Channel
      • TBD event, tents set up
    • Mackey’s Public House
      • food & drink specials all week
      • $7 Jameson / $7 Jameson IPA whiskey / $13.25 combo Guinness Blonde + Jameson IPA / $8 Whiskey mule (Powers) / $7 Guinness / $6.50 Smithwicks / $7.50 Blacksmith / $5 16 oz. Miller Lite bottle / $5 16 oz. Bud Light bottle
      • $15 corned beef & cabbage / $15 fish basket / $12 reuben
  • Capitol Hill/Eastern Market/The  Wharf         
    • The Dubliner 
      • doors open 9a
      • 45 cent Guiness from 9a-10a
      • Live Irish music all day
      • Food served at 11a
      • Sat 3/16: all day party of live music/dancing starts at noon 
    • Kelly’s Irish Times
      • TBD event
    • Finn McCool’s
      • Open at 8a
      • Beat the clock specials: 8-9a: $1 all drafts; 9-10a $2 all drafts; 10a-11a $3 all drafts
      • Specials all week including half price Irish whiskey on Wed 3/13, $6 Hot Toddy’s/Irish coffee Thu 3/14, $10 Guinness/Jameson combo & live music Fri 3/15 , $5 Irish specialty cocktails Sat 3/16
    • Kirwan’s
      • open at 11a
      • live music all day & Irish dancers at 2:45 and 7p
      • Guinness specials
  • Cleveland Park
    • Nanny O’Brien’s
      • doors open at 10a with special food menu till 11p
      • Live music Noon-3p, 4p-late
  • H Street
    • Duffy’s
      • open at 10a, $5 cover starting at noon
      • free breakfast burrito to 1st 50 people Sunday
      • Live Irish dancers (Sat at 5p & Sun at 4p)
      • $5 green beer starting Sat March 16th till run out
  • Tenleytown
    • Kitty O’Shea’s
      • TBD Party


  • Capitol Hill/Eastern Market/Navy Yard/The Wharf
    • Barrel
      • The Smashed Potato drink specials/theme all weekend Fri-Sun
      • $5 Paddy’s Irish whiskey, $8 Irish drafts (Murphy’s, Smithwick’s), $11 Nitro Irish coffee
      • Irish food specials including green mashed potatoes, lamb stew, fish & chips, corned beef hash during brunch
    • The Ugly Mug & Valor Brewpub
      • Fri-Sun drink specials
      • $5 Smithwicks/Harps, $7 Black & Tans or Black & Ambers, $6 Paddy’s Irish whiskey
      • special $11 Bogan burger
    • Union Pub
      • doors open at 11a
      • Beat the clock special on Irish Slammers (Slane Irish whiskey, Brady’s Irish Cream dropped in Victory’s Donnybrook stout): $3 from 11a-noon with increase of $ til $8 at 4p-close
      • Specials starting 4p Fri 3/15 until close Sat & Sun: $16 Bud Light/Bud buckets, $15 Green Bud Light/Union Pub Lager pitchers/ $13 Carlsberg buckets / $6 Slane Irish whiskey / $5 rails
    • Wisdom
      • doors usually open late afternoon
      • $7 house-made G&Ts + $8 Guns + rose
    • Union Stage
      • Scythian feat. Irish dancers
      • doors 5p, show 6p
      • $22 tickets
    • The Brig
      • outdoor beer garden
      • specials Sat-Sun (open at 11a)
      • $6 Pints/$11 liters of Flying Dog Lucky SOB drafts / $6 Guinness cans / $6 Jameson / $10 Irish Slammers
    • Boxcar Tavern
      • specials on Sun: $7 Guinness / $5 Jameson shots
  • Adams Morgan / Cleveland Park / Chevy Chase
    • Town Tavern
      • Open at 3p
      • Sun: $5 Green Draft Pints/$7 Jameson Irish Whiskey/$8 Carbombs
      • I love Beer open bar 5-7pm for$12!!
      • Sat 3/16: $6 Guinness Pints, $8 Carbombs/ $7 Burger Baskets – $14 Green Pitchers til 8p/ “GET LUCKY OPEN BAR” 8-10p for $12
    • Jack Rose (5-10p on rooftop terrace)
      • Sun: Teeling Whiskey free swag, $10 Teeling & Guinness boilermakers, $10 tiki punch cocktails
      • Sat: Green Spot (single pot still Irish whiskey). First 35 guests get a free whiskey. $10 Green Spot & Guinness boilermakers & $10 cocktails
      • Fri: Jameson. First 35 guests get a free cocktail. $10 Jameson Caskmates and Guinness boilermakers. $10 Jameson Black Barrel cocktails
      • Thu: Tullamore Dew. First 50 guets get free cocktail. $10 Dew & Brew combos, $10 cocktails.
    • Chatter
      • Open at 10:30a on 3/17 including promos
      • Drink special all wknd including $11 car bombs / $6 Guinness pints / $8 Irish coffee
      • Food specials include $9 Irish float (Guiness & Coffee Ice cream) / $17 corned beef & Cabbage / $15 shepherd’s pie / $9 funnel fries with Guinness caramel / $13 Irish nachos / $10 reuben egg rolls
  • Logan/U Street/Shaw/Bloomingdale
    • Logan Tavern
      • $10 food specials (corned beef poutine)
      • $10 drink specials (Jameson & Midori + Irish mule)
      • HH 3-close in select areas
    • Hawthorne
      • Saturday party
      • $5.50 16oz Green Bud Lights / $7.50 16oz Guinness cans /$8 Jameson shots / $10 car bomb shots.
    • Wet Dog
      • Deals all weekend: $5 green beer / $5 Irish whiskey shots / $6 Guinness tallboys / $3 green jello shots
    • Publin
      • pop-up Irish bar by Drink company
  • Dupont
    • City Tap House
      • Irish food specials 3/14-3/17
      • Able to do your own half and half drinks with Guinness starting 3/14
      • shamrock sticker underneath gets free drink later
      • first 24 guests on 3/17 that buy Guinness get special etched glasses
  • H Street/NoMA/Ivy City
    • City Winery
      • food special
      • get sauvignon blanc green
    • Big Board
      • Turned into an Irish bar (Drayne O’Flanahabra’s) for the weekend
      • Straight Outta Dublin Burger
      • $6 Guinness 16 oz. pints Thu-Sun
    • Biergarten Haus
      • Sat-Sun specials
      • $6 Jameson, $10 liter of green beer
    • Red Bear Brewing
      • Fri-Sun specials
      • $9 Tullamore Dew / $15 combo with DC Dirt Porter (inc. tax)
  • Chinatown / Penn Quarter/ Downtown
    • City Tap House
      • Irish food specials 3/14-3/17
      • Able to do your own half and half drinks with Guinness starting 3/14
      • shamrock sticker underneath gets free drink later
      • first 24 guests on 3/17 that buy Guinness get special etched glasses
    • Pennsylvania 6
      • Sun: $12 bottomless pancakes (and green mimosas)
  • Georgetown
    • The Alex Speakeasy at the Graham Georgetown
      • 3/14-3/17:
      • $15 Irish whiskey flights (three tastings + 1 full pour)
        • The Glendalough Irish Whiskey flight includes Glendalough Double Barrel, 7 Year Old Single Malt, and 13 Year Old Irish Whiskey Mizunara Oak Finish, while the Connacht Whiskey Company flight is made up of Brothership Irish-American Whiskey Aged 10 Years, Ballyhoo Grain, and Spade & Bushel 10 Year Old Single Malt
      • $12 corned beef spring rolls & shepherd’s pie
    • Wingos
      • party starts Sat
      • $3 draft green beer / green kamikaze
      • $5 Irish bangers dogs
    • Mr. Smith’s
      • Irish food Fri-Sun
      • specials on Guinness & Murphy’s pints, Jameson/Bushmills & Irish car bombs