Dupont Circle

One of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city (and where Barred in DC set up shop from 2006-2015), the expansive Dupont Circle hood contains a diversity of mini-areas and bar scenes: the bridge/tunnel crowd who frequent the Midtown “Club Central” area centered around 18th & M, the original gay strip of 17th Street, the chill, relaxed spots on the western side, or the solid mix of mostly chill bars north of the Circle which draw an older crowd.
(I have not visited the bars in italics)

North Dupont/Connecticut Ave. 

McClellan’s Sports Bar (inside Hilton) ¤ Hotel Bar, Chill, Sports Bar
Sidecar (inside Hilton) ¤ Hotel Bar, Chill

Russia House
¤ Loungey
McClellan’s Retreat ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Cocktails, Chill

Bistro du Coin ¤ Restaurant
Across the Pond ¤ Chill, Live Music
Northside Social ¤ Chill, Beer

The Board Room DC ¤ Chill, Games
Caged Bird ¤ Restaurant, Live Music, Chill

DIVE ¤ Chill, Outdoor Space, Live Music
Mission ¤ Restaurant, Dancey, Meat Markety, Outdoor Space

Gazuza ¤ Loungey, Hookah Bar
Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe ¤ Chill, Beer, Outdoor Space
Doyle ¤ Loungey, Outdoor Space

18th Street in North Dupont/Nearby

Glen’s Garden Market ¤ Grocery Store, Chill, Beer

Larry’s Lounge ¤ Gay, Outdoor Space
Rebellion ¤ Beer, Cocktails, Roof Deck, Outdoor Space
Lauriol Plaza ¤ Restaurant, Roof Deck, Outdoor Space
Bar Charley ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Cocktails, Chill, Outdoor Space

West Dupont

Bier Baron ¤ Divey, Beer, Basement Part
The Fireplace ¤ Gay
Urbana ¤ Hotel Bar, Loungey, Basement
Pizzeria Paradiso ¤ Restaurant, Beer, Outdoor Space

Midtown/South Dupont

Firefly ¤ Hotel Bar, Restaurant, Loungey, Cocktails, Outdoor Space

The Big Hunt ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Divey, Chill, Roof Deck, Beer, Partially in Basement
Café Citron ¤ Loungey, Dancey, Partially in Basement
The Gryphon ¤ Restaurant, Loungey, Nightclub
Phantom DC ¤ Loungey, Dancey, Nightclub
Madhatter ¤ 22 Year Olds, Dancey, Meat Markety, Outdoor Space

Tabard Inn ¤ Hotel Bar, Cocktails
Topaz Bar ¤ Hotel Bar
Iron Gate ¤ Restaurant, Outdoor Space
Beacon Bar-Skybar ¤ Hotel Bar, Outdoor Space, Roof Deck

St. Arnold’s on Jefferson ¤ Restaurant, Chill, Beer
Heist ¤ Loungey, Nightclub

St. Yves ¤ Loungey, Dancey, Nightclub

Lucky Bar ¤  Divey, Meat Markety, Sports Bar, Outdoor Space
Decades ¤ Loungey, Dancey, Roof Deck, Nightclub
Rosebar ¤ Loungey, Dancey, Roof Deck, Nightclub
Abigail  ¤ Loungey, Dancey, Nightclub

Public Bar Live ¤ 22 Year Olds, Meat Markety, Sports Bar, Loungey, Roof Deck, Live Music
Sauf Haus ¤ Meat Markety, Roof Deck, Live Music
Eighteenth St. Lounge ¤ Meat Markety, Loungey, Roof Deck
Addendum Cocktails ¤ (Within Eighteenth Street Lounge)

Mari Vanna ¤ Restaurant, Loungey
EDGAR Bar & Kitchen ¤ Hotel Bar, Loungey
Bravo Bravo ¤ Dancey

Barcode ¤ Dancey, Loungey, Outdoor Space
The Meeting Place ¤
Divey, Dancey, Music Venue, Basement

Ozio ¤ Cigar Bar, Hookahs, Loungey, Roof Deck
1831 Lounge ¤ Chill, Basement

Teddy and the Bully Bar ¤ Restaurant, Cocktails
District Anchor ¤ 22 Year Olds, Meat Markety, Outdoor Space

¤ 22 Year Olds, Divey, Karaoke, Basement
Pisco y Nazca¤  Restaurant, Cocktails, Outdoor Space

17th Street

Duke’s Grocery ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Restaurant, Chill
J.R.’s Bar and Grill ¤ Gay, Divey
Astoria ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Cocktails
Fox and Hounds¤
Divey, Chill, Outdoor Space
Hank’s Cocktail Bar ¤ Restaurant, Cocktails

Dito’s at Floriana ¤ Restaurant, Cocktails, Basement
Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse ¤ Restaurant
D.I.K. ¤ Gay, Roof Deck


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