H Street

Since The Argonaut (now-shuttered) opened on the far east side of H Street NE back in August 2005, H Street has been one the hottest new bar destinations in DC for many years, though 14th Street and Shaw are pretty ridiculous now.  Forever a long hike from the Union Station Metro stop, the long-awaited DC Streetcar finally opened in February 2016 and is free (comes every 12-15 minutes or so), though the X2 bus is still available and great for the stories,.

(I have not visited the bars in italics)

4th St. NE

The Big Board ¤ Restaurant, Beer, Chill
Bar Elena ¤ Chill, Games

5th St. NE

Le Grenier ¤ Restaurant, Wine
DC Harvest ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Restaurant, Cocktails

6th St. NE

Whole Foods H Street Pub ¤Grocery Store, Beer

7th St. NE

Tacqueria & Rosticeria Fresca ¤ Restaurant, Chill
Allure Lounge ¤ Loungey, Hookah
Felicity Lounge ¤ Loungey
Po Boy Jim
¤ Restaurant

8th/9th St. NE

Dirty Water ¤  Sports Bar,  Roof Deck, Divey, Live Music
Dio Wine Bar ¤ Wine, Chill
 ¤ Restaurant, Chill, Outdoor Space (Closed in Winter)

10th St. NE

The Haymaker ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Chill
Duffy’s Irish Bar ¤ Chill, Outdoor Space
The Pursuit Wine Bar ¤ Wine Bar, Chill, Outdoor Space

11th St. NE

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar ¤ Dancey, Divey, Meat Markety, Outdoor Space, Hipster
Copycat Co. ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Cocktails, Outdoor Space

ChoongMan ¤ Restaurant, Outdoor Space

12th St. NE

Nomad Hookah Bar ¤ Loungey, Hookah
The Queen Vic ¤ Chill, Roof Deck
Sticky Rice 
¤ Restaurant, Dancey, Hipster
Twelve Twelve /Kyss Kyss ¤ Restaurant, Loungey, Hookah
Truth DC ¤  Loungey,
Ocean Lounge ¤  Basement, Hookah, Loungey
The Pug ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Divey, Chill
Granville Moore’s ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Restaurant, Beer,
On the Rocks ¤ Loungey, Hookah
Milk & Honey at Smith Commons ¤ Restaurant, Cocktails, Roof Deck

13th St. NE
H Street Country Club ¤ Games, Roof Deck
Hill Prince ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Cocktails, Chill, Outdoor Space
Dangerously Delicious Pies/ Pie Sho¤ Barred in DC Pick, Live Music, Chill, Roof Deck
Bar Bullfrog ¤ Restaurant, Chill
Rock & Roll Hotel ¤ Music Venue, Divey, Roof Deck, Hipster
Biergarten Haus ¤ Barred in DC Pick, Chill, Beer, Roof Deck, Outdoor Space

Sospeso ¤ Restaurant, Chill, All-Day spot
Red Rocks H Street / The Lodge at H Street ¤ Restaurant, Dancey, Roof Deck
Kitsuen  ¤ Loungey
The Gold Room¤ Loungey, Divey, Roof Deck
Rose’s De’Javu ¤ Loungey, Dancey

14th St. NE

The Ella Grace ¤ Cocktails, Chill
The Elroy
¤ Loungey, Chill, Outdoor Space

Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club ¤ Dancey, Divey, Hipster


5 responses to “H Street”

  1. Update Star & Shamrock to Bullfrog Bar.

  2. I miss the Star & Shamrock.

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