My Brother’s Place

My Brother’s PlacewebsiteFacebookTwitter237 2nd St. NW (2nd & C), 202-347-1350, opens at 11a (weekdays) noon (weekends), HH 4-8p (M-F) 10p-close (Th-Fri) 12-9p (Sat) $15 all you can drink 9p-1a (Sat), est. 1980 [Yelp, WaPoTripadvisor]

This hilarious dive on a random dead-endish block near the Capitol off Constitution Ave.  (right behind the Department of Labor), MBP is legendary (“FAMOUS & DANGEROUS” according to its Twitter page) for its $15 all-you-can-drink Saturday nights (rails from 9p-midnight, and beers & wines from 9p-1a).  This has been often the site of DC Sports Nexus’s birthday party (I stole these pics on this post from his 2011 birthday party Facebook album), even though we’ve been at least 5 years older than the normal clientele, which appears to be mostly Catholic U undergrads and other cheapskates.  The first floor of this spot has a room with a bar and a decent amount of space; in the front there is an enclosed patio where folks often set up beer pong or flip-cup (there are a few tables out front if the weather is nice). I haven’t spent much time upstairs, but they’ve had a random Latino dance party when I’ve gone.

As you can see, women dancing on the bar
As you can see, women dancing on the bar

We’ve always gotten good service because, unlike most of the people who frequent this place, we actually tip for each drink we get.  There are usually a few girls dancing on the bar (photo above) here as the night goes on.  Opened back in 1980, MBP is worth going at least once with a big group on a Saturday if you want to get drunk for cheap in a real collegey dive bar in the middle of relatively nowhere in NW DC.

The bar at MBP - remember to tip
The bar at MBP – remember to tip

Barred in DC rating: 3/5



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  1. […] My Brother’s Place, shockingly cited for two instances of serving minors without checking IDs. Must pay a $10,000 fine and be closed from July 18th-August 1st. […]

  2. […] this) by Barred in DC, the hilarious, middle-of-nowhere Capitol Hill/Judiciary Square dive My Brother’s Place, site of many Saturday nights out for its $15 all-you-can-drink fests over the years, is changing […]

  3. […] My Brother’s Place announced that it won’t be re-opening as My Place after all this week, alluding to licensing issues. (ABRA has to approve trade name changes). […]

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