Sorry Bros – No Leprechaun Lap This Year

Sorry bros, looks like there won’t be a “Leprechaun Lap” this year. Lindy Promotions, the party promoter (in)famous for Dupont bar crawls over the years, had its St. Paddy’s Day-themed bar crawl rejected yesterday by ABRA under its new rules. The organizers hoped to have up to 3,000 patrons at 34 bars in Dupont, Chinatown/Gallery Place, and U Street.

ABRA rejected the application because:

  1. No litter prevention plan (e.g. trash removal contract);
  2. Concerns about adding a second bar crawl to the Gallery Place neighborhood (Leprecrawl already scheduled there);
  3. Large geographic area could lead to walking between neighborhoods without adequate supervision; and
  4. Concerns about 3,000+ folks concentrated in one area

So far, ABRA has approved two bar crawls (the Mardi Gras party held last weekend and the Leprechaun Lap next month-both by DC Beerathon folks) and rejected three others (The Shamrock LapCupid’s Bar Crawl, & All You Need Is Love). Borderstan has reported that these new ABRA rules have gotten support from the Dupont ANC.

Based on these rejections, if you’re looking to host a new bar crawl, here are some suggestions: 1) Pay for trash pick-up 2) Cap your ticket sales to 2,000 3) Get your application in ASAP 4) Stick to one neighborhood and 5) Pick a neighborhood that does not have a bar crawl approved yet.

Also for your reading pleasure, here’s an entertaining ABRA hearing transcript about the 3 Halloween bar crawls in Dupont with 16,000 attendees (Lindy’s oversold by 3000 tickets) that led to these new rules (these other December transcripts are worthwhile). My favorite part (Midtown’s settlement agreement prohibits bar crawls):




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