Brass Monkey / Spaghetti Garden / Roxanne’s / Peyote Cafe Fined $30,000 & Shut Down for Month


Brass Monkey aka Spaghetti Garden aka Roxanne’s aka Peyote Cafe, the legendary Adams Morgan meat market, has been fined $30,000 and has had its liquor license suspended for 30 days for failing to keep books and records and qualify as a restaurant. The collection of connected bars in adjacent 18th Street rowhouses has been a rite of passage for many 22-24 year olds who have come to DC in the 15 years. The fine is the 2nd biggest Barred in DC can recall, and the longest liquor license suspension, which will be served beginning Sunday November 27th through right after Christmas, in recent memory. The fine/suspension cannot be a shock to many, as it’s unclear the last time the bars actually served food (Yelp reviews indicate perhaps in 2009 there was a menu).


Barred in DC has put in a request for more details on the fine and suspension and will update this post.


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