Quick Update on Bardo River Brewery

ABRA clarified this week the status of the new Bardo River Brewery’s liquor license. As folks from Bardo contended here on the blog, ABRA realized in fact that it did not into a consent order with Bardo after reviewing the hearing transcript. Instead, ABRA issued a manufacturer’s license to Bardo subject to basically the same conditions of the now-vacated consent order and quoted Bardo’s lawyer to show that Bardo made these commitments to do exactly what ABRA included as conditions to the license.

ABRA also explained why it granted Bardo a license but previous applicants (including Bardo) were not successful:

  • Based on the representations and commitments made by the Bardo during the November 16th hearing;
  • It was satisfied that the security plan, camera plan, and restriction on entertainment are sufficient to address ABRA’s concerns
  • It was satisfied that the representations and commitments made by Bardo, as well as the conditions imposed, sufficiently distinguished it from the prior applicants

I doubt this will end Bardo’s court fight, but I plan on being there in March to have a pint of the Marion Berry Lambic myself.


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