Bardo River Brewery Gets Approval – Can Stay Open til Midnight

[This story has been updated on 12/3 & 12/6 based on comments to the post below, which you should definitely read]
The long saga for the Bardo River Brewery appears to be over. On Wednesday, ABRA and Bardo entered into a consent order, resolving the issues with Bardo’s manufacturer liquor license application for its new Anacostia River location just south of Nationals Park. Bardo had filed a lawsuit against ABRA for not issuing a liquor license, and complained that ABRA didn’t follow the law and had improper contacts with the Nationals and the ANC. In mid-October, following an entertaining fact-finding hearing, ABRA essentially told Bardo that it would grant the license but make it close at 10p everyday.

The consent order, to the chagrin of the sole dissenting member, makes no such restrictions on hours. And, according to commenters (including a rep from Bardo), ABRA may have issued a manufacturer’s license without any restrictions after Bardo supposedly rejected the consent order. If the order does apply, Bardo is required to create a security plan and maintain a comprehensive security camera system and cannot seek permission to have entertainment, such as live music or DJs. The new brewery, which will reportedly replace the Trinidad location, can be open till 7a-midnight. Check Bardo’s Facebook page for updates. According to Bardo, it is  “still pursuing legal measures due to the delays ABRA’s illegal actions caused” and “fuck the ABRA board.”

On December 6th, Bardo sniped at the local ANC on Twitter, warning Bluejacket and other bars to watch out that ANC was now requiring bars to close at 10p. ANC commissioner responded that this was false (which is accurate, they only wanted Bardo to close at 10p); Bardo then tweeted out a copy of the ANC’s letter to ABRA that Bardo is claiming is illegal ex parte communication. Bardo concluded the volley by complaining that the ANC had a policy of protesting liquor licenses if the licensee doesn’t enter into a settlement agreement with the ANC, which is a widespread practice in DC.


7 responses to “Bardo River Brewery Gets Approval – Can Stay Open til Midnight”

  1. Points of clarification: 1) Bardo did not agree to exclude live entertainment, 2) Bardo is not REQUIRED to submit a security plan or install cameras. The security plan had been previously submitted and security cameras were agreed upon as a good faith gesture by Bardo. 3) Bardo is still pursuing legal measures due to the delays ABRA’s illegal actions caused.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, particularly #3. I disagree with #1 and #2 unless you’re challenging #1 and #2 through the court proceeding. By its terms, the consent order (agreed by you and ABRA), you have agreed that your license will be governed by a prohibition on seeking an entertainment endorsement as well as submitting a security plan. Sure, you agreed to it as a show of good faith, but under the order, if you don’t do what it says, you might get sanctions.

      1. After all Bardo has been through, they are not gonna leave the board an avenue to come back later and screw them. That is exactly why Bardo would not agree to the consent order. Having no leg to stand on, ABRA issued Bardo the license without that consent order. No consent order and no classification as a contested application. Just the standard manufacturer’s license, like everybody else.

        If Bardo let ABRA issue this license with a bunch of contingencies (which is outside the scope of the law as it is currently written), it sets a bad precedent for anybody who wants to apply for a manufacturer’s license in the future.

  2. […] announced today that it will be permanently closing its Trinidad location, moving to the new Bardo River Brewery just south of Nationals Park in the Navy Yard/Capitol Riverfront neighborhood. This move, […]

  3. just a note. Look at the license. We posted a photo of it. There are NO restrictions written on it. Bardo did not sign any “settlement agreement” or “consent order”. The ABRA board, and their crooked henchmen, are still trying to CoverYourAss by saying this is a “contested case” and issuing a “setttlement order”.
    It is NOT a contested case. Hence there can be NO “settlement order”.
    Let the record show, Bardawg says ” fuck the ABRA board” . Bardawg will take away the board members houses, Just like ANC chairman Kathy Henderson lost her house. Our lawyer, Matt LeFande, is the man that took away Kathy Henderson’s House. He is going to stage two of this lawsuit… “going for damages and lawyers fees”
    Bardawg will be owning and pooping on Donovan Anderson’s lawn soon enough.

  4. […] clarified this week the status of the new Bardo River Brewery’s liquor license. As folks from Bardo contended here on the blog, ABRA realized in fact that it did not into a […]

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