Bardo Officially Moving Permanently Out of Trinidad to Nationals Park Location

Bardo Brewpub officially announced today that it will be permanently closing its Trinidad location, moving to the new Bardo River Brewery just south of Nationals Park in the Navy Yard/Capitol Riverfront neighborhood. This move, which was first reported months ago by Barred in DC, is required by DC law (specifically section 25-303 of the DC Code). Holders of manufacturer licenses are prohibited from possessing other types of liquor licenses, so Bardo’s owners can’t own a brewery and a brewpub at the same time. Bardo hopes to reopen the two-acre Anacostia River site in March 2017 ,just in time for baseball season. [Note: if you’re wondering, Right Proper, which has a production brewery in Brookland and a brewpub in Shaw, is technically owned by two couples, with half of each couple jointly owning each location, as discussed in this April 2015 ABRA hearing.]

The full message from Bardo’s Facebook page is below:


2 responses to “Bardo Officially Moving Permanently Out of Trinidad to Nationals Park Location”

  1. dont see any full message …

    1. Shows up when I view it (embedded Facebook shot), but here it is:
      The last piece of the puzzle, the alcohol license, arrived last Friday. It is now official: Bardo will open a Navy Yard beergarden on the river in March 2017.
      Unfortunately, the Trinidad location on Bladensburg Rd NE is permanently closed. Bardo still owns the property, and it may reopen someday, but right now the energy needs to be focused on the two acre brewgarden next to Nats stadium.
      Bardog will miss all of his buddies from Trinidad but he hopes you come visit him at Navy Yard where the dog park is twice the size and completely fenced in 🙂

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