New Brewpub Planned for Barracks Row

A new brewpub is coming to Barracks Row. The Ugly Mug (723 8th St. SE, near G St. SE) is on the verge of beginning construction to devote its currently shuttered 1st floor to Valor Brewpub, after the local ANC 6B, with ABRA approval, amended its settlement agreement in order to support Ugly Mug’s application for a brewpub permit. [NOTE: Barred in DC was heavily involved in the negotiations as a member of the ANC ABC committee, which is probably a huge journalism ethics violation, which would matter if Barred in DC was not a fake journalist.]

Valor, which will produce beer on premises under license from Veteran Beer Company in Chicago, intends to produce 275 barrels (525 half kegs) annually using a 10-barrel system. The beers on tap will include 4 flagship brews (served directly from the brewing system) and 2 rotating ones (produced from kegs). The brewpub intends to be open all week long (open for free use to veterans and veterans groups during the day during the week); a portion of earnings will goto veterans’ groups.

The news of the brewpub was first reported by the Capitol Hill Corner. Until last September, the Ugly Mug was located on the first floor where Valor will be located; at that time, it moved the bar to its 2nd floor (with retractable rooftop) and made plans to renovate the first floor.


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