Bardo Continues Its Protest of Dacha Beer Garden, Sorta

[8/1 Edit: As Bardo notes in the comments, ABRA dismissed the protest because the protestants were not abutting property owners, and tenants don’t have standing as abutting property owners. They do have standing if they had a group of 5 or more residents, but apparently they couldn’t find 3 more people to protest]
The owners of Dacha Beer Garden will have to wait longer until it gets its liquor license for its new location across from Nationals Park, even though the local ANC agreed to a settlement agreement last month. On Wednesday, ABRA dismissed the protest (consistent with DC law) from other neighbors except from “abutting property owners” Kristof Grina and Adam Porter (Grina is Farm Director for Up Top Acres, which operates a network of rooftop farms, including a few blocks away). The twist is that Grina and Porter are represented by Bill Stewart, who co-owns Bardo River Brewery next door; Bardo, through Bardawg, one of its Twitter accounts, said it would be protesting last month and followed through. It’s unclear which “abutting property” Grina and Porter own that allows them to keep the protest going; Bardo is located on property owned by Florida Rock Properties.

The protest hearing is currently scheduled for mid-August.


4 responses to “Bardo Continues Its Protest of Dacha Beer Garden, Sorta”

  1. Renters cannot protest. Only Owners. That is what ABRA told Adam Porter. There you go… Its like the 1840’s… you have to own land to vote.. or protest a 800 seat beer garden in your very own building… no landless serfs allowed… only landed gentry …

  2. Bardo needs to go away, and fast. Their abrasive behaviors are only loosing them customers. I give them another year or two tops before they shut the doors.

  3. An establishment with an owner who sued ABRA, threatened that he’d take ANC commissioners’ homes away because they protested his license application, and tweeted at a neighborhood blogger who never did anything to him that he hoped Bardawg would bite her….is now upset because a protest it was behind got dismissed?

    If Bardo is good enough, it should be able to handle the competition. There don’t seem to be any shortage of people living in or visiting the neighborhood who want to drink.

  4. @Karma – Correct. And fortunately for us there are plenty of drinking establishments in the neighborhood these days to choose from. Bardo will never get a dime from me.

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