Hill East Don’t-Call-It-A-Food-Hall Food Hall From NRG Appears to Have a Name: The Roost

The Don’t-Call-It-A-Mini-Union-Market-Or-Food-Hall multi-concept establishment coming to Hill East from the Neighborhood Restaurant Group later this year or in 2020 across from the Potomac Ave. Metro apparently has its name: The Roost. This name appeared on the website (see above, but who knows if it will be taken down after this post) for the building in which it will be located at 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Blackbird (DCist or PoPville commenters will have a field day with the quotes and imagery being used to advertise the 170-apartment mixed used development; these quotes also front the building during construction).

My earlier post (which demanded a retraction from NRG but was confirmed by big J journalists 2 months later), contains details on the possible concepts inside The Roost, including beer & wine/cocktail bars, tacos, pizzas, etc.

Thanks to a tipster neighbor (dunno if he wants to be identified) for alerting Barred in DC to the website.

Note: I did not ask NRG for confirmation if this is accurate because I’m not a real journalist and I wanted to put this out there.


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